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    • Dell E176FP / LCD Monitor / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      12.09.2010 04:40


      • Reliability


      Good functionality and flexibility for an LCD

      I have been using this monitor for couple of years in my office now. One thing I can tell you about this monitor is that it has flexibility!
      Positive Side:
      - You can set the height of the monitor, tilt it up and down. You can also skew it so you can have it in a portrait mode instead of in the regular landscape mode.
      - Although it's not as sharp as a crystal clear screen, this LCD screen has a crisp picture with sharp colors with max resolution of 1280x 1024 pixel.
      -this screen also equipped with USB slots, so you can plug in your flash diskor any other usb plugs into it, without having trouble to plug in to the PC.

      The button functionality in system menu is a bit confusing, however you just need to get used to it.

      In overall, this LCD monitor is awesome.


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