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      05.08.2011 13:34



      amazing product! lifesaver!

      For my dry lips this is such a lifesaver! Vaseline is petroleum jelly, basically a thick oil that can help cure dry, chapped lips. It helps my dry skin dramatically and if you suffer from the same, you need to try vaseline if you haven't done already! This pocket size version is even handier, you can slip it into your handbag or makeup bag and is a quick cry for help.
      You can
      You can buy vaseline from most supermarkets and cosmetics store, Boots for instance also sells other versions such as Vaseline Cocoa butter which has a more appealing smell, compared to the bland oily smell of the standard vaseline.
      A standard vaseline tin would cost you around about £2.25, but you can also buy bigger ones that will last longer, and are better value for money. This one is just a handy size to take on the move.
      One downside is the tin itself is pretty boring, and in hot weather the tin lid can easily get stuck to the tin! However, overall this is an amazing product, for such a cheap price it is amazing.


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