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Member since: 29.03.2001

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    • Gemini XL-100 / Turntable / 1 Reading / 2 Ratings
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      30.03.2001 10:09
      Very helpful
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      I bought the Spinmaster DJ package from Gemini. It cost me $225 US. It came a mixer, two Gemini XL-100 turntables, and all the necessary cables. If you are a beginning DJ and do not know if you want to pursue it in the future, these tables are the way to go. When you want better tables you can probably get about $30-$40 a piece for them. The pitch controls look a little odd, but they work fine. Someone wrote a review saying that the pitch controls only go to whole numbers, but they are more variable (i.e. 2.1%, 2.2%). They only go from -6 to +6% though, which can make it impossible to mix certain records together. After spinning for 3 months on these tables I can beatmatch pretty well. But, I find that when I DJ on technics tables, and especially lower end direct drive, its harder to get the beat just right. It seems that when you push the record with your hand a little to speed it up to the beat it won't slow back down fast enough and throws my judgment off. All those people that say how shitty these tables are have probably never actually used them for more than a couple minutes. And every DJ that ends up getting really good buys technics or vestax and then the extra money spent on those lower end direct drive models wasted. One last thing is about scratching. If you are going to scratch at all then don't get these. The needle skips all over the place. The needle loves to skip without the counterweight in its heaviest position. And make sure to keep the antiskating at 0.


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