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Cellink 2.4Ghz Wireless Mini Mouse Presenter

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    1 Review
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      27.10.2007 19:44
      Very helpful


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      Small,Light,Robust,A Great Tool

      When I purchased my Cellink Wireless Mouse-Presenter OPMP-2401,I wanted a small wireless mouse to use with my laptop as I hated the Touch-Pad System.

      I had read opinions and listened to people moaning about wireless mouse units and their unexplained habit of dying when you need them!
      Well I can say that this mouse has never let me down, everything from using it for Sniping with a Rifle in HALO (Very Precision orientated stuff I do!) to slipping images into Frames to create picture music video CDs it's never gone belly up on me or even making Laptop Based Presentations at my Companies Head Office.

      First Thoughts
      When I first got home with this purchase the mouse was sealed in one of those nightmare Sealed Plastic Packs but with the 2-in-1 multi-functional charging receiver, mouse, CD-Rom, AAA batteries and manual safe inside.Even a Carry Pouch!!

      The surprising thing initially was the size, it's Tiny !!
      A mere: 90 x 45.5 x 28 mm for the Mouse and 75.84 x 58.67 x 11.31 mm for the Receiver.

      Could this really do What it said on the box??
      The Answer is YES it can and more!

      The Cellink Wireless Mouse-Presenter is very Easy to install. In fact it's so Easy it's actually a Plug'n'Play so it doesn't need any fancy Drivers or programs.
      The 2-in-1 multi-functional charging receiver is connected via USB.
      With all Standard Wireless Accessories now there are Small buttons underneath the units to "Connect" them and with a Synchronized 65,000 ID auto-detect program to reduce interference and an additional 82 side-channels to eliminate dual frequency distortion from other devices like Wireless Keyboards or someone else's mouse!

      With the Cellink Mini-Optical mouse-presenter you can make a presentation and be able to concentrate on connecting with your audience and not your laptop.
      The mouse presenter features 2 working modes "Mouse" and "Presenter".
      It works the same as a regular optical mouse with a wireless radius up to 50 feet in Mouse mode and works like a portable 2.4GHz Presenter in Presenter mode.

      In the Presenter mode, the wireless mouse presenter gives the freedom to walk around and use your computer by Remote Control during the presentation. You can Page up, page down, turn the Volume up and down and even Mute all sound without going near it between presentation slides and use an integrated laser pointer to call attention to graphics on the screen.
      The laser pointer operates as far away as 30 meters and the mouse works up to 10 meters from your computer.
      In other words, you may navigate your on-screen presentation cordlessly anywhere in the room.
      Its ergonomic design is primarily for the right hand and it fits completely within Your palm.(Sorry,but it does sit nicely in the left although you can't use the Side-Buttons as easy).

      In the mouse mode, An 800-dpi optical sensor provides accurate motion, superior speed and high sensitivity all combine to make it user-friendly and very fast.
      As with all optical mice, this device works best on a non reflective surface.

      All of the Buttons are Programmable so once you've Installed the Mouse you can set it up exactly how you want it to be!

      There are the Standard 2 Buttons on the top of the Mouse either side of the Scroll Wheel and a Further 3 buttons on the Lefthand Side.The Mode Switch to go between Mouse , Presenter and On/Off is located on the underside of the Mouse-presenter.


      I needed it there and I needed it then! How many times have we all said that?
      Just this time I was glad I had an impulse buy!

      I paid £20 for this unit but I've found them from as little as £5 up to £22.
      I Bought this at Maplin but you can get them from online shops easier now.

      The Company itself, Cellink have their site at http://www.cellink-eu.com
      An amazing little Unit that I would recommend to anyone!



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