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Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2014 23:07
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      When wires are trapping you to your computer then wireless device are the way forward...

      I like to dabble in technology, although I have to say that I'm not the type of person who stand in line at midnight in order to be the first person in the world to get my hands on the next generation game system from Stoney or Slimtendo. And I'm not the type to be bashing down the doors when iphoney bring out yet another mobile phone claiming it to be the newer, better modal just because they've put the letter S after the number this time.
      No, I like technology but I also like to wait for all the glitches to be iron and, more importantly, the price to come down to what I think is the better value of the Stoney recreation centre console twenty five S4 system.
      So, my love of technology and my equal love of keeping hold of my money, has led me to get my hands on many different piece of technological advances without spending too much money.
      One particular road that I love to find more helpful technological advances is in the world of computers, with the hatred of wires being a big thing for me. And that is where this little item that I have been using for a while now, especially at home, helps me out when it comes to ridding the world of wires.
      The item I am talking about is a computer mouse. But not just any old mouse, it's one of those mouse... mice, mouse's... that don't need wires. This is the wireless mouse system, one being called the Logitech Anywhere MX type wireless mouse, of which, in the 'anywhere' range, there are a few wireless devices, inlcluding other style mouse's... is mouse's the right word? Should it be mice? Or just mouse?.

      Anyway, this Logitech mouse, which we've all heard of Logitech haven't we? Well, this Logitech mouse is no let down for the Logitech team, especially when you think that it is in the lower end of the mouse range and comes in the lower price range, making it a good mouse with a nice price tag.

      * So what does this mouse look like..?
      It looks similar to a standard mouse, if a little bigger, being about 65mm wide, 90mm long and 35mm high, weighing in at no more than 80 grams. It has the usual left and right click capabilities and central scroll wheel, which are all on the top of the mouse, together with a little light the flashes when you're working away.
      On the left side of the mouse just about where you thumb should rest, if you're right handed of course, there are two little buttons, with each one having a directional button on them, forwards and backwards.
      On the underside of the mouse there is a small glass window, although it's not glass, it's plastic. But behind this window there lies the optical light that makes the mouse do what it's supposed to do. Also on the a small gap in the build itself that looks like someone has forgotten to put something there. But it is actually where the nano receiver sits when you're taking the mouse with you. This helps when it comes to remembering the nano as without it your mouse is about as useful as a paper umbrella in a downpour.
      And, if you're looking at the bottom of the mouse, you're wondering where the batteries go into it. Well. The batteries actually fit underneath where the little gap is. Underneath where the receiver sits. That's right. All you have to do is gently pull back the little piece of plastic that looks like a small streak of nothing to the side of the gap and then gently pull the entire section off. You'll then see the battery port. All you do then is slot the two batteries inside the mouse and push the cover back into place, with a click, and you're done.
      Also, on the bottom, there is a little on/off slider that is next to the little window.

      * How do you connect the mouse to the PC..?
      Well, this is done by the clever invention that is the wireless nano receiver, and this is what this one uses to connect the mouse to the computer. This nano receiver is small, being no more than 15mm wide, 19mm long and 6mm deep, with only about 7mm of the nano actually being visible once inside the USB port.
      Plus, with this nano using what is called unifying technology, you can wirelessly connect several devices to this one single receiver. Although you will have to download the software and have the same type of Logitech equipment.

      * Where does it get its power from..?
      It's a wireless mouse which means that there are no wires to connect the mouse to your computer. So it can't drag its power from the computer it is connected to like other wired mouse's do.
      This mouse works off the power of two AA batteries, which do come with this mouse and can last quite some time. I have been using the same batteries in my mouse for as long as I have had it and there seems to be enough power left in them to keep the mouse working properly.

      * How do you use it...?
      Like any other mouse really.
      Once the batteries are in place you simply slide the on/off switch to on, which will light up the optical light, turning it red. And you're ready to start 'mousing'. well, almost ready. You do have to slot the nano receiver into the USB port of the computer you want to use this mouse with. Just take the small receiver, push it into a port and wait a few minutes whilst the initial driver process kicks in. once it has found its drivers it will connect to your PC instantly after that.
      So, you've pushed the nano in, switched the on/off switch to on, the green light is shining and you're away, ready to start mousing about.

      And that's it. You're connected. From now on, now that the drivers have been installed, which takes seconds, as long as you are connected to the internet, you do not have to re-install the drivers again.

      * What makes this different than other mouse's..?
      Well, as I mentioned, it does everything that any other mouse does, it helps you move you cursor around your computer screen, which is what you need a mouse to do really isn't it?
      But this mouse does a few extra little bits, such as the scroll wheel not only goes forward and backward, it also allows you to scroll from side to side too, although you can't turn the wheel sideways, you just have to gently ease it to either side in order for the movement to happen on screen, as long as the page you've opened on screen allows for sideways movement.
      Plus, if you press the scroll wheel, you get the same control option you would normally get if you pressed the right side of a mouse, those controls being the standard, copy, pasts, cut, shortcut...blah blah blah.....
      The little button that sits behind the scroll wheel that is basically a 'shift' key, allowing you do dictate the speed of the scrolling when you're using the wheel.
      What I mean by that is if you press the wheel the scrolling becomes faster, release the button and you get normal speed. This may sound a little useless but when it comes to certain documents, PDF say, that are longer than the prime ministers expense claim form, it's nice to be able to whiz through the pages a little faster than normal.
      Then there's the two little buttons on the left side of the mouse, which are marked as forward and backward, with a little directional arrow pointing which is which, these buttons are for flicking through such things as web pages and pages of you documents, but you will need to download and install something called 'SetPoint', which takes a few seconds and as far as I can tell is perfectly safe. Just pop onto Logitech website and download it from there.
      And that's really what this mouse looks like, basic looking, similar shape to any other mouse, but can do a bit more to bout.

      * Is there anything else to mention..?
      Let me think?
      Well, apart from the batteries you also get a lovely little fake leather look plastic case to carry the mouse in, although I don't tend to use the case as I lost it a long time ago, which is no big loss really.
      You also get a little leaflet to explain what's what and also the quite important guarantee card to fill in and send off.
      The mouse uses the 2.4GHz equad DJ cordless system, which really doesn't need to be remembered so there's nothing to worry about there.
      But one thing you do need to know are the specs for you PC so that you can use the mouse on it. These specs being Windows XP and above, and also Mac OS X10 and higher.
      The mouse can work at a maximum distance of 10 meters, or 30 feet, which ever is closest??? And it claims that it can be used on smooth surfaces, even being capable of handling glass, but that is something I'd disagree with as I've tried using it on a glass desk that a friend of mine has in his office... although when I say office I really mean spare room in his flat, although spare room is a bit of an exaggeration as a spare bedroom should really be able to take a bed shouldn't it, and this room is only capable of taking the box that a bed would come in. but he calls it an office so it's an office then, with a glass table that this mouse does not like to work properly on.

      * What do I think..?
      I like this mouse and found it easy to use, especially for a wireless mouse as I have used some wireless mouse's that have, well, all I can say is that they have 'hiccupped' along when I've moved the mouse on my desk. This makes it harder to get an exact position of the cursor on the screen, which is annoying when it comes to the more intricate work such as drawing, design, and the like.
      It works on all sorts of surfaces, wood, Formica, cloth and other surfaces, but as I mentioned earlier, it can get a bit funny on glass, hiccupping quite a lot. More than I want it too when I need the cursor to sit where I want it to sit. But I don't tend to use it on a glass surface I'm not to bothered about it having issues with the optic eye seeing the glass.
      I have used it on Formica, which is more a plastic covered surface that is shiny, smooth and wipes down easy, and the optic eye on this mouse finds Formica rather nice, probably believing it's a wooden table. There's no 'hiccups', flustering, or anything and the mouse reacts in an instant, as quick as a wired mouse to be honest, without the wires to trip over.
      The buttons are easy to reach with fingers and thumbs, with the side buttons, the forward and backward buttons being able to be controlled by my thumb whilst my fingers are tapping away on the top 'clickers'
      Although, speaking of the 'clickers', those being the left and right buttons on the side of the wheel, these are nice and free, allowing me to push them gently knowing that they will do what I want them to do without being forcefully whacked with a hammer.
      But these buttons are a little on the noisy side when pressing them, with the 'click' sound being a bit louder than some mouse's I've used. So I wouldn't really be welcomed if I used this in my local library. Apart from the clicky noise the buttons react as quick as a wired mouse do so there's no complaints there.

      * So, the price..?
      It's not the cheapest of mouses's, with there being wired ones for a few quid these days, and even wireless ones for about the price of a night out in the local. So when you see that this mouse sells in the £40 region you may think that this is way over priced, but for what you get, the speed and reaction of this mouse, the old saying of you get what you pay for really does kick in here.

      * Would I recommend this..?
      I think I've already answered that one in my review with all the positives, and I've not ignored the negative either. But in short, I would definitely recommend this mouse if you're after a wireless mouse that will keep up with your day to day life, reacting exactly when you tell it too without faltering at all.



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