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    • Mc Vities Jaffa Cakes / Snacks / 22 Readings / 22 Ratings
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      10.09.2009 22:52
      Very helpful



      yummy scrummy snack suitable for a snack at any time of the day Mmmmm

      Ahh jaffa cakes
      the tastyest cake/biccy ever!
      but they have a down side, they come in packs of 12! whats all that about.You just dont get enough and 12 can easily be eaten all at once.
      my 2 year old would probebly eat 12 if left with the pack.

      what makes jaffa cakes so tasty ???
      well lets start with the sponge bit shall we.
      its hard on the bottom so not soggy and squishy ,which would put alot of people off i guess, but once you bite into it its soft inside which is a great start.
      Next the orange.
      its really tangy and suits the sponge really well ,as its a jelly it doesnt soak into the sponge so still inst soggy and adds a much needed kick to the jaffa cake :o)

      And last but by no means least- a good smothering of dark chocolate
      the perfect ending and a complete jaffa cake to put a smile of your face at snack time/lunch time/cuppa time.. well anytime

      jaffas are lovely!


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      09.07.2009 23:39
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      an excellent program adapted from pc to mac and really works well :o)

      I use a apple mac system so my version of msn messenger is different to the standard pc version all my friends use.

      To look it its very different , much more slim lined and sleek,My main functions on my msn task bar are-

      Add(add new contacts)
      Send (send a message to your contact/s)
      Send file ( music/pictures whatever you need to send really)
      Page (send a message to your contacts mobile/pager)
      Mail (send and email if the contact you wanted to speak to isnt online)

      Next i have the little box where i can set my on screen user name and below that another little box to add a little comment,like a post it note to your contacts.
      (this has only recently been added to the new upgrade for mac messenger)

      Below that is a search bar- search for info, contacts anything you like which is pretty cool.

      then below that is your contacts list-

      online contacts on one tab so you know whos there that you can chat to at the time.
      offline contacts so you can use there details to send an email if needed.( you are not able to send off line messages on mac messenger like you can on a pc system.
      so when you sign in on a pc be prepared to be bombarded with offline messages that your friends may have left you without realising that you cant receive them on mac.

      on the side of you conversation box is a tab to change your display picture if you like and you are aslo able to view your friends picture at the same time,this tab can be hidden to make the conversation box smaller.

      The conversation box only has a few features.
      Main task bar at the top of your conversation box has the features to enable you to invite another contact to your conversation,block the contact you are currently speaking to.send file to that person,save your conversation and see there display picture.
      The secondary features are-
      One is a little face- you click on here to see the emoticons you have and can use.(you can add custom emoticons if you like and have the know how)
      Second is a text editor which is the A symbol. This lets you change the font,size and color of your text plus bold,italic and underline aswell.


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    • Smoby Supermarket Trolley / Baby Toy / 13 Readings / 13 Ratings
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      09.07.2009 23:11
      Very helpful



      a lovely little toy that is strong enough to stand the test of time

      My little girls godmother gave us this little trolley as my little one had just learnt to walk and wanted something to push around but wasn't interested in her little walker i had already bought her.

      This proved to be much better, instead of been used as a shopping trolley it was turned into a pram for dolly and she looked very comfy with her blankie too.

      The trolley is made from very strong plastic and i mean strong. its had my 2 year old sat in it at times as kids do and still its going strong.
      Its bright and colorful which makes such a difference with toys like this as its more attractive to a child if it looks fun then they want it!

      I think there only around £10 to buy maybe less i dont know as it was bought as a gift so there a cheap toy too but last ages,ours is now outside with the side and trampoline for sunny days fun.

      All in all a good toy, id say it would be suitable from around 16/18 months upwards depening on how tall/stable your little one is at walking and will last unlike similar items on the market.


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    • freecycle.org / Internet Site / 16 Readings / 14 Ratings
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      09.07.2009 22:27
      Very helpful



      get rid of what you dont need and ask for what you do, you mite just get it ;o)

      I love free cycle both for giving and receiving it excellent.
      I was told about freecycle when my little one was about 6/7 months old and straight away i knew there would be lots of people out there that could put my daughter old out grown clothes to use as most were brand new or barely worn, out grown toys,moses basket all those sorts of things.

      So i made an offered post or more like 10 by the time id done and i had an over whelming amount of replies for the items.
      So i worked my way through them to see how was been polite and who i thought really would put them too good use and really needed the stuff instead of just asking for it because they knew they could sell the things on and make some more from my generosity. After a while i did find some very nice people that needed the items just as much as i did when i found out i was expecting. I was assured that the things would again be put back on freecycle when they had finished with the if still in usable condition and suitable for the purpose intended.

      Its not very often i post a wanted notice but have had a few items ive needed from freecycle and alot of people are very friendly and willing to drop off items if you can travel to collect them. Which means to the world to someone like me thats a single parent and dont drive so find it hard sometimes :o(

      freecycle really is good, it saves alot of items going to the tip and been put in landfill which is great in this day and age when everything is pretty much thow away and just buy a new one,ahh cos we can afford to do that.Well for those that cant afford to do that, get your self on freecycle.Save your self some cash,help someone else and makes some friends along the way too


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      09.07.2009 21:50
      Very helpful



      an awful problem that i hope my little one will grow out of

      My little girl seems to have had constipation problems since around 2 or 3 weeks old.At the time the health visitor told me it could be the milk she was on and could also be affected by colic too which i thought was a bit odd.
      So i changed my little ones milk and hoped all would be ok within a week or so but nope still no change.

      We have tried pretty much everything over the last 2 years.
      My mums idea was fresh orange juice- yeah that worked ok after a day or 2 but the amount of sugar my little one was haviing wasnt so good.

      My sisters idea- luke warm water and some sugar mixed up and just give it to baby in a bottle. Again yeah that kind of worked after a while but still how much sugar??

      The health visitor didnt have any helpful advise so off i went to see the doctor.
      He told me to listen to my mum and give her orange juice and gave me a prescription for some anusol in case baby got a sore bottom.

      My little girl really has been in agony with constipation bless her.We have had many a sleepless night because of tummy aches and really bad wind.
      We have had tearful times both on our potty and on the toilet and at the age of 2 we still have these problems and can go someties 5 days without going to the toilet despite having a very healthy balanced diet, more than our 5 a day for our fruit and veg lots of fiber and still no differance.

      Hopefully this will be something my baby girl will grow out of or i can see tears at nursery too


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        09.07.2009 20:08
        Very helpful



        a yummy food for young and all

        Not everyone likes weetabix , i dont like them much to be honest but my little girl loves them!

        At every meal time i ask her what she would like and i always get weetabix!
        they make a perfect weening food too for younger children if you leave them to soak up the milk they turn to mush so easy for baby to eat and a bit better than baby rice too.

        My little girl has 2 weetabix for her breakfast every other day and eats the whole lot no messing about.
        The make a perfect bed time snack too if she gets a little hungry and nana and granddad like them too.

        Add a bit of fresh fruit and natural yogurt to add some taste
        or some honey and warm milk for the perfect winter warmer for those cold day.
        Theres no end to what you can put with a weetabix to make it a tasty treat.

        The weetabix company say- Popular with everyone, young and old, Weetabix is made from nutritious whole grains so it's a great way to start the day if you're looking for a healthy breakfast with plenty of taste. Wholegrain means Weetabix is full of all the good things our bodies need to stay fit and healthy, including carbohydrate for energy, B vitamins and iron.

        That makes it an ideal food for anyone i guess, no added extras in weetabix either as its made from Wholegrain Wheat (95%) and a little bit of malted barley so a good wholesome cereal good for us all :o)


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        09.07.2009 19:51
        Very helpful



        a lovely drink if you get the juice to water ratio right

        I love tesco cherries and berries squash. It has a really nice flavor and because it is double strength you dont need to use much,and even less for a child.
        The main taste in the drink is the apples and there and strong tastes of the cherries and the other fruits too.

        The label on the bottle says the squash is-
        Concentrated No Added Sugar Apple, Cherry, Strawberry & Raspberry Squash with Sweeteners

        well you can taste the apple,cherry and strawberry but i couldnt taste the raspberry to be honest but then its not a very strong taste when mixed with others anyway and isnt much of a percentage either when you look at the fruit juice amounts-

        Apple Juice From Concentrate (16%), Cherry Juice From Concentrate (2%)
        Strawberry Juice From Concentrate (1%), Raspberry Juice From Concentrate (1%)

        It does make for a really nice fresh drink though and perfect for summer.
        ideal to make into ice lollys for a hot day too.
        There are quiet a few no added sugar double strength juices available from tesco's now but this is the best one by far that ive tried


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        09.07.2009 14:37
        Very helpful



        an excellent all round service

        ive used talk talk for over a year now and never had any problems at all.
        i signed up to talk talk in the branch of carphone warehouse in worksop and with 2 weeks was able to use the service no messing about at all.
        I was sent all my details for my home phone and for my free internet in the post along with my modem,its all came pretty fast compared to some other company's ive used in the past.
        If ive had problems paying a bill on time ive only had to call customer services and explain it will be a few days late they have made a not of it and all has been fine :o)
        When my monthly bill arrives there are different sections for what you pay.
        theres your standard line rental charges, a section for free calls to other talk talk users which is great,a section for mobile calls,national calls and regional calls so you can clearly see how much you have spent for each section.
        a paper bill does cost around £1.50 but i prefer to have a proper bill to look at rather than an email and i take my bill into Barclay's to pay it every month without a problem as my local carphone warehouse is unable to take talktalk payments for some silly reason.


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        08.07.2009 22:38
        Very helpful



        my daughter is taught and disciplined how i see fit

        When i was little and visited my nana, my mum always use to say to us if you misbehave you'll be in trouble when you get home.With that look on her face that means you dare show me up and you get such a hiding when i get you home you wont be able to sit down for a week,you knew she meant it.

        As soon as you walked through nana's door that was it my evil ginger haired sister turned into the perfect sweetness and light child that normally she was the total opposite of.
        We were all(3 of us) well behaved, pleasant, polite, good manners all the usual.
        You could guarantee my sister would pick on me and make me cry so i would be the one to get told of and sent upstairs or out in the garden to think about what i had done blah blah blah.

        Now i am a mummy myself things are so different.
        My little girl is only 2 but already knows how far she can push me before she is told off,made to say sorry for what shes done and have me explain to her what she has done wrong at the time.
        Today we were playing tickle me and she got a little carried away and hit me in the face as she had seen her cousin do it to my sister and get away with it( my sister just laughs at this sort of behavior so encourages it even more)
        i told my daughter that what she did wasnt very nice and that she shouldnt do that because it upset mummy and really hurt, my little one then gave me a cuddle and a kiss and said sorry mummy.Thats how we work, i dont see the point in hitting a child,in shouting at them and telling them there naughty when really is only what there doing at the time thats naughty not your child.

        My little girl says please and thankyou for the things she wants like ''please mummy can i have some juice'' or mummy im stuck,help!'' when playing in the toy mountain :o)

        Jess says hello/goodbye/yes/no and about ten million other things but is very rarely rude,nasty or misbehaves when either at home or when we are.

        im not saying jess is perfect because shes not. she will sometimes it or answer back but shes 2 years old and thats to be expected but it is dealt with in a matter i believe is right for my child and i will not hit her, there was far too much of that in my childhood and not actually from my mum but other family members.


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        • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 21 Readings / 19 Ratings
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          08.07.2009 15:48
          Very helpful
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          its a good idea to keep clearing out your bag at least once a week so you know whats lurking in it

          whats in my bag,well its a changing bag/hand bah/storage unit half the time so here goes.

          well lets start with the front pocket i have:

          charlie body spray,Mmmm smells lovely and ideal for these hot sticky summer days.
          mini hair brush,yeah it may be hot but there's some right wind as well and i dont do the windswept look.
          mascara, well i dont leave home without it so had to be there somewhere
          avon glimmer stick,same goes its the must have in my bag especially when ive been up all night with my baby girl.
          chapstick, apple flavor at the minuet i think
          no gems instant hand sanitiser
          spare door key
          loose change(about 74p i think)
          and 2 spare dummies for baby as shes always loosing them.

          Main pocket in my bag-
          2 nappies
          packet of wipes
          spare change of clothes daughters sun glasses
          sun cream
          daughter bottle of juice

          M&p swap it bag(sits inside my main pocket in my bag for all the things i need to keep safe)
          healthy start vouchers
          phone and yet more dummies

          Little back pocket-
          stuffed full of receipts
          old post
          post it notes
          shopping list and other such rubbish that should be in the bin

          All in all theres more in my bag for my little one but then i guess thats how it should be at the moment.
          maybe when she starts nursery i can dig out my handbag or maybe even treat myself to a nice new radley bag instead all for me :o)


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            08.07.2009 00:09
            Very helpful



            i love my toddler so much

            Im totaly lovely my little girl now shes a real little person.
            from first thing in a morning to last thing at night she is an absolute joy to be around and shes so clever and so funny.

            In a morning she will stand/sit on her bed and shout me'' mummy im awake,can we get up now please'' as soon as you get her up she either goes for a teddy bear to play with or sits ontop on her toy box and reads a story book (at the moment shes really into maisy books)

            once ive pulled myself together and been to the loo we head down stairs for a cup of tea and some breakfast.
            we have a list of things she will have so either weetabix/yog/toast/fruit or cocopops on the odd days.

            once we have had brekki the fun begins. we have potty time then pants on and get dresses for the day.
            then its up to jess what she does for the morning.some days she will play with her pram and dolly,some days coluring and reading,some days she wants to go out so we have a walk to the shop or '' mummy can we got to the field'' once shes finished watching the bin men take all of her rubbish away from the front room window.

            lunch time is normaly around 12.jess will help me make her lunch too.she likes to butter the bread''i can do it, i want to do it mummy!''
            so we have a few sandwiches,juice and maybe some crisps or a biscuit if we eat all of our sarnies :o)

            she watches half an hour of cbbies- timmy time and me 2 then off to bed for a nap about half 1 and she will get up at around 3pm

            little madam will shout when she wakes up from her nap ''me up mummy, i want to get out'' so once shes down stairs she will sit on the sofa for a drink of juice and have 5 minuets to wake up before goin to to do whatever it is shes doing.

            In an afternoon it tends to be painting/playing outside with her toys/ taking the doggy a walk/playing on the field with her football or playing with her cousin who visits every few days.

            About 5:30/6pm we will put the tv on and watch a few cartoons while the dinner is been cooked and dished up and watch an hour or so before shower time and bed.

            My little girl shares the same meals as everyone else in the house, i dont see why a child should be made to have different meals so she eats what i eat.
            She sits either in her highchair,set at the same hight as us or sits on the sofa with granddad depending on what shes eating and happily muches away on her food.i get shouted at if she doesnt have veggies with her dinner though so i must be doing someting right.

            Shower/bath time after dinner- now she loves a bath does my miss jess.
            she'll happily stay in there till she goes all wrinkly and horrible.
            jess likes bath fizzers and bath bombs in her water though to make it a bit more fun but then i dont blame her and she deffiantly gets it from her mummy as i love my lush bath bombs.
            we have shampoo and tummy wash but she doesnt like washing her hair i normally get shouted at and end up with '' mummy sponge please'' so she can wipe her face after its been washed bless her.we are only just starting to use the shower but she really likes the feeling of the water running on her hands but isnt keen on it goin over her head and on her face. again shouts for the sponge to wipe her face.

            When she gets out of the bath/shower she will keep a towel around her for all of 2 minuets and then it thrown on the floor and she runs around like a chicken gone mad,then its time for the body butter! yes a 2 year old with body butter heehee she upgraded herself from baby oil to body butter when she was about 15 months old so she certainly knows what she likes.

            Then pj's vest and nappy for bed followed by fruit and juice to nibble.

            up to bed for a story a cuddle and tucked up into bed with her favourite teddy bear.
            i usually get told on my way out of her room'' night night mummy ,god bless''
            i say godbless and then jess follows with i love you lots and lots forever and ever''

            the life of a toddler is excellent,shes so clever and learns so much so fast


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              07.07.2009 23:29
              Very helpful



              let the kids be kids,make a mess have some fun and learn at the same time.

              When money is tight you have to make the most of what you have and this is where creative play really comes into its own.
              In the last few weeks me and my little girl have had some great fun making and doing things that if we had a bit of extra cash we wouldnt really have been doing as we would have been out.

              making bread- stick all your dry ingrediants on a bowl give your little one the cup of water and let her get on with it. i mean how much damage can a child really do with flour and water anyway.they learn textures of the flour and water in different cirumstances to the normal playing in water in the bath or pool.
              The sticky and dryness of the mixture at different stages, how come the dough is warm ? why do you leave it prove? so much to learn from something so simple.
              plus when its ready they can make any shapes and sizes they want and when cooked enjoy eating it for lunch too which is always an added bonus and adds so much fun.

              sand/water table- we went to a friends daughter party at the weekend and this was the first thing my daughter went for as we dont have one at home.
              as soon as she saw the sand one side and the water the other side yo could see what was coming. yep the sand was instantly put into the water to see what it felt like, the face my little one pulled didnt look impressed to start with i must say but she soon got use to it and loved it. her and her little friend were soon playing icecream shops.scooping up the sand and putting it into bowls and giving it to the mummys and daddys for the snack time.

              mega blocks- all diffent colors and sizes.perfect for making a bed for dolly, a shed forthe toy cows or a chair for my daughter to park her bum on for 5 minuets before the whole thing falls apart.

              tin foil/cereal boxes and yoghurt pots and some celotape(blue peter style fun)-
              build a house for mummy, a car for daddy, a little person for granny and granddad.A child with some junk is amazing to watch as there little minds tick away with which bit shall i stick where and do i color that in/paint it or stick this paper on there instead ??

              look in the cupboards, the cupboard under the stairs, the bottom of the wardrobe for that old top you were going to throw in the bin and give it to the kids with some felt tips and let them make you someting nice and something to treasure.


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                07.07.2009 23:05
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                anythings worth a try at potty training time

                My little girl is 2 years old.She point blank hates doing a poop in her nappy so that one half of the potty training sorted to start with and she has been like this for the last 9 months or so.
                Now all we need is to master the doing a wee wee on her potty or the toilet aswell.
                So far we have a toilet seat for the toilet upstairs and shes very happy with that bless her
                down stairs we have a pretty pin potty that she chose from the shop again shes happy with that too.we resently got a travel potty too but have yet to take that out with us and test it.

                Now she will sit on her toilet seat but tends to look around the room naming things,sings,talks anything to distract from what she should be doing.

                At the moment we are working on a sticker basis.
                If she does a wee/poop on her potty she gets one sticker,if she dose a poop on the toilet she get one sticker and a biscuit,if she does a wee on the toilet she gets 2 stickers and a biscuit as a kind of growing reward depending on what we manage to achieve.
                I think so far we have 3 potty stickers,2 toilet poop stickers and 1 toilet wee sticker on our chart and it seems to be working quiet well.
                Im working towards getting her as dry as possible by the time she starts nursery in january (by which time she will be about to turn 3)
                Any suggestions are welcome if you have anything to add to what were are trying at the moment.


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                  07.07.2009 17:18
                  Very helpful



                  pack what you feel you need and stick with it

                  I think i packed and unpacked my hospital bag so many times.

                  i packed 2 bags one for baby and one for me,its was just easier as i knew where things were when i needed them.

                  my bag-
                  i had 2 night shirts, quiet long ones too so when i was walking about i didnt flash my bum to the whole ward.
                  about 10 pairs of underwear, believe me you will need them. disposable ones would be a good ideal.
                  a few pairs of socks
                  hair bobbles if you have long hair
                  a flannel or 2 for when your hot and sweaty
                  a change of clothes
                  phone book and change to call people
                  disposable camera
                  maternity pads
                  breast pads
                  probably a few other bits and bobs too

                  babys bag-
                  3 sleepsuits
                  3 vests
                  3 hats
                  scratch mittens
                  car seat to bring baby home in too

                  i really did pack and repack alot as i bought new things for baby and changed my mind about what to take and how much to take.
                  alot of the things are common scene ,some you may or may not need.
                  you might want to take extra things with you like a mp3 player/cd player
                  or a tenns machine,snacks and juice in case of a long labor
                  all personal choice really.
                  pack what you feel you need and good luck with your new baby :o)


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                • Childhood Memories / Parenting Issue / 10 Readings / 8 Ratings
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                  07.07.2009 16:57
                  Very helpful



                  both good and bad are what make us what we are

                  Everyone has some memories of there childhood.
                  Some you will cherish forever and some you would rather forget no doubt.
                  I have a fair few memory's both good and bad,so ill share a few good ones with you all

                  First thing i can remember is my second xmas, i got a little cooking set with apron and wooden spoon that kind of thing so i could help my mummy in the kitchen(not that i was really allowed,it ended up at nana's instead so i could help her) i loved it to bits.
                  A little flour man,made out of plastic he was black and white, i got the whole set.must have been one of those where you collected so many tokens or something like that ,that nana collected for me.
                  some story books and of course a new teddy bear

                  second- first day at nursery school :o( i screamed the place down it was awful. all i could see was my mum leaving me with all these people i didnt know.
                  I did eventually grown to like it though so wasnt too bad really.

                  Next up was either my 4th or 5th birthday i cant exactly remember which.
                  My granddad had bought me a big dolly that walked all by herself and she talked and sang too. she had an outfit just like mine and granddad even bought me a rocking chair that dolly could sit in at bedtime so she was ready to play the very next day and i could sit in the chair when dolly didnt want to.
                  poor dolly is a bit worse for wear now but then so is the rocking chair that i plan on having refurbished and passing onto my baby girl.

                  I remember going on holiday to butlins in skegness up until the age of about 7
                  with my mum,dad and 2 sisters.wasnt really much fun as i was never allowed on any of the rides and a donkey was about as thrilling as it got but a holiday was a holiday i suppose.

                  thats about all actually so not as much as i thought but enough to bring a smile to your face when looking back.
                  makes you wonder what our children will remember at our age looking back.
                  hopefully my little girls memory's will be alot better than mine were.


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