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Labtec Mini Wireless Optical Mouse

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2005 22:57
      Very helpful



      I bought my computer on a package deal from Tiny computer. I have generally been happy with the computer except for the web cam and mouse, which I have found to not work very well and be unreliable. I found it hard to navigate around the screen with the mouse, as the ball became very unresponsive despite being cleaned on a regular basis. So I decided to buy a new mouse and thought I would try one without a ball and see what everyone has been raving on about.

      So What Is An Optical Mouse?
      An Optical Mouse runs on a sensor that rests inside the body of the mouse, rather than the classic roller / ball set up we all know and love. The sensor tracks movement of the mouse and translates that movement into signals that the computer understands. Basically the mose take 1500 pictures every second to trace your movement and make it appear more flowwing and less staggered. This results in much faster and sleeker movement and also smooth action.

      What Makes It Better Than A Mechanical Mouse?
      First and foremost, the Optical Mouse is essentially a digital mouse. Think in terms of the difference between VHS videos and DVDs. Optical technology is faster and superior in quality to mechanical mice, just as DVDs make better movies!

      Secondly, there are no moving parts inside an optical mouse. The inside needs to be cleaned far less frequently as the sensor and all sensitive components never actually come into contact with your desktop. The sensor remains calibrated and, as it never actually touches the desktop, does not need to be re-set. Also, there is no friction between the sensor and the desktop, the cursor movement on the screen is far smoother.

      Also, say good bye to your mouse pad. An optical mouse can be used on lots of different surfaces – again because the sensor inside the mouse never actually touches the surface that the mouse rests on. Heck, I even used it on the arm of my chair – and it still worked!

      Finally, Optical Mice have no moving parts so there is far less wear and tear over time. The operational life of an optical mouse is far longer than that of a mechanical mouse.

      Why Labtec?
      Labtec has been selling a wide variety of computer peripherals for 22 years. They pride themselves on value-for-money equipment, and this optical mouse certainly a prime example of this. Next on my personal list is a keyboard and web cam, also from Labtec.

      So What Did I Get With It?
      The mouse comes complete with an Optical Mouse (obviously) that has a USB plug with an optional PS/2 adapter. There is a surprisingly sized instruction manual, although only a page or two of this is in English – the remainder being given over to other languages. Last but not least is the driver software on CD.

      What Does It Look Like?
      As you can see from the picture, the optical mouse looks a lot like regular mechanical mice. It has a sleek and almost futuristic appearance that makes it look about ten years ahead of the rest of my computer setup! It is metallic silver with a black rubber rim and looks more expensive than it actually is. It has two buttons and a scroll wheel which are all centrally located.

      Underneath the mouse is a flat surface with a red light inside. This light is bounced of the surface ans sent back to the mouse to track your movement. You can not see this light unless you turn your mouse upside down, a shame really as it look kinda funky!!

      Was It Easy To Set Up?
      A piece of cake really. I plugged the mouse into the USB port, which was easy to locate on the front of my computer hard drive. Setting the Optical Mouse up could not have been easier. Put the CD in the drive, and wait for it to start up on its own. The installation wizard asks you for the language you’re using, where you want the software to be installed and that’s about it. Restart the computer when prompted, wait for the new hardware to be detected and then that’s it. Your new mouse is up and ready for use. I was really impressed with how quick this was and it was all done for me.

      What Were The Instructions Like?
      The instructions were quite minimal, although straightforward and to-the-point. You’re told where to find the Mouse settings program and how to install the mouse software and that’s about it as far as the instructions go. What more did you have to know really as it was all done for you . Also included are tech support numbers and the customer’s Limited Product Warranty.

      What Is It Like To Use?
      The mouse is very easy to use, and very responsive. It speeds up day-to-day work on the computer, and has even improved games-playing with mice. It is very comfortable to hold in your hands and requires only the slightest of movements to respond. I really was impressed and could notice the difference between a ball mouse and an optical mouse. It’s the kind of mouse that makes you wonder why you haven’t always had one – and how did you ever manage before?

      What Features Does It Have?
      It has the usual left button / right button configuration, and also has a “roller” wheel in the centre. The left and right button are the “standard” buttons on any mouse and they select and confirm details on the screen. The wheel is essentially an easy way to scroll up and down through windows without having to move the mouse. There are options in the Mouse program that control the behaviour of both buttons and the wheel. You can customise these controls via the control panel if you wish, though I chose not to.

      Would I Recommend It?
      I found this mouse a lot easier to use because it was so much easier to control with even the slightest of movements. It did take a day or two to get used to controlling the mouse and not making such harsh movements. The mouse is really comfortable to hold and has been gentle on my wrist.

      What Do I Need To Be Able To Use This?
      You need to have a CD Rom drive to install the software for the mouse. Your computer must have either a USB or PS/2 port. You must also have Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000 or XP.

      How Much Can I get It For?
      The optical mouse is current half price at Whsmith's for £4.99 - a real bargain and a must buy for anyone looking for a new mouse.


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