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      01.08.2012 01:01
      Very helpful
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      This is where the legend began , awesome.

      ~~ David Bowie - Space Oddity ~~

      First and Foremost David Bowie is THE most important artist in music that has ever lived , more important than the Beatles , Elvis , hell more important than Hawkwind and coming from me that's a big claim.

      Born the 8th of January 1947 in Brixton , London , David Robert Jones ( coincidentally my mothers maiden name was Jones and reverse his first two names and you have mine , creepy or what? ) after leaving Bromley High he had a debut single released 'Liza Jane' with his band of the time The King Bees. This band was quite short lived before he quit to join The Mannish Boys playing a steady stream of Blues. Not knowing where his direction in life was he left the Boys to join The Lower Third releasing a couple of singles along the way before the first of the big events in his life - the name change - with Davy Jones and The Monkees hitting the big time it was obvious that an artist with the name David Jones was always going to suffer so David Bowie was born - named after the frontiersman Jim Bowie and his famous knife - NOTE it's David Bow ( rhymes with Low) ie NOT Bow (rhymes with Cow) ie , his Laughing Gnome ( stop laughing at the back ) was Bowie's first single under his new moniker , obviously it bombed so that was it for two years , he joined Lindsay Kemp the dancer and mime artist and dropped out.

      After releasing David Bowie , an album made up of mainly short Anthony Newly type songs ( an excellent album and way ahead of its time ) he released Space Oddity.

      Now this album was actually called just David Bowie (again) in the UK and ' Man of Words , Man of Music ' in America when it came out in 1969 , obviously when Bowie released Ziggy and RCA decided to re release his past masters this was re named Space Oddity to coincide with the big hit on the album.

      The release that I'm actually reviewing is my copy of the EMI release in 1999 which to me is the very best as it does away with annoying ' Bonus Tracks ' (surely the worst concept in music) and just stuck to the album as it came out , as the artist intended it , heck when I buy an album I want a beginning and an end in the right places , for e.g Ziggy Stardust should and MUST start with ' Five Years ' and HAS to end with ' Rock 'an Roll Suicide ' otherwise the songs in the middle lose all meaning. The funny thing about this release from EMI was that it showed the original cover from 1969 and not the Ziggy cover but still retained the Space Oddity title which i thought a bit strange.

      So background to Space Oddity over what is it about that album that makes it so important in the History of popular music and so brilliant.

      01) Space Oddity -

      Probably Bowie's most famous song and fitting it gets the proper treatment here leading the album off in the correct position at the head , letting the other tracks know who's the Captain here.

      Everyone knows the story of Major Tom by now , floating in his 'tin can' far above the world , fitting for 1969 a story about travelling in space as this was the year of the Moon landings , with it's iconic Ground Control to Major Tom refrain whilst the countdown is on , Major Tom is floating outside his spaceship completely taken away by the view of Earth , all of a sudden his circuits are dead and he is left floating on his own to eventual death it is presumed.

      That of course is the popular view of what the track is about , another widely held viewpoint and it's harder to not make a case for is that it's about Heroin use with the countdown from Ten , Nine , Eight ..... the countdown for the oncoming rush as the drug enters the bloodstream , Bowie at the time was very aware of the horrors of Vietnam and the drug use which was rife amongst American soldiers and commanders out there , Major Tom is possibly perceived as one such soldier and the floating in space basically what the effects of the drug made you feel.

      Interestingly and a possible judgement for this case scenario came with a later song ' Ashes to Ashes ' which was to all intents and purposes Space Oddity 2 has the telling chorus " Ashes to Ashes , Funk to Funky , We know Major Tom's a junkie , strung out in heavens high , Hitting an all-time low , Time and again I tell myself I'll stay clean tonight "

      Musically the number is a perfect mix of acoustic and electric . He has written a million classic tracks but for one of the very best to be the first track on the re birthed Bowie career really is something.

      2) Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed -

      Wow , another song that can shift both ways , one of Bowie's most lyric intensive songs it starts with the lyrics
      " Spy , Spy pretty girl , I see you see me through the window
      Don't turn your nose up
      Well you can if you want to you wont be the first or last ,
      It must strain you to look down so far from your fathers house
      And I know what a louse like me in your fathers house could do for you "

      so far obviously about a young man who has caught the eye of a far richer girl than him.

      Then the following verse - are you ready for this because this is what made Bowie special in 1969 and forever still.

      " I'm a phallus in pigtails
      And there's blood on my nose
      And my tissue is rotting
      Where the rats chew my bones
      And my eye sockets empty
      See nothing but pain
      I keep having these brainstorms
      About twelve times a day
      So now you could spend the morning walking with me , quite amazed
      As I'm unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed. "

      the next verse has references about Eyes in my backside , that see electric tomatoes on credit card Rye Bread which could be LSD as it was known then as Electric and iv'e been told the fungus grows on Rye Bread , put in context it's possible Bowie was saying the young man may have been a hippy drop-out or that the love for the girl has made him trip not quite sure. In the end the girl is sick on to her Red Parquet floor as I think she realises that this should not be happening and she wants him but her parents interfere to the point she thinks her whole standing is making her ill.

      Musically the song is very electric countrified with harmonicas and a very heavy rhythm after starting off with his 12 string classic guitar.

      03) Don't Sit Down -

      On the original vinyl release this was tail-ended onto Unwashed and removed completely from the RCA 1972 re release , since then it has quite rightly been put back into it's proper place ( As I mentioned earlier , I do like my music to be in it's proper place ) as track 3 in it's own right. The song is basically nothing apart from Bowie singing ' Don't sit down ' a few times then laughing , it runs for only 43 secs and could be considered a waste of space on any format but it still is a piece of history that Bowie recorded for this album so should in my opinion be heard.

      04) Letter To Hermione -

      Now before ANYBODY asks it's not about Harry Potter's bird , the funny thing is before Harry Potter came out I could never pronounce the girls name and never knew anybody else called it either. It's a complete out and out love song that Bowie wrote about his girlfriend Hermione Farthingale who Lindsay Kemp introduced him to. When he broke up it hit Bowie very hard so he wrote this and ' An Occasional Dream ' in memory of his relationship.

      He misses Hermione and now that she has found a new love he wonders to himself that

      " He makes you laugh he brings you out in style
      He treats you well and makes you up real fine
      And when he's strong he's strong for you
      And when you kiss its something new ......
      But did you ever call my name? just by mistake?
      I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do , so I'll just write some love to you"

      Only 2m 36 secs but Bowie puts such emotion into that it is no surprise that Ricky Gervais choose this Bowie track as one of his Desert Island Discs which when you consider his back catalogue is praise indeed for a track 99% of people will have never heard.

      05) Cygnet Committee -

      Oh my God where do you begin with this classic , it's been called in it's time " The best thing Bowie has ever done " " The greatest underrated track of all time " " Lyrically perfect "

      To be honest with you , I'm sat at my keyboard and find it very hard to put into words what this is about , various themes have been put forward , one is that it's about when Bowie and future Wife Angie ran an Arts lab which Bowie closed because the hippies and others were just coming to see him perform instead of actually getting involved , another strong viewpoint is that it's about the Catholic Church and Bowie changed the name Cignet to Cygnet to avoid any clashes.

      All I can tell you is that in the top 10 Bowie releases this is in the top 3 it is that powerful , when Bowie nears the end of this 9min epic sings or screams

      " And I want to Believe in the madness that calls 'Now'
      And I want to believe , That a lights shining through somehow ... "

      I swear I get goose-pimples down my spine , if you only listen to one song off this album make sure you listen to this one , yes it's production is pure 1969 not 2011 and all the equipment nowadays but I will make you one promise - You will never , ever hear a more powerful song , sung by an artist who knows what he has got and what he will achieve. This song would be one of my Desert Island Discs ( Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing reprise off Diamond Dogs will always be first choice but by all that is holy this masterpiece runs it close )

      06) Janine -

      Fortunately Bowie allows us to get our breath back after Cygnet with Janine , another love song but not I don't think about anybody in particular , a more upbeat song than Hermione , it's been said it's about a man who loves a women but wont really let her know everything about him, wont let her get inside his head , the chorus goes

      " Janine , Janine , you'd like to know me well
      But iv'e got things inside my head that even I can't face
      Janine, Janine , you'd like to crash my walls
      But if ever you take an axe to me you'll kill another man not me at all"

      A great song vastly underrated in the Bowie pantheon.

      07) An Occasional Dream -

      The follow up song to Letter To Hermione , here Bowie recalls the past life he led with her

      " I recall how we lived
      On the corner of a bed
      And we'd speak of a Swedish room
      Of Hessian and Wood

      And we'd talk with our eyes
      Of the sweetness in our lives
      And tomorrows of rich surprise....
      Some things we could do"

      It's a very simple song excellently sung , showing just what a great voice Bowie has , probably the best song to highlight this on this album is An Occasional Dream.

      Not a lot of people know that ' The girl with the mousey hair .. ' from Life On Mars? was also about Hermione Farthingale (real name Hermione Dennis)

      08) The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud -

      Another truly great track from this album and another one of the 'Haven't heard this in years ' even for Bowie fans , Bowie himself said of the song: "It was about the disassociated, the ones who feel as though they're left outside, which was how I felt about me. I always felt I was on the edge of events, the fringe of things, and left out. A lot of my characters in those early years seem to revolve around that feeling. It must have come from my own interior puzzlement at where I was"

      Another very lyric laden song , if you had not read what Bowie said the song appears to be about a boy who comes down from Freecloud Mountain a magic place according to the simple village folk , and the boy wants to learn to live in peace with the village , who don't understand him and so decide to hang him , but when it comes to the hanging the village can't understand why he is still smiling and not afraid , the Mountain comes alive , and protects the Wild Eyed Boy by destroying the village whilst the Boy tries to stop the mountain exacting it's revenge , grudgingly at the end the Boy trudges back up to the top of the mountain with the village destroyed to go live back with the Mountain.

      A masterpiece of simple arrangement telling a story , all too rare nowadays.

      09) God Knows I'm Good -

      Easy to work this song out , a simple 12 string guitar folk song about Bowie walking through the aisles of a major supermarket when he spots an elderly women slyly slipping a tin of stewing steak into her paper bag at her side , whilst crying

      " God Knows I'm Good
      God Knows I'm Good
      God Knows I'm Good
      God MAY look the other way today"

      Unfortunately it seems God was looking that day as when she moved towards the exit a security man put his hand gently on her shoulder and led her away , at the same time a crowd had rushed to help a tired old lady who had fainted to the floor exclaiming the same thing , except saying God WONT look the other way today.

      10) Memory Of A Free Festival -

      Ok when it comes to classics Bowie has got a patent put out on the word , seriously when you listen to Space Oddity , The Man Who Sold The World , Hunky Dory , Ziggy Stardust , Aladdin Sane and Diamond Dogs you are truly staggered at the amount of songs which I still say 99% of the population will go to there graves never having heard and sometimes I genuinely do feel like Matthew, Mark , Luke or John and that I have to spread the gospel about these songs.

      Memory Of A Free Festival is one such song , from the opening piano to Bowie speaking " Maybe I should announce it, shall I? In Memory Of A Free Festival "

      Look up perfection in the dictionary and there will be a picture of Bowie singing this song , this is Bowie's Hey Jude and the absolute perfect bookend for the album , as I have said numerous times Albums should have a proper start and a proper end , for some reason this is almost a lost art nowadays where albums seem almost thrown together , in the good old days of Vinyl it was always more important and here is a perfect example of the craft - Space Oddity has to begin the voyage , it's the leader and most important track Bowie had released up to that date , it started him off on his career proper and this song has got to finish the album off with it's Hey Jude style chorus of " The Sun Machine is coming down , and were gonna have a party "

      " The Children Of The Summers End
      Gathered In The Dampened Grass
      We Played Our Songs And Felt The London Sky
      Resting On Our Hands
      It Was God's Land
      It Was Ragged And Naive
      It Was Heaven"

      The track was written as a homage to the Free Festival, organised by the Beckenham Arts Lab, which was held in 1969.

      Well that is David Bowie/Space Oddity for you

      It will seem dated today by a lot of people who will compare it to the affects driven music of the present, but this was 1969 don't forget and also a young man who was just starting on his path to SuperGodhood if that is really a word , lyrically I personally don't think he has done a better album and yes I include Ziggy in that , Diamond Dogs runs it close but doesn't quite get there , this album could be put into book form lyrically that good. If you take away ' Don't Sit Down ' then there is not one track which you think is filler, each song appears on the album in it's own right and fully deserving and I vow anybody who hasn't heard ' Letter To Hermione ' before to listen and not say " wow is that David Bowie???" It's beautiful.

      I should really have started the reviews with his first album but as this is generally considered his first main album under the Bowie name I thought it fitting this got the number one slot.

      You can buy this for peanuts nowadays and is definitely worth a listen if you have only heard Space Oddity the song before , Letter To Hermione , Cygnet Committee and Memory Of A Free Festival are three classics that you have to hear before you go.


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        25.07.2012 19:06
        Very helpful



        You can't go wrong , especially if on offer.

        Ainsley Harriott - Aromatic Thai Chicken & Lemongrass Cup Soup

        Well with a flavour like that your not going to get a store brand version are you so best get the pennies out and treat yourself because Aromatic Thai Chicken & Lemongrass is one of the very best if not THE best flavoured cup A soup around , it's bloody gorgeous.

        Stumbled upon this by accident to be honest with you , always been a tight wad been a Yorkie and so I would never have dreamed of buying the Ainsley Harriott brand if Morrisons didn't have them on half price ( stop lifting your eyebrows youv'e all been there ) so decided to stock up on a few flavours , at the time Morrisons were doing the Chicken & Lemongrass from his ' World Kitchen ' range , the other flavours by the way been French Onion Soup , New England Style Vegetable Chowder , Indian Style Mild Curry & Lentil Cup Soup , Szechuan Hot & Sour which is as its title suggest very hot and East Indian Mulligatawny Soup. I have since tried a few flavours and found the Onion Soup to be 'Meh' whilst the Mulligatawny is very spicy indeed.

        From his ' Classic Kitchen range ' Morrisons stocked the Broccholi & Stilton Soup which is lovely as well , very cheesy flavour and not as sickly as you may think , other flavours to get in this range are Spicy Butternut Squash ( bought some of these at Poundland and in my AH league Table they are in danger of relegation ) , Cauliflower Cheese , Scottish Style Chicken & Leek ( really pushing Chicken & Lemongrass for the title this one ) , Wild Mushroom which was just ' all right ' and Tomato & Grilled Pepper which was just a very slightly spiced tomato soup but not spicy enough to pay a lot extra for.

        So basically that covers the Harriott range , for my review I have decided on one of my personal Favs the Chicken & Lemongrass soup.

        The packaging is a very nice box , black in main colour which might not seem like much but it gives it a classy look , it never gives the impression you are buying something cheap or ordinary which i think is a good start for the product.

        You get 4 sachets of each soup you buy , each sachet comes in a plain white bag holding the powdered soup. On pouring the powder you do notice you get a lot for your money.

        On the back is a list of ingredients as long as your arm which slightly puts you off the moment if you decide to read them all , unless you have any allergies ( Also tells you that it contains Cow's Milk , Fish and Shellfish ) now I have absolutely no idea what Chicken and Lemongrass has to do with Fish or Shellfish but there you go.

        On poring the boiling water into your mug the first thing that hits you is the lovely smell of Lemon , this is quite refreshing for two reasons , 1) It's the Lemon taste that sets it apart from the normal Chicken and what makes it so great and it's nice to know it's there and 2) A lot of flavours add extra to the title when they all taste the same , with this it really is a partnership to savour - think more Morecambe and Wise and less Cannon and Ball.

        It stirs really easy as well , you never once think the sludge is still at the bottom and i need to remove the bottom part of my mug to dissolve all the powder which you do with cheaper versions.

        That nicely leads me onto another huge PLUS with these soups, not just this one but all the flavours iv'e tried , when you come to the bottom of the mug there is never any sludge from undisolved powder , your mug is so clean you could make a cup of tea in it straight after without washing the Mug first ( only kidding Iv'e never ever done that before )

        For the Health conscious amongst you each sachet contains only 96 calories , 2.9g of Fat and as little as 1.23g of salt.

        Any complaints about any of his soups then know that they are put together in Leeds from local and imported ingredients.

        Are they worth the price you pay? Well if i had to be honest with you I always wait till they are on offer then stock up so I never pay full price, useally get them when half price at something like 50 to 60p a packet.

        As i mentioned before , a cup a soup is a cup a soup is a cup of soup to me BUT the Ainsley Harriott brand of soups really are something special and if you try both the Chicken & Lemongrass or the Chicken & Leek you can't go far wrong.


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          14.07.2012 16:53
          Very helpful



          A nice hand sanitiser for having around the home

          Astroplast - ULTRAZONE Hand Santiser

          We get this at work and at home so feel confident i can give a decent review of how i find the product.

          To start with we get the 500ml bottles with cost around £3 which for the size of the bottle i don't think is too shabby.

          What exactly are hand sanitisers I hear you hopefully asking , well nowadays obviously every bit of bacteria or dirt on your hands from handling everything from used money to worksurfaces is designed to render you helpless or even worse , so to combat this ever growing threat to society we have the 'Hand santiser' which contains all the right balance of chemicals to ensure any nasties are dealt with.

          The ingredients are as follows :
          Alcohol Denat (SD Alcohol 40-B)
          Aminomethyl Propenol

          The Glycerin evidently is to leave the hands nice and smooth so good for the Ladies as well.

          The one aspect which I do like is that Ultrazone like most of the Sanitisers doesn't require the use of soap and water , also it evaporates quite quickly so doesn't linger for too long on your skin.

          It comes Unperfumed as well so no after smells on your hands , the smell actually is the alcohol , it has that 'You shouldn't be sniffing this too long' kind of smell to it , not exactly unpleasant but you fear the damage to your nostrils.

          So your hooked now aren't you , and you would like me to explain a bit more on how you use the product? Ok the bottle itself comes in a clear plastic sort of oblong shaped bottle , the top has a screw on lid which has a tube connected , the tube goes down to the bottom of the bottle and up to the lid , on top of the lid there is a push down part , on pushing down it shoots the clear thick gungy liquid out onto hopefully your hands but more than likely the table top or the floor or your pants.

          If lucky enough to hit your hands you just rub them together so that all the hands are covered, then leave a few seconds and the hands are left with a slightly clammy feel to them but fully santised and ready to handle food stuffs or anything.

          Must admit the 500ml bottle does last a good while as you don't need to put too much on your hands for it to work.

          Once again on the front of my bottle is says 'New Formula' without actually telling us what's new in this that wasn't present before , extra Carbomer for e.g.? no idea but it's new and improved so a winner in my book.

          Astroplast is a famous name in this field , do a lot of things you find in first aid boxes so buying this your getting a good 'name' product.

          Well I simply can not find another thing to say about Hand Santisers and I have no intention of Googling what Aminomethyl Propanol does to extend this so will leave it at that , it's excellent at the job it's supposed to do I suppose as to be honest unless you have a Laboratory in your home you will never probaley know.


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          • Nokia 6700 slide / Smartphone / 32 Readings / 31 Ratings
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            11.07.2012 15:12
            Very helpful



            Knock a few pounds off the price and it would be a good phone, but cheaper better phones out there a

            NOKIA 6700 SLIDE

            ~~ Reason for the Review? ~~

            Phones to me are items that I use to do the sort of things that in today's modern world seem very necessary and without it you will find yourself been left floating on the Iceberg of stagnation - namely Text and Calling on the 'Go'
            Having the power to access web sites on a screen which measures the same size as my finger is not what I would deem 'progress' , listening to music on something that sounds worse than a 1970 cassette mono player is not taking the human race forward and the ability to hold the phone at a Live concert and annoy the hell out of everybody who is there to appreciate the music, is a step back in Mankind's eventually change into Homo Superior but simply used as the marvel that is text and the ability to have a conversation on the move mobiles cannot be beaten. Which is why I was happy to choose the Nokia 6700 Slide, from a few reviews I read, it seemed that text capability and the phone calling side of things wasn't too bad so armed with that knowledge I got myself one.

            ~~ So are you happy with it? ~~

            Well yes to be honest, it's turned out to be a great little phone , looks wise it's a very nice silver and with a lovely black trim around the screen which measures two inches high by one and a half inches wide. The camera is on the back and it's a Carl Zeiss 5MP camera and to activate it there is a button on the right side, I have taken a few photo's with it (to test it out that's all) when me and the lads went to Wembley for the American Football and the ones I took were not too bad, but to me it's the age old story again, if I had taken the photo's with a 5MP digital camera I would have expected them to be better than 'They're all right I suppose' but I can't complain as I have one of the photo's as my wallpaper on the phone and I'm happy with it.
            You can set up the screen as you like it as well, with me I have 'Contacts' on the left and 'Messaging' on the right , at the top you can also choose how it looks with Time and Date display so it's very customisable . When you want to use the phone and you have slid the slider up to show the keyboard etc you will notice that the keys are in white on a black background which makes it very easy to see what you are doing, the keys are very flat as well so it can be easy to press the wrong button if not too careful.
            It's a simple job of taking the back plate off if you need to change the battery or insert memory cards for e.g.
            Charging it is as simple as sticking the charger in the wall socket and attaching the other end to a hole on the top of the phone, you can also charge it using the USB connector but this is one area I found the phone to be a letdown, it's so difficult to get the small plastic cover off which guards the USB entrance that I sometimes wonder if it's just mine and it's faulty because it surely cannot be the same for everyone else's?

            ~~ So what other features am I getting for my bucks? ~~

            Ok, on the front we have two buttons which stand out from the rest , the 'Home' button has a picture of a house and you use it to access all the phones Menu's , so you find you can get to the Calendar , your Contacts , your previous calls that either you've made or been received , It's here you access the Web as well , Messaging details , Gallery for choosing themes and wallpapers and ringtones , it comes with the OVI store but I have not used it yet so can't tell you much about that sorry , also all the main phone settings are here for getting to all the more technical parts for setting your phone up as well as Applications like Music player , games , email , recorder , calculator , converter and loads of others.
            The other button by the way is the 'Cancel' button, which is used to cancel out anything you have mistakenly arrived at, also when texting it deletes the previous letters in your text so it's quite a useful and well used button that one.

            As far as packaging was concerned, it arrived in a nice blue Nokia box with a decent manual which thankfully was all in English so it wasn't 10 inches thick with the first two pages relevant only.

            ~~ Crunch time - Would you recommend it? ~~

            Believe it or not I am going to say - NO - BUT only if you are thinking of buying a brand new one.
            I honestly think it's a good phone, but at the price it is you can get cheaper phones for calling and texting only if that's all you really want and these cheaper phones will allow you to customize as well, and if you are after the sort of phone which is what I believe young whippersnappers call 'Smart Phone' these day's then it simply isn't that great for a Smartphone but you are paying big bucks for it to be a decent alternative when it really isn't.
            I would suggest that for Texting and Calling, cheaper phones will do the job just as if not better, and if you're interested in accessing the Internet on your phone it isn't good enough but is still an expensive phone in my opinion but if you got hold of a used one a bit cheaper then yes it's perfectly decent.

            I hope my ever so slightly tongue in cheek review doesn't make it out that I look like William Hartnell's Grandfather (Google image him) but I do hope you enjoyed reading my review and hopefully you found it useful.

            I have no doubt that I will be amending it a number of times in the future when I remember stuff I haven't put in.

            ------- --------- --------- ---------- ---------- --------- ------- -------- -------- --------- --------- --------


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            • Morrison's Lemonade / Soft Drink / 24 Readings / 24 Ratings
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              09.07.2012 15:10
              Very helpful



              50p for 2 Lts of decent tasting Lemonade, bargain buy of this Summer bar none.

              Morrison's Lemonade.

              ~~ Your reviewing Lemonade? Why? ~~

              Because I am a sucker for fizzy pop, who isn't? But I have never been the sort of person who would turn my nose up at the very thought of drinking anything other than Schweppes for e.g. I happily admit that I find store brands own fizzy pop perfectly capable of quenching my thirst on these hot lazy balmy English summer days we have all become accustomed to.
              The Morrison's range is quite extensive as well , and they are always introducing new flavours like Peardropade , Fruitsaladade etc as well as the obvious flavours.

              ~~ Ok, you've got me hooked ~~

              I am reviewing Lemonade because I do think the Morrison's version is very good , not too sweet and sickly and not too watery either , as it says on the bottle ' Improved Recipe ' and we all know conglomerates don't tell us fibs do they so yes you can really taste the difference.
              As I mentioned it comes in a standard two litre plastic bottle , the Lemonade is a blue label and has the ingredients on the side , these include Carbonated Water , Glucose-fructose syrup, Citric acid, Acidity Regulator (sodium citrate), Flavourings, Sweeteners (acesulframe k and sucralose) and Preservatives (potassium sorbate).
              Also on the label it gives you the Nutritional value of drinking pop, yes it does give you nutrition in every glass, wont bore you with all the percentages of Energy, protein etc but it's there to read if you buy some.
              I like to use it as well to fill up any cheap juice which is left, instead of using water I use the lemonade, it also makes for an excellent mixer with alcoholic drinks like Whiskey for e.g.

              Morrison's are currently selling this for around 60p a bottle or 2 for a £1 which for a full 2 litres is very good value.
              I would heartily recommend this Lemonade.


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                09.07.2012 15:06
                Very helpful



                Looks good on the shelf and makes a noise, it's brill !!

                Doctor Who (the 9th Doctor) - Tardis Moneybox

                ~~ I want to review this because? ~~

                Ok I admit it now, I'm a big Doctor Who fan, never been a series like it and never will, so I like all sorts of Doctor Who memorabilia, I have a massive Dalek cookie jar and DVD's and loads of stuff so thought I would like to share with you my thoughts on this item, the very nice Tardis money box.

                ~~ So if I get one what do I get for my money? ~~

                Well it's made of plastic and licensed by the BBC but as with all things nowadays it's made in China.
                Obviously based on the Doctor's space and time ship the Tardis (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) it is in the shape of a 1960's Police Box with a flashing light on the top.
                One side is open and the other three sides are closed permanently, when you press the door to close it after putting your coins the lights on the top start flashing and it makes the Tardis de materialising sound which come courtesy of the fitted battery which is situated underneath.
                When the doors are open you see the coin slot which takes all UK coinage and also a very attractive picture of The Doctor (9th) and Rose looking out at you.
                Pressing the doors together closes them.
                To get your money back there is an opening at the bottom of the Tardis which you unlock to shake the money back out.
                I have had it for some time now so can not quite remember what the packaging looked like when it came, I think it just came in a cardboard box.
                I personally love it and think it looks great on a shelf, it will never break it really does feel indestructible. I do have a few moneyboxes, about four Batman ones and this one and I would have to say this is near the top of my Fav list.

                For the price I paid (currently around a tenner on Amazon) I would recommend it if you're a fan of the series.


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              • Frijj Milkshake / Soft Drink / 26 Readings / 26 Ratings
                More +
                07.07.2012 15:42
                Very helpful



                Always on offer somewhere , perfect drink that compliments anything.

                Frijj - Vanilla Milkshake
                ~~ Why This Review? ~~
                I love Milk products , I love milkshakes , I love my breakfast cereal drowning in milk , I love my custard to be so thin with extra milk it shouldn't be called custard at all.
                With Frijj it really is a love affair , you can't get better , so creamy and thick and loads of flavours.

                ~~ For My Money I Get? ~~
                Well for starters you get a product that smacks of top quality , it doesn't look when poured or tasted, like a store only brand milkshake for example , it has quality in every drop , when poured it really is , as it says on the bottle " Thick and Smooth "
                You get it in a variety of flavours as well; I am reviewing the latest one I have drunk which is Vanilla flavour.
                Other flavours in their inventory include Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate, Fudge Brownie and a Chocolate Mint flavoured one which is a newish variety. The Vanilla one I have got is called 'Limited Edition' but has seemed to be on sale every time I go to the shop.
                How much of the stuff do you get? I hear you ask; well it comes in a standard sized 500ml bottle.
                It has less than 1% of Fat, contains NO artificial colours or flavours and is Gluten free.
                The most important thing to remember is - well two actually - Keep Refrigerated , cool is the way to drink it and Shake the bottle vigorously before opening as it ensures you get nearly every last drop out of the bottle and it comes out nice and creamy too.

                ~~ Packaging? ~~
                Comes in a nice 500ml bottle, plastic obviously but the correct shape for shaking and holding. The different colours match the flavours so Vanilla is Pale Blue, Strawberry is Red, Banana is Yellow and Chocolate is Dark Brown.
                One thing I do like about it is the fact it's so easy to open, just pull a plastic strip around the top and the cap simply unscrews with no mess at all.
                You can simply re seal by screwing the top back on when you have had enough if not wanting to finish in one go.

                ~~ Is It Worth It? ~~
                If I had to be honest, it it's on sale for £1.25 at Asda for e.g. then I tend to leave it as you can always find it on special offer of 50p at Morrison's usually , then it's time to stock up lol , I would say anything up to and including £1 then Yes it's worth it , if the price is over £1 then No as it normally is on offer somewhere.

                In conclusion the best quality Milkshake you can buy.


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                07.07.2012 15:36
                Very helpful



                Not bad price although you will be looking to complete the set.

                ~~ Why This Review? ~~
                I got bought this as a Father's Day present by the kids because I was always moaning about not been able to find a bottle opener when it came to opening a can of lager so they thought this looked a great way of shutting me up. To say I was pleased is an understatement as I was thrilled to give it a new home , so I thought without further ado it was time to spread the word about the little chappie.

                ~~ For my Money I Get? ~~
                Well for starters you get a nice conversation piece; it's in glorious bright red, very shiny and also a dent size. Measuring a healthy 4 inches high or just shorter, by about 2.5 inches wide it's the perfect size, not too big it won't fit anywhere, not too small you can't find it.
                Obviously it goes without saying where the actual bottle opener is situated, so be prepared.

                ~~ Packaging? ~~
                Well mine came in a nice presentation box which was a shame to throw away.

                ~~ Is It Worth It? ~~
                Well it's not cheap but I've seen other specialised bottle openers like a Star Trek one that was costing around £10 so for the price you pay for this - currently just over £4 on Amazon it isn't too bad.
                The only thing with this bottle opener is that you will start to look through the other items to match incl a great Bottle Stopper which is next on my shopping list.
                In conclusion, it's a great little item , not too expensive , well made , bright , a good talking point and more importantly ( And I haven't mentioned it yet lol) it does a good job at the job it was bought for, namely taking tops off bottles.


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                06.07.2012 15:00
                Very helpful



                Excellent value concert showcasing the great man's History

                David Bowie - Reality Tour DVD
                Recorded in Dublin, Ireland in 2003

                ~~ Why this review? ~~
                Always been a huge Bowie fan since Hunky Dory back in 1971 so for my first review I thought I would review one of my Favourite Bowie DVD's.
                Bowie decided for this particular tour to really put on a show for the fans so we are treated to a fabulous 30 track concert featuring tracks from all aspects of his career.
                Backed by some famous musicians who have helped Bowie well in the past incl Earl Slick and Mike Garson.

                ~~ For my money I get? ~~

                Starting off with Rebel Rebel and finishing with Ziggy Stardust the track listing is as follows.
                01) Rebel Rebel
                02) New Killer Star
                03) Reality
                04) Fame
                05) Cactus
                06) Sister Midnight
                07) Afraid
                08) All The Young Dudes
                09) Be My Wife
                10) The Loneliest Guy
                11) The Man Who Sold The World
                12) Fantastic Voyage
                13) Hallo Spaceboy
                14) Sunday
                15) Under Pressure
                16) Life On Mars?
                17) Battle For Britain
                18) Ashes To Ashes
                19) The Motel
                20) Loving The Alien
                21) Never Get Old
                22) Changes
                23) I'm Afraid Of Americans
                24) Heroes
                25) Bring Me The Disco King
                26) Slip Away
                27) Heathern
                28) Five Years
                29) Hang Onto Yourself
                30) Ziggy Stardust

                As you can see, a monster ride through his back catalogue of Albums from all era's incl the Pre Ziggy , Ziggy to the Berlin Trilogy and onwards to the recent Albums incl Hours, Outside , Earthling and of course Reality.

                ~~ Packaging?~~

                Well I got the slipcase version, so it's basically a cardboard cover with a great picture of Bowie on the cover holding up his guitar ( ... " And Ziggy played .. Guitar?" ) I hope so.
                Inside is a slip for putting the small booklet inside, similar to the left hand side of most Kindle cases.

                ~~ Is it worth it?~~

                For the price you will pay it's worth every single penny, even if you're not a Bowie fan or haven't heard too much it will please you to listen to the classic songs performed Live incl tracks like Fantastic Voyage , Be My Wife and Five Years which don't get played too often and of course All The Young Dudes which never sounds bad.

                An essential purchase.


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