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    • Top Ten Songs / Discussion / 77 Readings / 74 Ratings
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      22.02.2009 22:14
      Very helpful



      My music is not to everyones taste but there should be something for almost everyone in this list

      The Vast Majority of People Will Not Have Heard Of Any Of This Music Since I Listen To Foreign Bands, Take The Time To Listen To Some Of Them, You May Be Pleasantly Surprised. DBSK and Blue October become very popular when I play them. All this music is available on youtube =) I recommend watching the music videos for all the DBSK songs.

      Band - Track

      1) DBSK - Darkness Eyes Full

      DBSK is an abbreviation for the Korean pop group Dong Bang Shin Ki, If it wasn't for need of showing a variety of groups in the list to keep readers interested my entire top ten would consist entirely of this pop group. I like them because they are nothing like British pop and sing both in English and Korean throughout most tracks. This is one of my favorite tracks because its quite a sad and moving yet upbeat song, like a lot of songs it is about a broken heart, but this is different to other songs - It creates a calm reflective feeling inside of me not a I want to fight back or cry kind of feeling.

      2) DBSK - O

      I promise I will only put down one more DBSK track but they are a truly awesome band and amazing dancers. This track really beats at the same frequency as my heart, hands and feet and makes me want to get up and dance. In addition to choosing this song for the incredible music I chose it as an example of their dancing. This is not the whole track but I highly recommend watching this video of them dancing to the track:


      3) DBSK - Rising Sun

      Its been very hard choosing just three DBSK tracks, there is not one track that is below awesome. However since I am limited to only three so not to make this review monotonous I have chosen Rising Sun, one of the most upbeat songs and changes its tune a couple of times through out the track combing a mixture of feelings within my self, half of me wants to dance half of me feels so powerful I want to punch through concrete (actually tried that, it didn't work, can kick through it though =) )

      4) Blue October - Into the Ocean

      This track, and band in general, always go down well at general gatherings over coffee and food with friends. The backing music to this track is really relaxing mixing up acoustic and and electric sounds that match the artists voice, the lyrics are very clear and the vocals calm and relaxing yet deep and thought provoking.

      5) Black Lab - This Night

      Similar to Blue October but a with much sadder mellow feeling to the song. This song is particularly hard to describe but if you liked the Blue October track give it a try =)

      6) Nightwish - Kiss While Your Lips are Still Red

      Nightwish are a Finnish rock band that a few of you may be familiar with. Unusually for Nightwish only male vocals are in this piece and it was actually written for a film (I forget which film). The main vocals are performed by Marco who imo has the best voice out of any rock star and is able to vocalise a wide range rock music not just the screaming, or monotone singing of many other rock stars.

      7) Tarja Trunene - I walk Alone

      When the god of rock met the God of opera they produced a child named Tarja Turunen (or at least thats my theory). Former lead singer of Nightwish and former solo opera singer, Tarja now has her own label and this track to infuses both her opera and rock background into an outstanding track

      Slightly heavier music:

      8) Tarot - Tides

      Wow just Wow!, could you get a better combination of vocal and a background humming noise mixed with violins and pianos followed by powerful electric guitars followed by more piano?

      9) Dreamtale - Powerplay

      You will never find a more adrenaline pumping piece of music that this, turn the volume up very very loud - brilliant to train to, to drive to (though makes you want to race), and generally just to make you feel you can take on anyone.

      10) Gotthard - The call

      Could rock get any more rock? Gotthard are a Switz band and If you like Bon Jovis older stuff I highly recommend this track.


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        22.02.2009 00:28
        Very helpful



        Just some great british comedy, sci fi and errr pinky and perky?

        First and foremost has got to be top gear >_<, some of these shows no longer air but sometimes make a come back or the odd appearance and are available on DVD

        1) Top Gear

        Possibly the best guys program ever created ^_^ full of fast cars, stupid presenters (in a good way) and challenges that make every guy think, they get PAID for this? I want that job!
        Simply put top gear used to be a serious program for reviewing cars but over the years has become what it is today, 1 hour long episodes of watching fast cars race round a track and the presenters being set ridiculous challenges such as converting their car into a a boat and crossing the English channel or sending a three wheeler into space. Other familiar challenges involve making long journeys across the continent in cheap second hand rust buckets with a series of challenges at each check point.

        2) Live at the apollo

        Each episode consists of 2-3 stand up comedians making you laugh your heart out, unless its Ricky Gervais hosting the show of course.

        3) Black Adder series II and III

        A very British comedy that deserves its place in history. There are several series of this classic british comedy but my favourites are black adder series II (set in Elizabethan times) and III where black adder is highly witty and cunning. He often gets into trouble that would cause him to lose his life if found out but comes up with some rather witting and cunning plan to get through unoticed. An example of the humour can be see below:

        Baldrick: But I've been in your family since 1557.
        Edmund Blackadder: So has syphilis. Now get out

        4) Red Dwarf

        For those of you who don't know there is going to be a new three episode story line at some point =), not sure when its released. Most of the red dwarf series involves 4 main characters stuck on a spacecraft together, A hologram called rimmer who everyone hates and lacks self confidence, Lister the last of the humans, Kryton a robot and Cat, listers pet cat who got transformed into a fashion crazy dancing and eccentric humanoid. While on the space craft they constanly compete for superiority and face all kinds of strange encounters/dangers that they must work together to get through or gang up on a sole victim (usually rimmer). A real classic in British tv history.

        5) Monty Python

        Where would this list be without monty python in it? A low budget tv series and set of films that is regarded by many as the pinnacle of British comedy. A very famous comedy world wide and a proud part of British culture. The program is a sketch show much like todays sketch shows but of a much better standard, the films are particularly good but I wont review them here as im unsure if they were ever on tv.

        6) Doctor Who

        Do I really need to explain this? If I do then id just like to say hello and welcome to earth.

        7) Torchwood

        Simply because I love the way it integrated itself into the Dr Who story line and has helped revived the old classic tv series (Dr Who).

        8) The real hustle

        Its my future careerer ^_^ gives me some good tips. Serisouly the hustle is a program designed to show you how real scams work warning the general public to be on the look out and not fool for them. The series is presented in a very easy to watch, almost derren brown kind of filming where they carry out big scams and then explain how its done.

        9) Derren Brown

        A magician who specializes in mentalism (mind magic) and performs feats associated with psychics and extreme hypnotic power such as getting complete strangers to forget things, pay out on losing betting tickets and to hand over their wallet and keys etc and walk off.

        10) Pinky and Perky

        Yes I am being serious! A cartoon for little kids about two pigs who present a TV show.


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        • Lush Skin Nanny / Skin Care / 41 Readings / 36 Ratings
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          21.02.2009 23:04
          Very helpful



          Buy Palmers coco butter instead, or if your rich then buy clinique for men

          Skin nanny is a moisturizer only available from lush and costs nearly £25 a pot (45g). If you don't wish to read the rest of this review let me summarize now - Buy palmers coco butter with vitamin E instead =).

          The moisturizers also doubles up as uv protection, in store they told me it was factor 15 but I have not seen this stated anywhere else. This product is a little hard to review as I have mixed opinions on it. The main other moisturizer I use is palmers coco butter which cost just a few pound and you get more of it.


          Main use is for the face only, could be used for hands also but a bit too greasy for that and you may end up dropping things.


          The product itself is quite thick, same kind of thickness as the marshmallow filling you get in chocolate tea cakes. When put on it is a little greasy and remains greasy unless you wash it off which is quite easy to do.


          As of yet it hasn't stained any of my clothing and I know I have gotten it on my jeans at least.


          Generally I would say a morning application will have worn off by the evening leaving parts of your face feeling a little dry. The 45g will last a long time though as each application only requires about the amount as you would toothpaste on a tooth brush.

          Ease of use:

          It is easy to use despite its unusually thick texture but leaves you feeling greasy.


          Almost scentless =(

          Does it work:

          I cant comment on the uv protection but as a moisturizer it does work, though there are better ones imo.


          There are imo two much better alternatives to this product, clinique (cost £50 per 50ml) and palmers cocco butter (lasts forever and costs a few pound).
          The clinique for men is very expensive so I don't use that anymore but it is VERY good, however a good alternative is the palmers co butter:

          Palmers Cocobutter:

          Wet your face with a little warm water, use a pea sized amount of coco butter warming it in your hands by rubbing them together. Apply to your WET face. Now this will be greasy for a little bit and look shinny at first so don't use just before going out but the greasy shinny look disappears completely by the time you have gotten ready and had breakfast. It also makes your face feel very revived, second only to the clinique for men, but with a >£45 price gap and more volume I know which one is the most sensible option


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            21.02.2009 20:53
            Very helpful



            Action packed and a pleasure to watch, hope there is another =)

            I tried to avoid spoilers but please read at your own risk*

            The Underworld Series:

            Rise of the Lycans is the third and most recent addition to the film series called "The Underworld". The film is actually a prequel to the former two movies; "The Underworld" and "The Underworld:Evolution". In the former two movies as things progress both ourselves and the main character, Selene (a very hot vampire ^_^), begin to uncover that the war between Vampire and Lycan kind is not what they were brought up to believe and sets about trying to uncover the true cause of the war and her parents death.

            Basis of Rise of the Lycans:

            This third films leads on from everything that is uncovered in the previous two and shows us what really happened, though like in all Hollywood sequels they forget to mention a few little things that would have been nice to know, or have been mentioned in the previous films but not in much depth such as how Victor met Selene (Main character of the previous two films).

            Plot Summary:

            In the two previous film we become familiar with the two main war leaders, Lucian (of the werewolves) and Victor (Of the Vampires). At the start of the prequel we meet Lucian when he was a Servent (or slave) of victor and forbidden to transform into a werewolf by a silver spiked collar around his neck that will pierce him if he transforms. Lucian is victors favorite servant/slave but unknown to him lucian is in love with Victors daughter Sonja and fed up of being treated like an animal resulting in a dangerous love affair with Sonja (victors daughter) and an uprising of the Lycans.

            Actors: (list taken from www.movies.about.com)

            Some may be dissapoitned that Kate Beckinsale (Selene) isn't in this film (except a reference to the first film) but the good news is Rhona mitra is =D and she equally if not more fit than Kat and does an equally good role at acting out her part of Sonja ans Kat does of Selene (for those of you who don't know Selene and Sonja are supposed to be very similar, watch the films to find out why =))

            SONJA - Rhona Mitra
            LUCIAN - Michael Sheen
            VIKTOR - Bill Nighy
            TANNIS - Steven Mackintosh
            RAZE - Kevin Grevioux
            COLOMAN - David Aston
            ORSOVA - Elizabeth Hawthorne
            LUKA - Tania Nolan
            SABAS - Craig Parker
            JANOSH - Tim Raby
            KOSTA - Larry Rew


            This is one of those films that is either for you or it isnt, It is probably best you watch the first two films first but not ESSENTIAL. If you like films like blade then you will like this and personally although I think blade is an awesome film I dont feel it lives up to the underworld series (or at least this movie and the first one, secont underworld film was good but not as good as the other two)


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            • Debenhams / Highstreet Shopping / 34 Readings / 32 Ratings
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              21.02.2009 14:11
              Very helpful



              A great place to shop for special occasions and when the recession is over.

              Debenhams has got to be my favorite department store for clothes except for perhaps the wonderful "Zara". The clothes are of generally high quality and there are dozens of designer makes to choose from; Tom Wolfe , John Rocha, Parkes and Red Herring being some of my favorites. The prices are reasonable for the quality and design, though not bargain prices, expect to spend £40 on a top and £30 on a shirt. You will find occasional bargains however, and for girls the sales are particularly good (not so good for men)

              In addition to clothes (store depending) they also sell shoes, perfume, makeup, computer games, wedding dresses, kids/boys games, home lighting, dining etc, and have cafes/restaurants (I worked in one of these, very popular but heaven nows why). For gold card holders (get in store, its a discount card) there is also the gold card lounge with free tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

              One very good part about Debenhams is the free personal shopper service whereby you can ask any member of staff to get you a personal shopper who will help you choose and outfit for whatever occasion or just to look good. Dont know much about fashion? get a personal shopper to help you out =).


              Not the cheapest store by any stretch of the imagination but certianly affordable and fairly reasonable for what you get in most cases.
              Having a free personal shopper and makeup artist help you choose what clothes and makeup to wear is a great advantage.


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              • Lush King of the Mods / Hair Care / 33 Readings / 31 Ratings
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                21.02.2009 12:18
                Very helpful



                I love this hair product :)

                What is it:

                King of the Mods is a light hold, lime and grapefruit scented hair styling product available only from Lush. At £6.80 per a 100g pot it certainly isn't for everyday use, unless you happen to be a damn site richer than me (not hard really).


                As with a lot of lush products it comes in the familiar black pot with the ingredients and who made it etc stuck on the pot. Inside the pot is a white coloured cream with the similar consistency of sun tan lotion (in fact i have occasionally mistaken it for moisturizer and put it on my face - I don't recommend doing this ^_^).


                The best part about this hair styling product has got to be the smell! It smells amazing and is worth buy purely for that reason. When I wear it it is not uncommon for people to comment on the scent of my hair when I hug them.


                When it says light hold it really does mean light hold, I use this on short and long hair (long for a guy) adding a little bit of hairspray for some extra hold if need be. Ideally imo this product should be used for texturising on medium-long hair and for creating those natural lighter than air looking styles on slightly shorter hair. The product unlike many other hair products seems completely invisible making your hair look not only stylish but natural and soft too.


                I would highly recommend this product for occasional usage, such as the one night out a week/dinner party or when a summer loving look is essential.


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                20.02.2009 23:36
                Very helpful



                i am tired, seriosuly what pros, cons and summaries am i supposed to give for my own list?

                My favourite website and a brief overview of why

                1) DooYooo

                Well I had to put this one down didn't I ^_^. Simply put Its a great community where you get paid to write reviews on products you have already tried and information about places you have been, they also have regular competitions and is a site suitable for all ages.

                2) www.Basementmobiles.2u.co.uk

                There are some good deals on here from time to time and the mobile phone insurance is very cheap :) they also cover laptops, camcorders, Ipods and a whole range of other appliances. Unfortunately they only do contract mobiles as far as I can tell.

                3) Ebay

                Where would I be without ebay? The half of my life i'm not of dooyoo im on ebay buying products at very reasonable prices. I recently got a sat nave for £130 cheaper than some stores and an mp3 player half the price of anywhere else. A simply must website, if you want to get the cheapest deals id recommend using a misspelled search engine to fine goods that have accidentally been spelt wrongly and auction sniper which you can set up to automatically input your maximum bid at the last second thus your competitors have no diea you are interested in the product.
                The site can also be used to sell items but there is a charge for every item you sell.

                3) Ebid

                Similar to ebay but for selling products it is superior to ebay imo as you pay an initial fee then selling is free after that. They also have different modes of auction such as a 60 minute quick auction. Unfortunately the site does not get as much traffic as ebay. Definitely worth a try though.

                4) www.Miniclip.com

                Mini clip is a site full of flash games that you can play when your supposed to be doing work and can be highly addictive, You can play old classics like pacman and newer mass multi-player games too.

                5) www.Youtube.com

                Best places to listen to free music and watch funny clips of people fallign of chairs or just about anything you want to watch really,. I would be very very sad without youtube as I wouldnt be able to watch all my japanese anime every week =).

                6) www.Deezer.com

                Another great music site, you cant download music off it but you can save a play list and the smart raido function will cycle through bands that are similar to the music you like. Its a great way to find out about new music you haven't heard of before and is generally where I get all my Finnish rock music from;.

                7) www.2convert.net

                A very basic website for obtaining mp3 files from youtube videos. Just cut and paste the youtube video link into an url bar on the page and click ok. You can then download teh track to your hard drive.

                8) BBC iplayer

                What better way to get my fix of top gear without paying for a tv license? Since I dont watch much tv I don't want to pay £130 a year for a silence - to me thats about £2 a program I watch!

                9) Facebook

                Personally I think myspace is better as its more customizable but I will go with facebook simply because everyone is on there and its a great way to stay in touch with old friends and keep up to date with whats going on :)

                10) www.ubuntu.com

                Its a place where you can download a free and very popular operating system based on the very widely used linux operating system. If oyu choose too you can also buy customer support off them but if your good with computers then community support (free) is also offered and very helpful.


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                • Breakfast & Brunch Recipes / Recipe / 48 Readings / 45 Ratings
                  More +
                  20.02.2009 19:50
                  Very helpful



                  Have for breakfast, lunch or pudding =)

                  Wasn't sure where best to post this since it can be eaten at any time of day =). This recipe is an adaption of different recipes from sources that I cant remember:

                  Makes 6-8 slices:

                  3 eggs
                  3/4 cup milk
                  1 tbs sugar (optional)
                  1 tsp Vanilla extract
                  1/2 tsp cinnamon
                  Ground cinnamon for sprinkling
                  2 apples
                  6-8 slices of bread

                  1) Crack the eggs into a bowl and add the the milk, sugar, vanilla extract and cinnamon.
                  2) Whisk the mixture so that everything is nicely mixed up =) and dip the bread in it until it is thoroughly soaked but not so soaked that it breaks apart
                  3) Fry the soaked bread on a medium heat until both sides are a bread are of a brown and yellow coloring. Place on a kitchen towel to dry up any excess oil.
                  4) Slice the apples into thin segments and fry (spray oil) on a medium heat just to soften) - can also do in oven for ~7 minutes
                  5) Arrange the the bread in a neat manner, place your apples on top of the bread, sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy =)


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                  • Listerine Freshburst / Oral Care / 25 Readings / 25 Ratings
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                    20.02.2009 17:18
                    Very helpful



                    Great for those who eat lots of sweets or have sensetive teeth

                    This is the only Listerine mouth wash I have used but have now been using this product daily for about a year. Originally I used to use the ever so fun and nice tasting Dentyl mouth wash that comes with two different colored liquids in each bottle that you have to mix together before using..

                    So why did I change?

                    It was on a camping trip that I forgot my tooth brush so my mate gave me his small bottle of mouth wash, warning me that it tastes very strong. I tried it for the two nights I was there (and mornings) and every time it hit me like a blast, the sheer fiery mint taste of this mouth wash, sadly they have changed the formula since and now you no longer feel lie you are using some intoxication of fire and super strength mints to wash your mouth, Nether the less it still has all the great plauque removing power of the old formula and helps keep my teeth looking white, it also stops them becoming sensitive to sugar or when my teeth do becoem sensitive using this helps them becoem unsensitive again.


                    The new formula taste is a much more milder mint flavoring,

                    Plaque removal:

                    I thought the 56% plaque removal it claims was going to be a scam but the plaque removal is very noticeable. Use this and an electric tooth brush and you will have a beautiful smile =)


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                      19.02.2009 22:13
                      Very helpful



                      Enjoy your DooYoo experience =)

                      The dooyoo catch 22 hypothesis by welshmikey

                      I recently joined the dooyoo website and have learned a great deal about the community in just a few days by talking to people and watchign how the community works. As such I thought I would share my views for people who may wish to join this site.
                      Every member is on here both because we enjoy the site, reading and writing reviews, and because we want to make that little bit extra income for what ever reason. For me its to save for a house deposit, for this I set up a four year plan to obtain an additional £10,000 (not just from dooyoo), Of course this means hard work, and this is where the dooyoo catch 22 hypothesis comes in.
                      It revolves around the number of reviews submitted a day vs. number of ratings received per review:

                      I originally came on this site to earn ~10 pound a day, that meant 20 reviews a day to me as I didn't understand how the community worked. I thought ok, its going to be tough and require dedication but I have my goal set and I'm going to meet it. I was soon to realize:

                      This is the WRONG way to go about it on dooyoo,

                      The more reviews you churn out the less ratings you get so all you get is the 50p per review. Therefore an increase in review number = a decrease in review ratings which in turn means the less money you get per review and the less friends you make on here as people get annoyed with your constant churning of reviews.

                      So we have established that 20 reviews a day is both extremely hard work and gives lower returns per review.

                      So whats the best way to enjoy the community and benefit financially?

                      It seems counter intuitive but write LESS reviews. And make sure they are good, detailed reviews not something you churned out quickly and half heartedly. With less reviews i.e. 5 or less a day you start to build trust in the community, more trust means more ratings, more ratings means more money per review. Some of the most established members on here get several hundred ratings per review. each rating is = to 1.5pench. That means with 80 ratings per review (with time your number of ratings per review will build up) you are earning £1.70 for that review. Essentially you are writing less reviews (but very detailed reviews) and getting the same benefit with the added bonus of fitting into the community and making friends.

                      When I first started churning out reviews I felt very unwelcome here if I'm honest (no offense guys) but now that I spend more time to read and rate other peoples reviews and less time witting lots of reviews I am finding dooyoo a much more pleasant place to be and my ratings per reviews has gone up significantly.


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                      • Specialized Hardrock / Bikes / 32 Readings / 30 Ratings
                        More +
                        19.02.2009 21:22
                        Very helpful



                        If you want to enter the world of mountain biking then this is the one to buy to see if you like it

                        This image and title is a little misleading since the specialized hardrock is in fact a group of bikes not a single model. There are five different models in this category:

                        Sport Disk (hydraulic/cable)
                        Sport Pro

                        My experience is with the hardrock sport disk (hydraulic) as an entry level Downhill mountain biking and single tracking mountain bike.

                        First off to do any real off road mountain bike you need to have a REAL mountain bike like this one or better. The Sport disk is considered an entry level mountain bike costing a very reasonable £400, this may seem a lot to non bikers but trust me for a real mountain bike of this quality it is VERY good value for money. It was hard work but I could keep up with other members of my club on £4000 bikes, or at least I could while going downhill, uphill was a bit more of a struggle. In comparison though your typical <£400 bike wouldn't last two hours doing the kind of off rod stuff this bike can do and I know that from experience!

                        Gears and uphill riding:

                        This is a 24 speed bike and uphill riding on the road was pretty good, a huge improvement on the more common less serious mountain bikes, but off road you will struggle on the very steep bits to keep up with the much lighter more expensive bikes (the ones that seem to be built from a single feather).


                        When buying a bike be wary that there are different types of aluminum each with their own strength and weaknesses, this one is built like a tank strength wise so its perfect for more daring stunts (if you change the forks) and beginners who like to go head on.


                        Right, any serious mountain biker will go ape at me here (my club were shocked when I said this too) unless you are going to ride offroad where you will get mud or water on your wheels then actually top of the range xtr v brakes are better imo. But then again if your cycling off road you will most likely get very very muddy in which case you need disk brakes as they wont decrease in effectives when wet/muddy like v brakes do. You could always upgrade the brakes if you wanted to.

                        Stock suspension forks:

                        These are adjustable by simply turning a dial (for hard or soft suspension) and have 150mm of travel so unless yo uare riding north shore or doing big jumps regularly these are perfectly fine. I never used to do more than 5 ft drops but don't recall the suspension bottoming out except once where I had an unexpected drop and hence a bad landing where I landed front wheel first.


                        Buy a different saddle if you plan to be sitting on it a lot (off road you wont be) but in terms of the frame dimensions Specialized are very good in general and this is no exception.


                        Its light for a general bike but not compared to competition bikes.

                        Full specification taken from www.pearsoncycles.com:

                        SPECIALIZED HARDROCK SPORT DISC 2009


                        * This fully butted A1 Premium Aluminium frame offers improved fatigue life and comfort in a high performance and lightweight chassis, with a ORE down tube, externally relieved headtube and reinforced disc-brake mount.
                        * An SR Suntour suspension fork lends 80mm of travel, with external preload adjustment for quick fine-tuning and a mechanical lockout for minimizing power-robbing movement.
                        * The Specialized 3D-forged alloy stem offers a 10-degree rise for perfect bar positioning.
                        * A Sram X4 rear derailleur and X4 8-speed trigger shifters allow sure, precise and quick shifts with the flick of a finger.
                        * The crankset utilises Shimanos Octalink splined bottom-bracket interface for maximum power transfer.
                        * Specialized Fast Trak LK Sport tyres have a low knob height for efficiency and shoulder knobs for precise cornering.
                        * The Specialized XC saddle features abrasion-resistant side patches for enhanced durability.

                        Technical Specifications

                        FRAME Specialized A1 Premium Aluminium, fully butted, formed TT, double ORE DT, externally relieved HT, reinforced disc mount, forged dropouts w/ replaceable 98954020 hanger
                        FORK SR Suntour SF8-XCT-V2, 80mm, 1pc. alloy lower, 28mm Hi-Ten stanchions, 13-15": standard spring, all others: "stiff" spring, coil/mcu spring w/ preload adj., spring assisted seals, disc only
                        HEADSET Specialized 1-1/8" threadless, loose ball
                        STEM Specialized 3D forged, 10 degree rise, 25.4mm clamp
                        HANDLEBARS Specialized alloy, 25mm rise, 640mm wide, 8 degree back sweep, 8 degree up sweep, 3.2mm thick
                        GRIPS Specialized Enduro, dual compound Kraton, no flange, 131mm
                        FRONT BRAKE Alloy linear pull, 1pc. pad
                        REAR BRAKE Alloy linear pull, 1pc. pad
                        BRAKE LEVERS Specialized linear pull
                        FRONT DERAILLEUR Shimano Altus, 34.9mm clamp
                        REAR DERAILLEUR SRAM X-4, midcage
                        SHIFT LEVERS SRAM X-4, 8-speed trigger
                        CASSETTE SRAM PG-820, 8-speed, 11-32t
                        CHAIN KMC X8 w/ reusable Missing Link
                        CRANKSET SR SunTour, Octalink spline
                        CHAINRINGS 42S x 32S x 22S, replaceable
                        BOTTOM BRACKET Shimano BB-ES25, Octalink spline, cartridge bearing, 68mm x 113mm
                        PEDALS Steel cage, composite body, 9/16"
                        RIMS Specialized RH, 26", pinned, alloy double wall, CNC sidewalls, 32h
                        FRONT HUB Specialized Hi Lo, forged alloy, double sealed, ground race, 32h
                        REAR HUB Shimano FH-RM30 forged alloy, cassette, QR, 32h
                        SPOKES 1.8mm (15g) stainless
                        FRONT TYRE Specialized Fast Trak LK Sport, 26x2.0", 60TPI, wire bead
                        REAR TYRE Specialized Fast Trak LK Sport, 26x2.0", 60TPI, wire bead

                        INNER TUBES Specialized Schrader valve
                        SADDLE Specialized XC, Body Geometry, 143mm width, front and rear bumpers
                        SEATPOST Specialized alloy two bolt, no offset, micro adjust, 30.9mm
                        SEAT BINDER Specialized alloy w/ QR

                        Available in Flo Red or Satin Black


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                          19.02.2009 19:09
                          Very helpful



                          Choose your subject carefully and enjoy the best experience of your life

                          I attended Swansea University from September 2005 - July 2008 while reading Marine Biology (BSc). The university is the closest university in Britain to the sea and situated within short walking distance of the city Center. Though personally I would walk in the other direction towards the sea side village of mumbles as its a bit more scenic and has more character, though both involve walking along a path by the beach =)


                          I wont lie to you the University is not a glamorous University like Royal Holloway or Cambridge. In fact a lot of it is a little scruffy but the interior of each building has improved a lot and a lot of work is being done on the buildings to make them look better, there are two very nice modern buildings. If you do marine biology you even get to witness one of the best aquariums in the UK (technology wise) =). The manor house is the only nice looking historic building and now houses all the offices, it was once owned by the owner of the copper works,


                          Swansea was voted the best student experience in 2005 and has been runner up in subsequent years. Drinking is very cheap both on site and for students in town. For instance on a Wednesday night I pay 1 pound per pint/shot ets, even two for one pound sometimes. There are clubs to suit everyones taste from the famous Oceana to Sin city for the metal heads out there.

                          Clubs and Societies:

                          You really are spoilt for choice, personally I belonged to severral martial arts clubs (2.50 for 2 hours), an archery club (1 pound for two hours), Scuba diving (BSAC), the welsh society (free after small joining fee) and the Anime society (free after small joining fee).
                          The usual rugby, football, hockey etc clubs all exist as well things like battle reenactment and the dance society.

                          Education Quality:

                          Swansea is in the top 400 universities world wide, and is typically ranked 40-50 in UK league tables. Maybe not the best uni education wise but I have also attended Imperial and Cambridge and still think the education I achieved at Swansea was of a high standard, though it does vary CONSIDERABLY from degree to degree. Swansea is well known as being one of the best universities in Britain for marine biology. I believe the engineering department are very good too.
                          The main strength from my degree was the extensive amount of research and paper writing we had to do.

                          Career advice:

                          Umm so far I haven't found any uni to be that useful if i'm honest. For PHD offers doing a masters at Imperial is a great help though we get sent phd adverts all the time, far more than many other unis.


                          The library is large with designated noisy, quiet and silent areas. It contains everything required for most courses provided at Swansea uni, however, unless it has been sorted now, they lost a lot of the natural science books and journals after they closed down the separate natural sciences building and generate a lot of anger.


                          Just though id add in this for those of you wishing to study genetics. I personally worked in these labs for 6 months and they are the best I have seen except possibly those at the natural history museum (though their labs are very cramped with so much equipment). http://www.ils.swan.ac.uk/

                          The area:

                          Hmmm how to sum it up, city is ok more of a large town really and lots more shops can be found a short drive away in the uk's first and largest enterprise zone. The gower on the other hand (a bus ride away and still part of Swansea =) ) is one of the most beautiful places on earth =) and was Britains' first officially nominated area of outstanding natural beauty. There are miles upon miles of beaches and two of the best surfing beaches in the UK most famously Llangennith.


                          I will write a separate review on this but the low down is this. Stay in hendrefoilan and have an awesome time for definite but crummy accommodation (cheap though at £50 inc. bills). Or you can opt to live on campus in which case the rooms are nice each with their own bathroom but you risk not having as much fun. Its luck of the draw on campus some people have great flat mates the others have really dull boring ones.


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                          • Ubuntu / Operating System / 37 Readings / 34 Ratings
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                            19.02.2009 13:52
                            Very helpful


                            • Reliability


                            A very good os, far better than windows and many other linux distobutions but not for the non techno

                            The Ubuntu (an African word meaning humanity to others) distribution of Linux is a highly popular operating system which can be easily download off the net for free and installed onto any computer. I have been using this distribution for a few months now and have used a few other forms of Linux before that as well as MAC and windows operating systems. My favorite competitor to Ubuntu linux is Xandros which came pre-installed on my eeepc, reasons for this shall be given later.

                            Ease of obtaining:

                            Very easy just type in Ubuntu into google and you will get a mass of download links for the iso image and help forums.


                            This is as simple as putting your burnt iso image (search for iso burner software, there are plenty of free ones) and booting up your pc from the CD drive (see your computer manual).
                            You will be asked a series of questions such as what do you want to call you computer and what time zone are you in etc. The computer will then spend some time doing all the necessary installation procedures before asking you to restart the computer and eject the disk. You are now ready to start using Ubuntu. Make sure you remember the root password you gave the operating system as you will need this a lot to install programs etc.


                            The layout is a nice clean screen with your main menus etc in the top hand corner. These Menus are Applications, Places and System. Under applications is well, you guessed it all the applications, for most users the most useful applications are Wine which allows you to install software meant for windows (doesn't work for everything but works pretty well) and the office programs, the office programs called open office which are available for pc, mac and linux operating systems and in my opinion much better than Microsoft office though they are very similar, I just love the fact that on open office you can highlight text, right click it and change it to and from capitals, change font size, sup script or superscript etc making it very easy to use.
                            Other applications include some basic games, media players and scientific software.
                            The places menu is how you access your harddrive, cd drive etc, it is essentially the linux equivalent of windows "my computer".
                            System this menu allows you to play about with your display and install new programs.

                            Installing programs:

                            Ubuntu comes with synaptic package manager meaning you can simply click on the program you want to download and install and it does it all for you, there is a very large list of programs ranging from free games (particularly ones based on quake), DNA analysis tools for scientists and different media players.
                            Programs that you download rather than using synaptic can be a little trickier as you may have to learn how to use linux command lines.

                            Speed and stability:

                            I find the operating system much more stable and faster than windows which is why I chose it in the first place. Essentially Linux is far far superior to windows but it is not as user friendly, you have to learn at least some command lines at some point.

                            User friendly:

                            Of the linux distributions I find this OS very user friendly, but still not as simple as windows by any means simply because setting it up to work with your hardware in the first place can be very difficult especially when it comes to usb storage - Xandros is the only linux distribution I have had no problems with usb storage devices hence my reasoning for seeing it as a good competitor. Xandros is also heavily based on the look of windows making it easy for Windows people to switch over - but lets face it Windows is ugly except vista which is majorly power hungry. You can do far more visual effects with linux (using compiz fusion program) than vista can do and it uses less power, windows really baffles me when it comes to power consumption.


                            This will be different depending on your hardware, but for me on one computer I cant get usb hard drives to link up, and on the other I cant get the graphics driver to function properly. Since my laptop has SD card I kept ubuntu on it as the lack of usb storage was less of an issue. You can always buy linux friendly USB drives in the first place though.

                            Customer support:

                            There is none, all linux distributions (Except red hat enterprise) are based on communities helping each other. However the community support is very high. With millions and millions of people world wide using linux and trying to develop it. If you didn't know the entire Internet and most web servers are all based on linux/unix not windows.


                            If Internet, free gaming and word processing is what you want then linux and especially ubuntu is brilliant. However expect setting it up on newer hardware to be a little painful at first and expect to have to learn some of the linux language.


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                            • Sony NV-U82 / GPS Sat Nav / 31 Readings / 29 Ratings
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                              19.02.2009 01:40
                              Very helpful



                              For pure navigation this device is brilliant, just dont expect bells and whistles aswell

                              I Received this in the post yesterday but wanted to try it out a bit before reviewing it. I have limited experience with GPS devices, owned two myself including this one (my other one was a navi-g), tried a nuvi and one other one I don't know the name of.

                              Whats in the Box:

                              The GPS Unit, usb link up cable, instruction manual, Holder with special suction cup.

                              First thoughts after opening:

                              The unit seems to be of a very high quality, and the special gel suction cup unusual, it really does stick to any surface though!

                              Setting it up:

                              I read in the manual that the first time you use it you are supposed to leave it on in your car for twenty minutes for it to locate you (yes twenty). I thought this was a joke and decided to just give it a whirl down the shops after setting my home address to my real home 200 miles away, suffice to say I got annoyed that it didn't pick up a signal at all throughout the whole journey. Annoyed and not wanting to leave it in my car for twenty minutes unattended I decided to leave it by the window, not expecting much as I knew my previous device picked up no signal anywhere on campus let alone my room. I checked it later and was surprised to see it had worked. Later on I decided to test it when driving to Windsor for a dance.


                              It annoys me that every time I switch it on I have to click I agree to some statement telling me not to look at the screen while driving (if thats the case why do they boast a 4.9" screen? just to cover their backs I guess).
                              Once you have done that and it has taken a little while to load (the first time takes a while but almost instant every time after that)
                              Once loaded and you have input your destination (very easy to do with a big touch screen) and It calculates the route very quickly.
                              Whilst driving it gives clear instructions with warnings very early on and just before the turning etc. It got me to the destination and it did a better job that my previous GPS, I found out there was a quicker route thanks to this device.
                              I really like the way the GPS follows your every movement, its seems to move around the map in real time and copes with sever side lanes that didnt ever register on my previous GPS.


                              No problems with the sound, can easily hear it over the radio and comes with a range of voices though I haven't bothered to change mine. they can be altered at the touch of a button


                              Seems very sturdy, but a very small piece of the suction cup broke off after its first use :/.


                              This is either very good or very bad depending on your expectations of a GPS device. For navigation purposes it is very easy to use and even comes with one year free subscription for speed camera warnings.
                              However Navigation is all it does, thsi was what disappointed me the most as I could watch videos and play music on my old GPS and with this one being such nice quality and a big screen a video playing function would have been a huge bonus.


                              Id like to say they got the brightness level perfect, it readjusts for day and night automatically via a sensor so I don't get an annoying reflection of the display on my windscreen. However their choice of display colour, although very nice, makes it hard to read the writing when the car is in motion.


                              Comes with Uk, Republic of Ireland, Northern France and part of Belgium


                              Overall for navigation this device is far superior to my old device and I am very pleased with the purchase. However I paid £70 as opposed to the £117-£200 retail price. Look on ebay if your interested :). I only wish it had video play back as there is a memory card slot. No idea why you would need a memory stick it without any music or video playback function. Perhaps its just for storing extra maps


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                              • Desserts / Recipe / 41 Readings / 39 Ratings
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                                18.02.2009 17:38
                                Very helpful



                                Very yummy, hard to get tofu:coconut butter right

                                * This is the first recipe I written so please be nice when reviewing it and send me comments if you can think of a way of improving it.

                                Now first thing to note this this is one of those recipes that is passed down and around families and friends so there are no exact measurements, everything is done to taste (that means lots of eating while cooking to you and me ^_^).

                                Makes: 30-40
                                Times: 50 minutes, but 30 minutes of that is leaving it to set

                                You will need:

                                1) Silken tofu (500g) and/or Coconut Butter (id recommend a bit of both)

                                2) Dark Chocolate 160g bar (check vegan friendly, I believe green and blacks is not longer suitable for vegans)

                                3) Icing sugar

                                4) Almond and Vanilla flavorings

                                5) Liqueur or Rum - A rum with a hint of almond too it is very nice but i forget the name of the one I used =(

                                6) Coco powder

                                7) Very small casings to put your yummy truffles in =)

                                Before you start let me warn you this is VERY messy ^_^

                                Now to start Making a yummy gooey mess ^_^:

                                1) Blend your Silken Tofu and/or Coconut butter, note that if you use silken tofu only it will be very runny and if you use Coconut butter only it will be quite hard. You will have to experiment with this but a Tofu:Coconut butter ratio of 2:3 or 3:4 should be good. I personally used just silken tofu and it was very hard to handle as too runny.

                                2) Place a glass bowl in boiling water on the hob to melt the chocolate in it.

                                3) Blend the molten Chocolate into the all ready blended tofu/coconut butter adding a teaspoon of almond flavoring, a teaspoon of vanilla flavoring, a table spoon or so of icing sugar and a table spoon of your preferred beverage at the same time. Keep blending until fully mixed.

                                4) Put mixture in the fridge and leave to thicken for half an hour.

                                5) Now the fun messy part. Especially if you used only tofu ^_^ Roll into balls and coat in the coco powder. Or if very runny (like a moose almost, no not the animal just wasn't sure how to spell it) then place directly into the casing with a teaspoon and sprinkle with coco powder.

                                6) Place in fridge and eat when ready =)

                                Let me know how it goes and perhaps we can get the tofu:coconut butter ratio just right :)

                                P.s. I have heard of people using blended cashew nuts with water (a thick cream consistency) in place of the tofu and coconut butter - blending in this case takes 2 minutes.


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