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Genius Wizardpen 4x3

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    1 Review
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      10.04.2007 18:50
      Very helpful



      4x3 active area, Pen holder on the pad, usb device, extra function buttons

      The Genius Wizard Pen is a Graphics Tablet that provide pen-type pointing device for use with drawing, painting, graphics and photographic applications and is cordless, so there's no cables restricting your movement as you work.

      The Pen replaces the functions of the mouse and offers more features, like Pressure sensitivity. When pressure is applied when using the pen, the Graphics Tablet detects the level and passes this information into the program your using, such as PhotoShop which is able to use the information to change width of the line, the colour of the line and vary the area of the spray when using an airbrush tool by simply adjusting the angle you hold the pen at or by pressing down harder on the pad, it takes a bit of time to train yourself to getting the right results but thats all part of the fun.

      The pen buttons can be customized for fast browsing up/down or left/right on the Internet or in documents, Zoom in and out or change brush size in editing programs. The pad has a holder on the top for the pen so you don't miss place it, There's also 18 button sections around the pad that can be assigned to various shortcuts which makes using the pad as a stand alone device a lot easier, you rarely have to use the keyboard so you can sit back comfortable in a chair with the pad in your lap.

      You don't just have to use it for drawing, it has software included for hand writing, I never really used that feature I bought it for editing pictures and graphics plus my handwriting is terrible on paper and it was even worse using the pad, there's also a signing feature where you can put your signature to documents and emails, which is quite a good feature to personalize or add extra security to messages or important letters such as CVs.

      Connecting it to the computer is simple, plug it into a usb port, insert the drivers disk and follow the on-screen instructions, however customizing the the pad can be a bit tricky, it was a long time ago that I did it but I do remember spending quite a bit of time figuring things out, it was bought second hand and had no instructions so I had to use the internet but after a bit of time and effort everything was easy to use.

      This is a very handy tool as well as being a really fun toy, When I first got it I spent a couple of hours just messing about with it, drawing pointless stick men and writing words, I had planned on actually getting stuck into some work I was doing but I felt like a kid with a new toy and just wanted to play, so I believe this Graphics tablet would also be great for the kids... they can draw some picture's then print them out plus there's no messy paint or pens laying around to be clean up afterwards.

      I haven't been using it as much as I did when I first got it, these days I'm only adjusting colour balances and light levels which only needs a few clicks of the mouse I'm doing very little graphic creation, it was just taking up space so I gave it to a mate who is really good at drawing and he had made good use of it, since then he has sold it and bought one with a larger active area, the Wizard Pen's active area was only 4x3 which is a lot smaller than a cd case and he found it a bit restrictive.

      I can suggest it to anyone who is good with a pen and paper or anyone who uses Graphics editing applications as its very cheap at under £15 compared to the more professional ones that can cost upto a couple of hundred pounds, it will give you and idea if its the right choice for you but I would recommend you have a look at the WizardPen 5x4 it has a larger active area thats only slightly smaller than a cd case and doesn't cost that much more.


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