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Argos Value Optical Mouse

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2011 12:40
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      Simple but good Argos mouse

      Choosing a mouse for your computer needs is nowhere near as simple as it used to be. Gone are the days of a couple of choices with the special ones having a scroll wheel. This is now standard. However, with extra buttons on the sides of your mouse, and special infrared or other sensory movement devices dictating where you go and how reactive your mouse is, or having a marble like ball instead of a scroll wheel, it can often be a bit of a conundrum when choosing.

      Enter the simple group of mice: value options. Now, I'm always a bit sceptical when it comes to going for the cheapest options, as you can easily get the wrong thing, it can break easily or just not work very well. Argos have a very well priced £4.99 mouse that does the basics: it has left and right click buttons, a scroll wheel and that's pretty much it. It's wired, which is fine so long as you have a spare USB slot. I find wireless mice are okay but I personally don't feel the benefits of them - the wire doesn't hinder me so it's not a bother. I guess my desk just isn't messy enough for this to be an issue!

      Using the mouse is very simple, as once you have plugged it in it functions immediately. It doesn't try and install any software, which is refreshing these days, and the movement needed for controlling the cursor on the screen is not excessive. This is often a big thing for me, and if I'm using the mouse on the sofa, I could really do with not having to move it around a lot. This Argos value mouse is okay, though, and doesn't really cause any issues here.

      The buttons are responsive and easy to click. There's no midway point of half clicking like a lot of mice seem to have, as this is a simple click and you're done kind of function. Again, it's a case of click and continue. The buttons are conveniently located so as to be comfortable when placing your fingers. There's nothing worse than having to hold your hand and fingers awkwardly when trying to operate a mouse.

      The scroll wheel isn't the best, but it's still decent enough. I find that it doesn't require too much pressure to move down or up the page, and it's not a pressurised one where you have to push down slightly. just scrolling is enough, and this is fine for me. I'm not worried about inadvertently moving the scroll wheel without intent. It's well located so that it only needs a slight shift from your finger to operate it.

      Overall then, the design is very simple but works as it should. It sits perfectly in your hand, and the buttons do as they're supposed to. At such a low price, you'd expect something to be wrong, but there really isn't anything to gripe about. I find it's not quite as smooth and singing and dancing as some of my other mice, but it does the job I need it for, and that's good enough for me. Not for gamers and those who want instant all singing and dancing function mice, but if you just want the simple things from a mouse, this is a very good. Recommended


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