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Member since: 08.01.2012

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    • Kindle 4 / Tablet PC / eBook Reader / 8 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      09.01.2012 20:19



      We've bought 3 so far, with my mother-in-law being the most enthusiastic of us all

      We've bought three Kindle 4s so far, all for family members and all have absolutely loved it. The most enthusiastic recipient has been my mother-in-law.

      She loves the cheap deals she can get on Amazon for her favourite authors (who couldn't like a book for 99p?), how easy it is to operate, the ability to enlarge fonts to a comfortable reading size, and the fact she's the first of her friends to have one!

      She also loves being able to download her daily newspaper to her Kindle. No more waiting for her husband to finish the first section before she can read the paper.

      Among the benefits we've noticed so far is:
      -no more lost pages; that's saved for you automatically
      -superfast downloads; start reading within minutes of ordering
      -ideal for travel; no more lugging piles of books for a week away

      Downsides are I personally wouldn't want to read my Kindle in the bath for fear of dropping it in. There is also a problem with the screen freezing occasionally. The support article online says this can be fixed by holding the power button down for 20 seconds, which seems to fix it okay so far.


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      08.01.2012 10:41


      • Reliability


      If you drink a lot of coffee, this machine will go the distance for you reliably, every day.

      Imagine this: New Year's Day morning. And your coffee maker dies.

      What?! Yes, there were tears and gnashing of teeth. My husband and I bought our first DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima years ago when Nespresso was just introduced. We had a brand new kitchen and my husband wanted a posh coffee maker to complete the package.

      When this machine died, we hit the post Christmas sales to find a new one. I thought, it's been years. There must be loads more Nespresso and pod machines now we could choose from.

      There are, but after looking at all of them, we just ended up buying the same model again. We're looking forward to another many years happy use with our new DeLonghi.

      The downside of course with pod coffeemakers is you can only make one cup at a time. A bit of a nuisance when you're having a dinner party. You need an old fashioned coffee pot for that scenario. Plus, we don't use the milk steaming option. Personally I find it too messy and I don't want to be washing up fiddly bits of equipment when I'm trying to relax with a cup of coffee.

      But my husband loves the gadgety option of being able to froth up the milk "if he ever wanted to."

      If you want a machine that is going to reliably make you an average of 10 cups of coffee a day for about five years (or more!), this is the one for you.


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      08.01.2012 10:22
      Very helpful



      A great product to keep in your stylist's toolkit

      I use these bands a lot in my work, which I like because they don't show in the hair too much and are easy to take out when you let your hair down.

      The ones I've got have lasted ages and I don't think I've had one break on me yet. Usually I just lose them!

      I wouldn't recommend them for ordinary ponytail styles, however. The tension you need to hold your hair so that the ponytail doesn't slide down is too great. The band is very narrow and will end up cutting in the hair and breaking it.

      I like to use them to make starter foundations for updos like messy buns, styles where the hair will be held in place with grips, combs or other clips. They are also great for ending small plaits or small bunches. The price is great too - just a couple pounds for loads of bands.

      A good product to keep in your stylist's toolkit.


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