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    • Prototype (Xbox 360) / Xbox 360 Game / 12 Readings / 12 Ratings
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      19.10.2012 21:07
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      Alex Mercer has to piece together his history in this original game

      Superman? This is even better!


      Alex Mercer, not the most interesting man out there, but that changes when a virus runs rampant over his city! Slowly he has to piece his history together by absorbing human beings into his being. Losing his sister, his girlfriend, he has to reclaim his identity and become a demon to do it!

      **Graphics and Audio**

      The graphics were quite realistic, although the blood spill I felt was perhaps a bit over-dramatic.

      Audio was good, definitely helped me find out where my enemies and targets were, also helping me avoid trouble.

      **Game Play and Controls**

      Great game in my opinion, occasionally some of the bosses took a bit too long and though you can boost the guy's HP it sometimes doesn't help. Those bosses are big and bad, literally. Trying to work out the best way to beat one of them took me over 3 hours, but then that's just me.

      Controls-wise, it was easy to manoeuvre the character. When it comes to fighting it was easy to change his fighting form, although if you started a fight with one weapon and found you needed to change it half way, it was better to find a safe place to do so as the layout of the weapons system wasn't immediately obvious.

      Being able to do free play between following the storyline was a bonus. It meant you could absorb more, fight, and learn and get extra XP which would help you gain extra fighting, stealth, arsenal etc. bonus', though obviously you had to reach a certain point to carry on the storyline it did give you an option to start the mission.

      You get to go around the city fighting infected humans and monsters that hatch from water towers of all things. One of the things that does get quite irritating though is if you're low on health, trying to escape somewhere to recover some of it and get hit by a car that an infected monster has chucked at you.


      Definitely a great game. I mean you can make the guy fly and he's, to a point, indestructible. Fantastic storyline that made my jaw drop at the end. Such a surprising ending, but then I guess that's one of the bonus', The moment I had finished Prototype I went out and bought Prototype 2.


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