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      07.04.2013 21:51
      Very helpful



      Excellent value, product works very well.

      I had not known about Snowfire before my partner asked me to buy some for him as the cold and wet winter weather had made his hands chapped, sore and cracked.

      I ordered Snowfire from an online retailer and it arrived in a blister pack with a black and yellow cardboard backing. It is described as an Ointment Stick that is a solid emollient ointment for dry skin

      The item itself is in a plastic tube, it is a sold vivid green, greasy block that is pushed up from the bottom of the tube and applied by rubbing the ointment from the top directly onto skin. the container measures 7cm by 3cm with a secure, replaceable screw-on cap the size means that it fits easily into a pocket or hand bag. It has a strong, medicinal / herbal smell, that is not unpleasant.

      The ingredients of Snowfire are:

      Snowfire Ointment Stick Active Ingredients :

      Benzoin BPC 0.020% w/w
      Citronella BPC 0.060% w/w
      Thyme Oil 1949 BPC 0.010% w/w
      Lemon Thyme Oil HSE 0.010% w/w
      Clove Oil BP 0.040% w/w
      Cade Oil BPC 0.040% w/w

      Other ingredients:
      Yellow Soft Paraffin BP
      Hard Paraffin BP
      Snowfire Perfume

      I was surprised and impressed at how well this worked and I tried it on my feet and elbows, it soothed almost immediately and promoted rapid healing of quite deep cracks in the skin. I found this to be much better than other products and with an RRP of £3.29 it is outstanding value for money.

      I would highly recommend this to anyone with dry, cracked skin, forget the fancy, expensive competitors and give this traditional remedy a go.

      Thank you for reading.


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      06.04.2013 22:00
      1 Comment



      Excellent product that does exactly what it claims. Try it.

      I had tried more foundations and concealer products over the years than I wish to remember. Finally I've found one that suits my skin type, and covers roseacia without irritating my skin.

      I have a common skin condition that causes redness on my face, over the years, I've tried most things to conceal this, and have more or less given up hoping to find something that worked. Either makeup would cover the redness but was so thick it upset my skin, or a product was light and didn't cover the high pigmentation.

      By chance a friend of mine was booked into a spa for a trial makeup session for bare minerals. The sale assistant asked me if I wanted to try the product and I declined saying my skin would not tolerate it. I was talked round and I'm so glad I was.

      The powder contains natural minerals that not only do not aggravate sensitive skin, they calm it. The powder covers even high colour, but doesn't look thick, and once you figure out the correct colour for your complexion, it doesn't look like you are wearing make up.

      I am not going to go as far as to say this product has changed my life, but I would say it has given me a lot of self confidence.

      It is an expensive product, around £30 for a pot of the base, but it lasts me around 3 months, and I wear it every day.

      If you have problem skin, I would urge to to try this. I really didn't believe I would ever find something that worked without making me look like I applied my make up with a trowel.


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        06.04.2013 21:14
        1 Comment



        As good as it always has been

        Anais Anais is a fragrance for women that is light and floral, lasts well and is a perennial favorite.

        Anais Anais was one of the first perfumes I bought for myself, the fragrance itself was launched in 1978. I loved the fresh, light, floral scent back then and I still love it now. The longevity of the fragrance suggests that other feel the same way.

        The Eau de Parfum has an RRP of £52 for 50ml, so it isn't a cheap purchase, but the fragrance lasts longer in this form and is my preferred option.

        The perfume is not overpowering, it contains notes of lilly of the valley, jasmine, cedar, leather and fresh cut flowers.

        I find it instantly recognizable, perhaps because I'm so familiar with it, but I will continue to wear it as it doesn't get dated and fits into my collection of perfumes well, providing me with a light option that is suitable for the office, whilst also being sophisticated enough to be worn in the evening, or on a special occasion.

        The bottle is white glass with a lily on the front. Silver colored bands around the bottle add a touch of contrast making this an attractive item to have on display.

        In summary, this is a fragrance for a classy lady who likes light, floral, classic fragrances.


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          06.04.2013 20:58



          Recommended, Dawn French at her literary best, but don't expect it to be laughs all the way through.

          Oh Dear Silvia is published by Penguin Books in hardback in October 2012.

          Having previously enjoyed Dawn French's literary offerings I bought this 352 page book as soon as I saw it with out reading other reviews. I was NOT disappointed and found myself getting very quickly drawn into the story.

          The subject matter is unusual, with Silvia Chute, a coma patent at the epicentre of events. The story is written with sensitivity, incorporating humour with moving sequences and descriptions that are almost tangible.

          I don't want to add any spoilers so I won't go into detail about the story, except to say it gives a moving insight into the personal relationships of Silvia, who is seriously ill in hospital and unable to communicate. We learn about her life, loves, strengths and flaws though the perspectives of those closest to her. These cover moving affection, anger, resentment and regret. Nothing is sugar coated, but the story isn't too dark either.

          The characters develop through the book, and French manages to present things in such a way that your feeling towards the characters also evolve as understanding of the various relationships develops.

          He nurse Winnie is a strong character that binds the threads of the other characters together.

          This is probably going to be preferred by female readers. Its a difficult subject, but an easy read. I found it very difficult to put down once I'd got into it.

          I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fiction about relationships, but be aware it does get upsetting in places as her family are faced with the possibility that Silvia may not recover.


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