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      09.02.2011 23:45
      Very helpful



      A good book for children to look at and get an idea.

      I usually write reviews splitting them into sections, but I thought that I would write this review explaining how this book encouraged my Daughter to use the potty!

      As many parents know, potty training can be quite hard depending on your child. Just after my Daughter's first birthday, I saw this book in a local shop. It was only £2, so I thought that I would buy it for her, as she loves books. The book also said that it includes a reward chart with stickers, and as she loves stickers, I thought that this would be great.
      Flicking through the book in the shop, I knew instantly that the book is aimed at your child and not you. Many parents nowadays resort to books or the Internet on how to handle certain childhood stages such as, weaning, tantrums and potty training itself. I have always been a parent who strongly believes that every child is different, and reading books on parenting in my eyes is ridiculous. Nobody can tell you how to deal with your own child. I taught my Daughter things in my own way in ways I know that she will listen and that she will enjoy. (I'm going completely off track now and I best sop before this develops into a full-blown moan fest!)

      The book is aimed at your child, for them to look through themselves. It is for ages 1 year and up, and obviously children at his age cannot read, but the pictures in the book are very detailed and catchy to children, that they notice the pictures and pay attention to them. The book starts with a Mummy showing her Daughter her new potty. Then she gets some 'big girl' pants to try on. Then the little girl sits on the potty but nothing happens. She then plays with her toys and has an accident. Her Mummy tells her it's ok and shows her the potty. The next time she needs the toilet, she recognizes the feeling and goes on the potty. Her Mummy gives her lots of praise, and washes her hands when she has finished using the potty!

      Of course, in reality it isn't that quick for a child to understand, but this just outlines the basic, to show your child what the potty is for. The wording on the pages is just one sentence on each page, so it doesn't get too boring for your child to listen to. The pictures are of real people, not cartoons, which I think is great, as it shows your child a real child doing the actions.
      My Daughter had sat on the potty a few times, not knowing what it was for, just to get used to it rather than diving straight in. I then read this book to her every other day and showed her the pictures for her to get an idea of what the potty is for. This helped, as the pictures in the book are of a real little girl, not a cartoon, acting out the different stages in the book. Also, as the book is by Fisherprice, the pictures show the little girl playing with some Fisherprice toys, in which my daughter actually owned herself, so this caught her attention.

      After a few days of getting used to things, I started the task of potty training. At first, I would just have no nappy on for one hour and give her a sticker for staying dry. Over a week, the longer she stayed dry, she got a sticker. Of course, even though she had no nappy on, she didn't know when to tell me she needed the toilet, so she would just wee whilst playing. When she did this, I just said 'oh dear' without a big fuss and simply sat her on the potty for her to understand what the potty is for. After she had sat there, I told her she could have a sticker for sitting on the potty. She absolutely loved this idea. I let her choose her own sticker and stick it on the chart herself. After this, every time she weed, I would sit her on the potty, whether she did anything or not, she would get a sticker. After 2 days, she started to ask for the sticker herself after sitting there.
      The sticker chart is made of thick glossy paper. It is detailed with a pink border and features a few cute animals around the border such as a bumblebee, dog, rabbit, cat and flowers. It only features 30 days, so after 30 days the sicker chart ended up with stickers just stuck in random places. This isn't really a big le down, as she had gotten the idea pf potty raining within a month anyway, yet the stickers just carried on as a reward.

      There were around 60 stickers in the book. They were all the same as the animals featured on the chart itself. I would always let her choose her own sticker, so she would say 'doggy' or 'frog' and get the sticker she asked for. I think that the sticker chart really helped with me as she loved stickers before this anyway, so she loved to pick her own fun sticker and stick it on the chart herself wherever she wanted. In the end she would wee on the potty and shout sticker, so I think that she would use the potty just to get that sticker, so this helped. Getting her out of asking for stickers was easier than what I thought. After she had been using the potty for about 2 months, she would ask for them less and less until she just ended up forgetting about them.
      In the end it took me about 3 months to potty train her. She has just turned 2 and is fully toilet trained. I do not believe the book helped me, but I do believe that the sticker chart did. It was effective as my Daughter loved to play with stickers at the time but I do believe any child, whether they love stickers or not, could get used to the sticker chart rewards. Letting them pick their own sticker and sticking it on themselves is a good idea. My daughter was always proud of herself when she had stuck the sticker on the chart, so there was always a sense of achievement from her even at 18 months of age.

      I would recommend this book, just for your child to play with and look at. It is only 62p on Amazon! They also sell a boys version for little boys aswel, which is great. The book is for 1 years and over. Of course a child at 1 cannot read and understand what you read to them fully, this is why the book is more a picture book with just one or 2 sentences for you to read. Like I said before, I think the sticker chart was more help, so this is why I would recommend it mainly, but again, the pictures are realistic and are good for your child to look at to get an idea. There are a few parent tips in the back, only about 6 pointers, just simple ones telling you to be patient, don't rush your child and praise them. The book isn't aimed at parents, but this isn't a let down, as it is a child's book. If you are looking for a book to help YOU, then you will need a help book, but to help your child, I would recommend this. Of course this book will not teach a child how to potty train, so please don't buy it thinking it will!

      Published by Harper Collins Children's Books, September 2008.


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      07.02.2011 16:50
      Very helpful



      Great buy for families

      Basic Information

      Family Game Night is a video game, which brings classic board games to life on your TV.

      This edition is the 3rd in the series. The first in the series, released in 2008, features Battleship, Yahtzee, Connect 4, Boggle and Sorry Sliders. The second in the series, released in 2009, features Operation, Jenga, Pictureka, Bop It and Connect 4. This latest edition features Game Of Life, Yahtzee, Cluedo, Mouse Trap and Twister.
      All 3 editions are available on the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

      Published by EA.
      Released in October 2010.
      For Ages 3+

      Hasbro is an American born toy and board game company. It is one of the most popular toy/board game makers in the world. Hasbro was founded in the 1920's selling school supplies and stationary. It then went on to release it's first toy, which where nurse and doctor kits in the 1940's. They then released Mr Potato Head in the 1950's, which became a massive hit and put the company on the map. Hasbro then went on to produce many more hit toys including, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony and Transformers. In the 1980's the company bought MB Games, which then brought many popular board games under the Hasbro name, including Game Of Life, Twister and Snakes and Ladders. They later went on to buy Playskool, popular for creating many educational toys for babies and children. In the 1990's Hasbro went on to buy the British toy brand of Parker Brothers, the owners of Monopoly and Cluedo, now making Monopoly, the most successful board game in the world a product of Hasbro. Basically, Hasbro owns most toy manufacturers, but insists on keeping their original manufacturers names on the original toys, which is why many people don't realise how many products, are actually owned by Hasbro.


      The Family Game Night series was first released in 2008. It became a bestseller, so went on to release a 2nd and 3rd edition. This review is about volume 3. The games are released on all major games consoles, including Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3.
      He box features a user manual which basically explains all the rules to each game, but you can get tutorials in the game also, so this is handy if you do not know how to play the games, or need to know anything about little changes they have made to these versions of the games.

      The box is very bright, and features the logos to each of the games and also Mr Potato Head, who is Family Game Night logo himself.

      The Games

      The game menu is a fairground. The series features Mr Potato Head as the logo, so he is your host. You can go around the fairground to choose which game you want to play.

      You are then given a character, which you can personalise. You can change their skin colour, hairstyle, clothes and their name. You then get the chance to choose how many players will play and if you want to play again computer players. You can then choose whether to play the original version or the remix version. There isn't much difference in the 2, just a couple of features would have changed to maybe make he game quicker or the mini games will change.

      Once you have done this, you enter your game. You can choose to have a tutorial if you want to, which of course is handy if you have never played he real versions before. The tutorial is quick and easy, and teaches you he basics of the game, but he games are simple enough anyway, as you get what is going on as you play.

      Here are also achievements in this game like many other games you play on the latest game consoles. These give you trophies on your PS3. These feature things such as win one game, win 10 games, win a remix version, be a doctor in Game Of Life, win Cluedo with only 2 right guesses on your score sheet, etc.
      Game Of Life

      The basic synopsis for the Game of Life board game is to go around a board attending college, going to work, marrying, buying a house, having children and finally retiring. You may also do many other life experiences such as going on holiday, going to court, taking out loans, winning the lottery etc. The more life experiences you have, he more points you have.

      On the Computer version, this is exactly the same. You can have 1 to 4 players, either against computer players or not. You spin he spinner to know how many moves you will take. You can buy a number on the spinner, which means whenever a [player spins on that number you win £5000 each time. He more money you have also gives you more points at the end, so this is a good investment.
      You drive around the board in a car and if you get married or have children, they also sit in the car with you. There are a lot of mini games featured in the game as in the board game you pick your house or roll the dice for how many children you will have. In the game version you will play the card game pairs to choose a house, a catchphrase like stopper for how many children you will have, when you go to court you have to tap your buttons the fastest to win the case, and when you get married you have a dance challenge at your wedding which means that you have to press the right buttons on your joy pad at the correct time, which earns you points.

      The board is very bright and very well designed to fit the game. You can take different paths on the game, such as career, family or risky. Whichever area you are in, the graphics fit in with this, such as on the career path here will be a library and offices, and on the family path there is houses and parks etc.

      I like this version of the game. I own the electronic version of the board game, but this version is much better. It is very easy to play. He mini games make it a lot more interesting than the real board game as well, as it gives you a bit more to do, rather than just going around a board.

      Mouse Trap

      Mouse Trap is basically a board game for 2 to 4 players, in which you are a mouse. You build a rap on your way around the board, and you have to rap opponents' mice in the trap.

      The video game version features people, not mice. There is a giant dog sleeping next to your game board. You basically roll the dice and move he amount of spaces required. You then enter a mini game where you have to connect pipes to run a ball through. You can connect 1 to 3 special pieces into the pipe to win contraption parts o build on the board. This is the trap, which you build. He mice to end up on he trap spot will lose of another player lands on he turn crank space, which sets off the contraption.

      This version is very boring. He board game is a lot better as you know what you are doing. On this version, you win cheese, but here is no point of it as you do not need points or cheese for anything, you just need a mice to land on the rap spot and someone to turn the crank to trap them. A bit of a let down for such a classic game hat I loved as a kid.


      The real version of Twister is where you have a mat with different coloured spots on. You spin a spinner to determine where you need to place your hand on or foot on the mat. It gets harder as more people join the game as you end up having to bend over each other. Great game for adults when drunk!

      The video game version is like a dance contest. As in game of life where I said you dance at you wedding, this is the same. You will be shown a sequence of buttons to press, such as x,y,x,o and you have to remember them and press them at the correct time. It gets faster and longer sequences as the game goes on. 2/5

      I do like these dance sequence games, these were the first style of dance games years ago, but I do not understand why this is Twister. I always wondered how do you play Twister on the computer, and obviously, it isn't the right way, they have just called a dance sequence game Twister.


      The classic whodunit board game. I'm guessing everybody knows what Cluedo is, but just a quick explanation is you have to solve a murder. You receive a set of cards at the beginning of the game, featuring either people, weapons or rooms. You need to use these along with other clues throughout the game to consider the killer, weapon and room in which the murder took place. 4/5

      The video game version is pretty much lie he real one. You roll the dice to move so many places, and then if you get to a room you can enter in and start a rumour, which is basically a guess at the weapon, room and suspect. You will get a game similar to catchphrase where it will reveal as the game goes on either the weapon, suspect or room. This helps you a lot as you can guess one of the things pretty much straight away. Your players jump around the murder mansion. You still have the question marks on the board, which you win rumour points. You need 6 to start a rumour. I like this version of the game, but the only downside is you have to get all the players to look away whilst you look at your paper where you cross off the suspects, rooms and weapons, so if one person peeks, then they can copy off you.

      Yahtzee Hands Down

      Yahtzee is a game, which features rolling of 5, 6 or 12 dice to make up hands. It is similar to poker. You score points for each hand, and he player with the most points is he winner. Yahtzee Hands Down makes Yahtzee a card game, where you can steal other player's cards or choose from a pile.
      The video game version is the same as the real version. Basically it is just like playing it on game sites, as Yahtzee is very popular on game sites where as you don't get to play the other games featured here online. You take urns to make up hands. On a roll you can decide to seal other players cards or choose from a pile, if you think your cards aren't good enough or you are after a certain card to make up a hand. Hands can be 1 pair, 2 pairs, 3 pairs, full house which is 3 of one 2 of another and Yahtzee is all your cards in he same number. Here are many other hands to make up. 5/5

      I love Yahtzee and play it online a lot so I see no difference in playing this on the ps3, unlike the other games. It is just the same as playing the real version, nothing much has changed for this game. If you like poker, then you will like Yahtzee.

      Graphics and Sound

      The graphics on the game are very good. They are very bright and eye-catching which will make this attractive to children. he graphics for each game fit perfectly, like I said earlier for Game Of Life, the graphics and details fit well. The sound is also good. You can have he music playing or not, which I prefer not as it can get annoying. he sounds of the characters and activities are not too bad to listen to as it is basically the notice of dice rolling and things you would hear when you actually play a board game.

      My Opinion

      I think this is a good game to get. It is great for kids or for adults. I like the fact that here's no clearing up afterwards from the board games! It is very easy to use and a good game to play as a family. All the games are good; the only let down is Mouse Trap as it is very boring on the video game. I don't like the idea of a video game Twister, but other people or children may like this version of it. All he games are very easy to play even if you've never played them before. I would recommend this to anybody, no mater what age you are!

      It's basically board games for the 21st century.
      I bought mine for £19.99 at Game, but you can get it a couple of pounds cheaper online. Amazon has it for around £15.


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        06.02.2011 17:51
        Very helpful
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        Best TV show ever

        I am a big horror/supernatural fan when it comes to movies, so when I saw the Supernatural TV show advertise back in 2005; I knew it was something that I was definitely going to be watching. I was excited that there was a new horror TV show starting, as at the time it was all comedies and dramas that were on the TV. On the day it was piloted, I sat down to watch it and was instantly hooked. He first episode starts with a bang, and from this you need to keep watching to find out what you need to know. I was instantly hooked, and looked forward to the next week's episode.

        The show premiered in September 2005. The UK was about 6 weeks behind the US.
        Created By

        Eric Kripke. No very well known until he created Supernatural. Has since worked on the films Boogeyman and Boogeyman 2, but Supernatural is he show which has put him into limelight.

        Jared Padalecki. He made his name in the Gilmore Girls TV series, in 2000. He went on to star in Supernatural, which helped him to get roles in a few films. Some include House Of Wax and Friday The 13th.
        Jensen Ackles. I recognised Jensen's face as soon as I saw him. He played a heartthrob in the teen series Sweet Valley High in the early 90's. I used to love this show, so instantly knew who Jensen was. He is a lot more well known than Jared, and has starred in a lot of well known TV shows, including, Days Of Our Lives, Dark Angel and Dawson's Creek.

        Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Jeffrey plays the Dad. When I first saw him he looked just like George Clooney. You will recognize him from many hings including PS. I Love You and he Accidental Husband.
        It is good how the show was created by, and starring not well-known people but has become one of the biggest shows on TV.

        DVD MENU

        The Box Set contains 6 DVDs. The menu is nothing special. It features a picture of Sam and Dean, and repeats the title tune to he series, which can be annoying when it's left on for a while. Just basic writing on the episode links and bonus features, nothing really special.

        Dean - Dean is he eldest brother. He is in his late 20's. He is a womaniser, can eat anything and still not be full up, and he has to be the one to drive! He loves rock music, which is basically the theme of the show when it comes to the soundtrack, as there is always rock music playing whilst they are on the road travelling. He is really funny at times, not only in his comments, but facial expressions too. Dean is closest to his Dad, as he has spent more time with him on the road.

        Sam - Sam is the serious brother. He has a steady girlfriend and is in college doing really well for himself. He hates his Dad for having the boys on the road for their whole childhood, so he wants to make a better life for
        Pictures of Supernatural - Complete Season 1 (DVD)

        Dean as a Demon
        himself as he is tired of searching for demons. He can be funny as well, but is usually the more level-headed out of the 2 brothers.
        John - John is the Dad. He is very cool, never seems to panic, mainly due to the fact that he is an expert at demon hunting. He loves his kids and still loves his wife very much, and is determined to protect his sons, and find the demon.


        The pilot episode opens up showing a man watching TV in his living room, and a woman putting a baby to bed. Off she goes to bed herself and is soon woken by some crackling on the baby monitor. She enters the baby's room and sees a man by the co. She asks, 'John?' (Who we later know is her husband's name), but then says 'it's you'. We then hear her scream and her husband runs upstairs to the baby's room, where his wife cannot be seen. He checks the baby and blood drips onto the cot. John then looks up to see his wife on the ceiling, who suddenly bursts into flames. John grabs the baby, and his other son runs out of his bedroom. John hands the eldest son he baby and says a line which is one of the most famous lines of series, which is, 'take your brother outside, as fast as you can, now Dean, go!' John runs back to the room, but it's too late, and goes outside to the boys.
        The next thing we know, it's 2005 and Sam (the baby) is in college. Dean turns up and tells Sam that their Dad has gone on a road rip and hasn't been home in a few days. We learn that the road trips are John searching for the 'thing' that killed his wife. He had searched every day since the day of the fire, and so had the boys. They had been brought up as demon hunters, people to find demons and kill them, of course to help save innocent people. We also learn from his episode that the boys have grown up on the road whilst searching for the demon. They never had a normal childhood and Sam doesn't like his Dad due to this.

        Sam hasn't got much love for his Dad so doesn't want to help look for him, but he changes his mind when he returns home that night, and the same thing that happened to their mother happens to his girlfriend, so the boys set off to find the demon and search for their father. We soon see how they work in their searches.
        They can basically pretend to be anybody. They have fake badges of FBI, Police, US Marshals and even Priests. They dress the part, talk the part and act the part. This is to be able to talk to victims and other law enforcements to find out more about the cases involved throughout the series.
        Each episode we learn more and more about the boys when they were growing up. Every episode features a different demon, ghost or paranormal being. They also involve a lot of urban legends in the series. One they involve is Bloody Mary; where you say Bloody Mary in a mirror 3 times and she is suppose to appear. This is the story of one of the episodes in this series.
        Here is a brief description of each episode. I won't tell you how the 'beings' are killed, but the basic storyline of what they are and what needs to be done to kill them.

        Dean has his Dad's journal which lists everywhere he has been over he years and every kind of demon he has come across. It also includes tips on what kills them, to help the boys out. John has left the journal for the boys on purpose in case he winds up dead. John leaves instructions for the boys to travel to Colorado, where there is a wendigo stalking victims. A wendigo is creature from mythology that kills people, and then changes it's skin to become them.

        Dead In The Water
        Whilst on the road, the boys read papers and search the Internet for possible cases involving demons. They come across one in Wisconsin where people keep drowning in the local lake. It all turns out to be a revenge spirit, who is drowning people, as that is he way that they had died.

        Phantom Traveller
        A plane mysteriously crashes so somebody their Dad helped a few years back calls the boys. He thinks it could be linked to a demon so the boys set out to investigate. The demon turns out to be killing the survivors of the crash one by one, so the boys are determined to catch it. 4/5

        Bloody Mary
        This involves the classic urban legend of saying Bloody Mary 3 times into a mirror. A young girl does this and her father dies. The boys pick up on the case and investigate further. They go through every different version of the urban legend, and eventually figure out that to kill Mary, you have to smash the mirror she originated from. 5/5

        This episode involves a shape shifter. A creature that can transform itself into anybody. It is doing this, and appearing as men who are killing off their partners. It eventually turns into Dean, starting the whole police on Dean's trail part of the series, as they think he has killed these people. 4/5

        Hook Man
        Another classic urban legend where a girl wakes up and finds her room mate dead with writing on her wall stating, I bet you wish you'd turned on the lights. The girl turns out to be the Daughter of a local vicar. The boys turn up after a few more killings, and figure out that the hook man is an old priest who used to live in the church where the family live now. The boys find out that they need to find a church heirloom made of silver to kill the hook man. 5/5

        A town is over run by killer bugs. It turns out to be a Native American curse plaguing he town. The boys set out to find the 'cure'. 4/5

        Sam has nightmares of a family being haunted in heir childhood home, so they return home to help the family out. They enlist the help of a local medium who once helped their Dad. The viewer see John for the firs time, as he is hiding in he mediums home, but doesn't tell the boys he is there, and they still don't know by the time they leave. This leaves you curious and asking why. 5/5

        Ghosts are appearing to give information on a doctor who used cruel experiments on patients in an asylum. The boys set out to kill the doctor's spirits, as inmates are dying the same way. 4/5

        A town is always sunny, everybody's always happy, yet couples are being killed. The boys find out that the residents of the town made a pact to always be happy and healthy in exchange for travelling couples. 5/5

        The boys come across a faith healing camp, which actually seems to be curing people from deadly illnesses. It turns out the healer's wife made a pact with a reaper. 5/5

        Route 666
        This is another revenge ghost, who kills people he same way he was. 2/5

        Sam has another premonition of somebody dying, so he boys head to the town Sam guesses it to be. They come across a boy who is telekinetic and is killing people who he believes have hurt him.

        The Benders
        This is a weirdo family kidnapping and killing people. 3/5

        Hell House
        Some teenagers start a rumour that a local house is haunted. To help make it look real, they paint different symbols on the walls, which they have found online. Some of these symbols are real paranormal signs, which actually make the house haunted. 4/5

        Something Wicked
        A witch that enters the homes of young children and breathes he life out of them. She can only be killed whilst attacking, so Sam and Dean have to find a willing child to help them. 5/5

        A haunted painting is killing its owners. 5/5

        Dead Man's Blood
        The first time we see Vampires in this series. John appears, and he tells the boys that all the things you have heard of vampires are false. The only way to kill them is behead them and dead man's blood can knock them unconscious. They can come out in daylight, and a stake through the heart won't even nip them. The vampires turn out to have a gun called The Colt. John explains the legend of he Colt to the boys. He explains that a hunter made it by hand, and made 7 bullets, which could kill anything in hell, even Satan himself. Samuel Colt, the creator only used 3 bullets. There are 4 left, and the legend proves true when John uses it on he head vampire. The boys keep the gun, as they know this can kill he demon that killed their mother. 4/5

        Sam and Dean are lured by a demon to hand over the colt.

        Devil's Trap
        Here we meet Bobby. An old friend of the family who helped to raise he boys when John was on the road. He helps the boys to trap the demon who tried to steal the colt. They trap her in a Devil's Trap, a symbol drawn on the ceiling, which makes her powerless. The boys exorcise her as they find out she is possessed, and not actually a demon in form, just a spirit. 5/5

        I won't say the season ending as it will spoil it for you, but I was literally like, No, that can't happen! I loved this first season. Every episode kept me hooked. It is full of twists and turns. You never know who is possessed and who isn't. Even though a lot of episodes are serious, here are a lot of comical moments, especially from Dean. These moments freshen he show up so it's not all dark and gloomy all the time.

        Commentary on episodes by directors, writers and cast.

        Inside the legend - This is about 10-15minutes long and features the crew explaining where they got the ideas for the episodes. I is interesting to watch, as you realise that nearly every episode features a 'real' legend. Whether it is a mythological creature or an urban legend, a lot of what is featured is derived from well known facts. Also, a lot of the episodes feature well known legends from the towns hat they are filming in. So the series is not completely fictional. A lot of research has gone into it, and you can search every creature or demon featured in the series and you wi9ll more than likely find hem on wikipedia.
        FX - This shows how they do the special effects. There's a lot of fight scenes in the series between demons and the family. They get chucked about, there are fires, things blowing up and even lighting effects, so it is interesting to watch how they do it.

        Making The Show - This shows Jensen and Jared's audition videos, a look at the writing process and how they develop an episode and interviews with cast and crew.
        Deleted Scenes and Gag Reel - This is he usual stuff. The deleted scenes are just different endings or a scene that seemed irrelevant once they had filmed it. The gag reel is really funny; I always love watching these on any box set I get.

        MY OPINION

        I would definitely recommend this Box Set to anybody. When I got together with my boyfriend I was up to series 3 on TV, and he got into it but it was hard explaining what had happened, so he watched my box sets and he was hooked! So definitely worth buying to see if you like it, but if you like mystery, horror and supernatural, then you're guaranteed to love it!
        You can get the box-set for £10 off amazon.co.uk

        I spent about £30 on it as I bought it the day it was released, so the price has gone down over the 5 years it's been out.


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        • Typhoo One Cup / Tea / 23 Readings / 23 Ratings
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          06.02.2011 17:48
          Very helpful



          Utter Poop


          Typhoo Tea was established in Birmingham, England by John Sumner Jr. He had taken over a pharmacy/grocery store from his father and grandfather, and created a tea to sell in the store, after his sister commented on the calming effects of tea. In 2005, Surrendra Group bought it from Premier Foods for £80 million, who then created The Typhoo Tea Company.


          I love a good cup of tea. Very strong, with 2 sugars, I love sitting down in the morning with a hot cuppa.
          I have bought the 200 pack, which is in a red box. It sports the Typhoo logo which is Typhoo written in white, with a green circle and a tealeaf resting on top of the writing. The packaging doesn't really catch your eye, and to be honest I only bought them due to the fact that they were £1 in B and M Bargains.

          On opening the box, the tea bags are in 4 separate foil packs of 50 tea bags.

          WHAT IS IT LIKE

          I boil the kettle and pop in my 2 sugars. He kettle boils so I pour my boiling water on to my tea bag. Usually, your water turns a dark brown colour, but with these, it turns a rather transparent brown. I don' like this fact, as now I know the tea bags are not going to be strong. I stir it a around a little bit before adding my milk o try to get a bit more flavour into the water, but this doesn't' happen. I think, maybe it might not be as bad when I add my milk. Now I like a strong tea, where the colour is a healthy looking brown, what I would consider to be a proper colour of what tea should be. His is usually what is shown on the picture of a tea bag box. Tea is the one thing I can usually make to actually look like what's on the picture of the packaging. You know how you pick something on a menu and the picture looks delicious, yet when it comes, it doesn't look anything like advertised? Well, I can actually do this with tea! Or so I believe anyway!

          So, I go on to add a drop of milk., I know I don' need a bit more as I could tell his due to the watery brown before actually adding he milk. Boy, am I right. Just one plop of milk and my cup of transparent like water has now turned to a transparent looking white colour. I stir it up a bit, and a bit of brown stirs in. I stir a bit more but no more is coming out. I squeeze the tea bag, but no more tea runs into the cup. I dip it back in and try again and the same thing happens. Nothing. I take the tea bag out and look at it. Ok, yes this is strange, but I am doing a review! So the teabag looks very tight, rather like all the air has been sucked out of it. I know there's no more tea going to escape it.
          I now go on to taste my 'tea'. I take a sip, and what I taste is... sugary water?! There's a small hint of a taste of tea in the aftertaste. Personally, I think it should taste of tea when I actually take a sip, but no, it doesn't. I cannot ell you what the tea actually tastes like as it is just a hint, rather like when I breathe I can taste a feint bit of tea.

          Let me just add that I have tried using 2 teabags and once used 3, but this didn't make it any different. It's like when the hot water usually makes your teabag expand, giving room for he leaves to whiz around and let out the flavour, these do not do that, they just stay flat, therefore no room for the tea to move about.

          MY OPINION

          Now I know this isn't a one off thing, as every cup I make is the same. I have had these tea bags before, and the same thing has happened again. Why did I buy them again? Because they were cheap, and I was skint :o( I am in no way stating that these are bad because they are cheap. I have bought less famous, cheap tea brands which have been much more tasteful, so this is no the issue.

          Now considering Typhoo is a well-known tea brand, I'd expect them to at least be able to make a decent cup of tea. If you like your tea watery, very weak and tasteless, then go ahead and buy these tea bags. But, if you prefer a decent cup of tea, where every mouthful is just delicious, then I would settle with what you are currently happy with using!
          I am happy with my Asda's own!

          I just wish you could see on the picture how 'thin' and watery my cup of tea is, unfortunately you can't :o(


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            Great little shampoo

            I became an Avon representative a few months ago, as I needed a bi of extra cash, and I really like their products. I had never previously used any of Avon's children's products, but my Daughter had run out of shampoo, so I decided I'd try their own.

            ===THE BOTTLE===

            The design has changed since the picture used for the review. It is a 250ml sized yellow bottle. It has he Avon Kids logo, which is KIDS, spelt in squares of different colours. It has a monkey washing its hair and holding a bottle of he shampoo. It also states the flavour with a picture of apples. A cute design for a children's product.

            ===WHY DID I BUY THE SHAMPOO===

            The shampoo is a 2-in-1 for fine hair. To be honest, I didn't buy it because my daughter has fine hair; I bought it for the flavour.

            I have always loved children's fruity shampoos, as they smell great. I used to beg my mum to buy me the Garnier ones out at the time when I was about 8, they cost about £5 at the time, which is quite dear for children's shampoo, although you don't notice that when you are one! You could get Bubblegum, Watermelon, Kiwi, Strawberry, Banana and loads more. I loved them. Anyway, once I had my Daughter, who is now 2 in a few weeks, I was getting bored of 2 years of Johnson's baby shampoo, which lost its scent on me. So out shopping I spotted a Strawberry and Raspberry shampoo in Home Bargains, which I bought to try. It was so lovely smelling, and it reminded me of being little, I decided I'd be buying her that one from now on. Anyway, she had run out and as I was putting in my order for Avon I decided to just order their kids shampoo. At the moment there is just 2 flavours, Watermelon and Kiwi for normal hair, and Apple for fine hair. I decided to buy the apple, as I have always loved apple scents.

            ===WHAT IS IT LIKE===

            You only need a small amount, jus a little blob. Once rubbed in, it I foams up and you can smell the apple scent straight away. The scent is not overpowering, it is a 'green apple' scent, rather like apple Hubba Bubbas! It is strong enough to linger, yet not too strong to smell sickly sweet: just the right strength of scent.

            On rinsing it out and I couldn't; tell you if it is no tears, (the bottles sates that it is kind to little eyes) as basically my Daughter will put her head back for me but if one tiny drop of water gets in her eyes she doesn't like it. I don't believe any shampoos are no tears. Even mild ones like Johnson's have got in my eyes and it stings, so to me, no tears on children's shampoos is a farce.
            The shampoo is really easy to rinse out. Obviously, if you use too much it will take longer, like any other shampoo, but a few cup fulls of water and it was all gone. After she was out of the bath, and her hair was dry, I could still smell he scent on her hair, which really pleased me. Of course it had disappeared by the morning, but just for it to stay on her hair for a good few hours after washing, I was happy with. I personally like bath and body stuff, which lingers on my hair or skin, as it makes me feel cleaner and fresher whenever I move and can smell it.

            ===MY OPINION===

            I personally think that his shampoo is worth buying. As you only need a small amount, the 250ml should last quite a while, as previous shampoos I have had have been smaller and have lasted a good few weeks.

            Her hair was really soft the next morning, and looked clean. Like I said earlier, the scent stayed on her hair for a good few hours after washing it, so this is a big plus for me.
            This is for fine hair, and she does have fine hair, even though this is not why I bought I, I seemed to be okay with her hair type. Her hair wasn't fly away and static the next day like it has been with Johnson's baby shampoo, so to me, it works with her hair type.

            I would recommend his to anybody. It is a great product, which works well, will be long lasting and smells great. Older kids may also love the smell.
            You can get out off Avon's website, which is www.avonshop.co.uk. At the moment it is on offer for £1.25, and is usually £2.50, which is still cheap. As stated above, there are only 2 different shampoos, watermelon and kiwi for normal hair, and this one. You can also get a blueberry bubble bath and strawberry soft wash.

            Thanks for reading
            (o: x-stcy-x :o)

            Also on ciao, under same username x


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              Sing Songs Whilst Reading Them

              ===What Is Party Time===

              Party Time! is a board book which features a selection of children's classic nursery rhymes. It is by Amazing Baby, who specialize in board books for babies aged 0 months to 24 months. They are well known for their chunky board books for little ones, with the little pink cartoon baby face logo. Their books can be recognized by having a black square on the front cover with 'Amazing Baby' and the book title written inside it in chunky white writing, and also, usually have a black and white picture of a baby, or the cartoon baby face.

              ===Why Did I Buy It===

              Last Christmas, somebody bought my Daughter the Christmas version of this, but she was only 3 weeks old, so it was put in a drawer and re-wrapped for Christmas just gone. I was out Christmas shopping, when I spotted the Party Time! version, and thought it would be nice to get as she already had the Christmas one.

              The Party Time! book is the latest, and only the fourth sing-along book by Amazing Baby.

              ===The Book===

              The front cover is very bright and attractive. It features the black square on the front, alng with the cartoon baby face, wearing a party hat. There is baloons and a picture of a birthday cake. You can see half of the CD through the front cover, so you automatically know that the book features a CD.

              Opening up the front cover, the inside cover features the cartoon baby face, and a flap, which is stuck down by a small green sticker. This is where you can get the CD out of the cover. Little babies won't figure this out, but my Daughter is 14 months old, and so she knows this is where the CD goes, and the little sticker doesn't keep it closed when it comes to toddler hand playing with it, so it is probably best to store the cd in a safe place to protect it from finger prints and scratches.

              The pages are very easy to turn for little ones, as they have a small tab sticking out of the side of the book, which your baby can use to turn the pages very easily. Every page is very bright, and has cetrain, cartoons and images to match the song or songs featured on that page. All the cartoons and images are very colopurful and childlike, so very suitable for babies and young children.

              The songs featured are:
              If You're Happy And You Know It
              Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
              The Farmer's In The Dell
              Ring A Ring Of Roses
              Skip, Skip, Skip To My Lou
              Girls And Boys Come Out To Play
              Five Little Speckled Frogs
              London Bridge Is Falling Down
              The Big Ship Sails
              She'll Be Coming Rund The Mountain When She Comes
              The Wheels On The Bus

              Most of the songs featured are very well known, I know all of them except the frog one.

              ===The CD===

              The songs on the CD are performed by Funtastic. Funtastic are a website based children's "band" made up of four young girls. You can visit www.dothefuntastic.com where you can listen to tracks and also play games and print o0ff activities.

              All the songs are performed in their original tune, but with more of a, what I would describe as a seaside beat! Think Little Mermaid 'Under The Sea' and you will know what I mean. This makes them very catchy and very funky for babies and young children to dance to. My Daughter would dance to just the normal rhyme but with the funky beat behind it, she loves to bop a lot more.

              ===Price And Availability===

              I would recommend this book to anybody with a young baby or child. The age range on the book, going off the website is around the age of 6, so my Daughter has at least 5 more years of wear left in this book. The price is £9.99 printed on the book, but I bought mine at a local book clearence store for £5.99. They have it on Amazon Marketplace for £2.99

              The offical site is www.amazingbaby.net where you can see the full range of all of their products.

              ===My Opinion===

              I think that the book is very chunky for little hands to handle perfectly. The illustrations are very bright and colourful and also co-incide with the theme of the song on that page. The songs on the CD are very catchy tunes for children to dance along to. As the book and CD is titled Party Time! then I think this CD is good for a young child's party as background music or for games. I think that it is a great idea for a toddler's book as all babies and toddlers love music. My Daughter is in the stage of learning classic nursery rhymes, and she likes bringing the book over to me and having me sing the songws to her, so it is getting a lot of wear. I don't think my Daughter will use the CD as much now as she will when she is a little bit older.

              Thanks For Reading
              (o: x-stcy-x :o)


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                Best Toy I Have Ever Bought My Daughter

                ===What Is My Pal Violet===

                My Pal Violet is an interactive soft puppy by Leapfrog. Leapfrog are a very popular children's toy company, who specialize in 'technology' toys, such as children's laptops, portable computers and more. Violet can be personalized to say your child's name and favourite items, such as colour, food and animal. It also boasts a British accent!

                ===Why Did I Buy Her===

                I bought this for my Daughter, who was 12 months old, for Christmas just gone. The thing that caught my eye was that it was interactive, and can be personalised to say your child's name. The box said that it can spell your child's name, so I thought that it would be a great item for my Daughter who is just learning to talk and saying her own name.

                ===What Does She Look Like===

                Violet is a very cute looking teddy. She is mainly a violet colour (!), with darker purple ears and cream belly and paws. She has a dark purple circle around one of her eyes, and a big happy smile, with her tongue hanging out, which makes her look very cute and friendly. She has a pink collar on with the numbers 1 to 10 written all the way around it in white. There is also a bone shaped name tag with 'Violet' written in white. This flashes when Violet speaks.

                ===How Do You Personalise Her===

                Internet connection is needed to personalise Violet.

                To personalise Violet, you just open up a pouch on her back, this is made of Velcro. A small pod, where the batteries are stored slips out very easily. This is where the USB slot is. You insert the USB into the Violet and then the computer or laptop. A welcome screen comes up, which will ask you to confirm if you have 'Scout' which is the boy dog, or 'Violet' which is the girl dog. After doing this, you are asked to sign up to leapfrog, or log in if you are already registered. The registration is a very quick and easy progress, which just requires your very basic information. It will also install the Leapfrog Connect application onto your computer.

                You will also be able to access the Leapfrog Learning Path, which can be used with any Leapfrog toy which connects to the computer. You can see on here what skills your child has been learning or developing, and which ones they having been doing as much as others. If you have things like the Leapster, you can record and save high scores etc.

                After registering or logging in, you are taken to the Leapfrog Connect application. On here, you are able to click on 'add a child'. This will create a small profile for your child, which only includes their name, sex and age-range, so that Leap Frog can understand what kind of activities your Daughter will be interested in according to her age.

                The Leapfrog Connect page opens up with a cartoon of Violet and Scout playing in a garden. There are many options and things available to click on the Leapfrog Connect, but I am not going to explain too much about the Leapfrog Connect application, as it includes too much information, which would be better in its own review. I am just going to review the customization on Violet and just the things from Leapfrog Connect that have to do with Violet.

                You will have to click on the 'Get Started' button, which will take you to a page to choose your child's name. Just search your child's name in the search box available, or you can choose a nickname from a drop-down list, which includes names such as Buttercup, Champ, Cutie Pie, Little Monster, etc, things in which parents usually call their children! When you have searched your child's name, it will appear on the screen. Just click on the little sound icon next to the name, and this will say the name out loud, for you to be able to see if it pronounces your child's name correctly. My Daughter is called Cassidy, and I didn't think it would be available as it is quite uncommon, but due to Leapfrog Connect connecting to the internet, it will pick up any name you put in. The only bad thing that I have found on this is my boyfriend is called Aaron, pronounced ARRON. Leapfrog Connect tells you if the pronunciation is wrong, try different spellings, so I tried every spelling of the name Aaron and each time it pronounced it AIRON. If you do have to change the spelling for the pronunciation, then there is another box at the bottom for you to put in the correct spelling for Violet to spell the name, so she won't be singing the wrong spelling.

                After choosing your child's name or nickname, there is an option for Violet to not say your child's name but just to spell it in a song. I haven't got this box checked, but Violet still spells my Daughter's name in a song anyway!

                When you have done this you just click on the save button and are automatically taken to the next screen, which is 'My Picks'. On here, you can choose your child's favourite food from a list. Then choose their favourite animal, and then their favourite colour. Then, click on save again, and you are taken to the next screen, which is 'Songs'. Your first choice is Daytime Songs. There is a List of popular kiddie's songs on here which you can choose from. These include 'ABC', 'Mary Had A Little Lamb', 'Do You Know The Muffin Man', and many more. You can choose up to 5 songs for Violet to sing.

                Then you can choose up to 5 lullabies, which include 'Brahms' Lullaby', 'Twinkle Twinkle' and 'Rock-A-Bye Baby'. Once you have saved these, then you are taken to a 'Printables' page where you can print pictures to colour in, song lyrics and an adoption certificate. My Daughter is too young for these just yet.

                Once everything is saved, and Violet is fully personalized, you can eject her and start the playtime!

                ===What Does She Do===

                Learning Skills:
                - First words
                - Daily routines
                - Early number sense
                - Feelings and emotions
                - Animals

                Activities - On her right front paw, there is a purple logo of what looks like a yoyo. This is the activity button. When the activity button is pressed, Violet says and sings different things. These include her saying 'I love you, Cassidy', randomly barking, she will say, my favourite animal is, and say your child' favourite animal. She does the same for colour and food too. She will make animal noises like quacking or mooing and say 'can you guess what animal I am being?' She will say she feels silly and makes silly noises. She will get hiccups, and count to 5 to make them go away. She does many things which will get your child to count, role-play, spell, sing, just play, have fun and learn at the same time.

                Songs - On her left front paw is a green musical note. This is the button for your choice of daytime songs, and a few of Violet's own songs.

                There are also a few personalised songs which Violet can sing. These are very cute! She sings one called 'My Friend', which goes:

                Me and my friend, Cassidy,
                We like to do everything together,
                Let's jump up and down,
                Let's wag our tails,
                Let's snuggle up,
                Me and My pal, Cassidy,
                We're the best dog friends.

                My favourite song, which is called, 'Favourites'. My Daughter's favourites are, dog, banana and pink from the 'My Picks' options. So the song goes:

                I'd like a dog please, that's my favourite animal,
                I'd like it to be pink please, that's my favourite colour,
                I'd like it to eat bananas please, that's my favourite food,
                And I'll call it Cassidy, just like you.

                She will also sing, 'If You're Happy and You Know It', but say clap your paws, wag your tail, bark with me etc. There is a daily routine song, which Violet explains what she does in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, such as brushing her teeth, eating her breakfast, getting dressed, getting washed etc. There is then the song which spells out your child's name.

                Lullabies - On her right back paw is a blue moon and stars logo. This is the button for your choice of lullabies. You press it once to play 2 minutes, twice to play 5 minutes or 3 times to play 10 minutes of you lullaby music.

                On/Off - On her left back paw is a red on/off logo, which of course switches Violet on and off. You do not need to press it for Violet to come on, but you do to turn her off, because if you just leave her she will randomly say 'I Love You Cassidy' or bark.

                ===Price and Availability===

                You can also buy the boy version of this toy, called My Pal Scout, who does exactly the same things; he is just green instead of purple.

                I got this from Toys R Us around the end of November 2009 for £15. On Dooyoo above the review, it says 'Hot Deal' £20 from Amazon, which is obviously not the cheapest. It was £15 in Asda before Christmas also. It may have gone up in price since Christmas, but I don't know.

                The age range is 6 months to 3 years. It takes 3 AA batteries which are not included.

                ===My Opinion===

                Everybody at Christmas loved this toy. My boyfriend thought it was the best present I had bought our Daughter, and I agree. The way she says my Daughter's name is so cute, and she enjoys playing with Violet. My Daughter loves songs, so Violet really keeps her interested. She isn't big enough to learn the emotions and the role-play just yet, but she will in time, as all kids do. Violet teaches so many different learning skills, that your child will most definitely learn something from her.

                I think that Leapfrog is the best toy makers by far as they are very up-to-date with technology. To let you see what skills your child is developing through play is a great invention. It's great to have a toy by a well known company, which is very good value for money, and wasn't even that expensive when it comes to Leapfrog.

                My Daughter can get the battery box out of the back as it is only covered by Velcro, but the battery box is screwed anyway, so she cannot get them out. Also, the USB slot has a tiny slide bit on it like the telephone line on your wall, so she can't get into this either.

                I would definitely recommend this toy to anybody with a young child, especially a toddler.

                Violet is a friend for life!

                Thanks for reading
                (o: x-stcy-x :o)

                Also posted on Ciao with same username!


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                  Brilliant Buy

                  ===What Is The Stroll-Along Walker===

                  The Fisherprice Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker is a baby walker (!) in the style of a pram. Very cute for little girls just learning to walk, this walker has a wide, sturdy base, and easy to grasp handle, which help to steady your baby whilst playing and learning to walk. It also encourages role play

                  ===Why Did I Buy It===

                  My Daughter was at the stage of walking around the furniture, and I really wanted to buy my Daughter a doll's pram, but they all start from around the age of 3 years. Whilst out shopping one day, I spotted this. It was a walker in the style of a doll's pram, and was from the age of just 9 months, which is how old my Daughter was at the time. So, perfect!

                  ===Getting It Home===

                  The walker comes flat packed and is light enough to carry. You have to build the pram yourself, which is pretty easy. Most of the large parts just need a good push to click them together securely. The wheels have small screw-like bits to help secure them. There is the odd fiddly bit with the small parts, and you may need to be quite strong to push the pieces together perfectly, but not the hardest of tasks. It took my boyfriend about 30 minutes to put it all together.

                  ===What Does It Look Like===

                  The walker is made up of pastel shades. The legs are white, and the seat is a pale pink. The handle is a darker shade of pink and the wheels are the same shade pink as the handle. The walker also has a lemon coloured bar, the bit which keeps the dolly in. There are little swirls and hearts all over the walker too, to add that little bit of extra girly cuteness.

                  ===What Other Features Are There===

                  At the top of the walker, near the handle, there is a little yellow and blue teddy bear on a spring, which bounces around. It has a small button on, which when pressed, plays a little lullaby. On the yellow bar, there is a flip-book with shiny stickers on either side, one with a bunny and one with a mouse on it. On either side of the bar, there is a figure of a blue dog and one of a green cat. These can spin around the bar, and are fixed on securely, so a child could not pull them off. On the front of the walker is a little see-through tube with colourful balls inside, which spins around. This was my daughter's favourite part of the walker for about a month before she started walking with it.

                  ===So What Is It Like To Walk With===

                  The walker has 4 bulky wheels, which take a lot of force for a baby to be able to turn around; therefore, your child does not fall over when pushing it, as it will stop when they stop. We have laminate flooring, so it just slides on there, but it is still sturdy enough, she has never ever fallen over, it stops when she does. When on carpet, the wheels turn just enough to let your child walk, but again, stop when she does, therefore, it's a very sturdy walker.

                  The back 2 wheels are wide apart from each other, so your child fits between them, enough that she does not step on the wheels, they will be at either side of her, helping to keep her balance. The 2 front wheels are closer to each other than the back wheels are, which again, helps to steady your child. It is that sturdy; that my daughter literally runs with it and she still stays upright. It can take a lot of bangs without breaking. My Daughter gets to the settee and tries to push the pram through it, it's been pushed over, and it's been banged quite a lot, and still looks new. It is that sturdy, that my daughter literally runs with it and she still stays upright.

                  ===Anything Else===

                  As it is in the style of a pram, this walker also encourages early role play. My Daughter would never have her doll in this pram until lately. She would push remotes, phones, her shoes, and any toy except a doll. Now she knows what a baby is, and enjoys sitting her doll in it, telling her to 'ssshhh', and walking her about.

                  ===Price And Availability===

                  I bought this for £30 from Argos and the matching doll was £10. The doll is just a teddy doll with a rattle inside, and had 'my first doll' on the front of it, and for a 9 month old, I think it is quite babyish. My Daughter has never bothered with the matching doll; she used to throw it out of the walker whenever I sat it in there. She prefers a realistic doll.

                  You can buy the walker and doll together in a set for £30 to £35. Most shops have this walker, and the walker and doll set. I have seen it in Wilkinson's and Asda.

                  Don't buy from Amazon, it's the dearest I have seen it at £35 for walker and £45 for walker and doll. There is a few on eBay, for as little as £5.

                  ===My Opinion===

                  I would definitely recommend this walker to people. It is quite cheap, very sturdy, easy to build and is great for babies just starting the 'cruising' stage of their life. It gives them confidence to push something about, rather than just sitting in the 'sit in' walkers, which are too bulky to move around anywhere.

                  My Daughter already had a walker that she sat in, but she needed something more independent. She couldn't move anywhere in it, as it was too bulky around her and she'd get mad bumping it into things all the time when trying to walk about in it. I was going to buy her the classic and very popular walker with the telephone and piano on the front, which I am sure many of your kids had when they were younger, so seeing this, it saved me a lot of money buying a walker and a pram - this is 2 in 1!

                  Thanks for reading
                  (o: x-stcy-x :o)

                  Also posted on Ciao with same username!


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