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    2 Reviews
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      21.04.2013 19:40
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Sometimes wireless isn't always the best....

      Over my time using computers I seem to have gone through quite a few things in the computer age such as keyboards, printers, hard drives, memory sticks and more, including such things as the good old fashioned mouse, both wireless and wired.
      And it is one of the mouse things that I am going to go on about here, that being a mouse that I had a while back and used quite often.
      This mouse that I am going to talk about is a wired mouse, which means that it doesn't need batteries, but it does restrict you a little as you need to be at the PC that the mouse is wired too
      The actual mouse is from a well known name called Logitech, with its full name being the Logitech corded M500 laser mouse.

      *So, what does this mouse look like then..?
      If I said that it looks like a 'normal' mouse then I'd be telling a bit of a porky pie. Don't get me wrong. It's not to dissimilar to a 'normal' mouse, it has the basic shape of one, being roughly the same size, about 130mm long, 70mm wide and 40mm high in the middle. It is made of a black plastic, although the black is a very light coloured black, but not quite a grey colour.
      On the top it has the standard left and right 'click' button together with the scroll wheel.
      What makes this one that little bit different is that it has a couple more buttons on the side and, which is where this one does show off a little, it is shaped to make holding it feel as comfortable as holding your new lovers hand.
      What I mean by the shape is that it has lovely little curves on the sides, with a rather lady like curve to the left side where your thumb is going to squeeze against, (as long as you're right handed that is). And it is this left sided curved section that housed two buttons, those being directional buttons, which are used for 'up', 'down', 'forwards' and 'backwards' motions.
      The top of the mouse is arched, with the 'clicker' pads being slightly indented so that my fingers drop into the groove, sitting comfortably in there for as long as I need them there. The entire shape feels gentle on the palm of my hand, even after many hours of tedious 'mousing'.
      The scroll wheel is in the perfect place so that my finger can manoeuvre it without any straining at all. Then the two side buttons are in the right place so that I can get at them with my thumb without having to do much moving about.

      * Do I need anything special to use this mouse..?
      You do need to be dressed in your sexiest lingerie, suspenders, bra, knickers, the works, or, if you're a woman, you may want to dress up a little bit... only kidding. But you can if you want to. What ever you do in your own time is up to you.
      But, what ever you're wearing, to get this mouse running on your PC you will have to have certain specs, such as windows XP or above, and for those other computer users, Mac OS 10.3.9 and higher, which is the other section of the population I suppose. So we should all be happy then.
      It does come with a CD that has a couple of bits of software on it in case you want to use it. That software being Logitech set point and control centre, but as I have not really installed the said software, and have no real intention of doing so, I can't really comment on it

      * Is it easy to get going..?
      It's a piece of cake, as they say. In fact, it's quicker to get going than when a hyped up cat spots a mouse tip toeing by.
      It has what is commonly known as 'plug and play', which simply means that when you plug it into an available USB port it finds its own drivers so you don't have to go searching for them on line. Although, on certain OS systems, you may have to install the drivers but they can be found on the CD or online without any trouble really.

      But, once plugged into the USB port you should be up and running in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, depending on your system and speed.

      * So what makes it so special compared to other 'mouses' ..?
      Well, apart from it's curvy looks it is the extra buttons and things that set this above the rest.
      The side buttons make changing pages a lot quicker than clicking on the arrow buttons on the screen and the scroll wheel not only scrolls up and down, it actually lets you scroll through a page side to side.
      And there is another little button that sits on the top of the mouse just behind the scroll wheel. This could be mistaken for a power button, and if this was a wireless mouse then it probably would be the position for that power button. But as it's wired it doesn't need external power as it gets what it needs from the PC that it is wired up to. This button is actually for the scroll wheel itself, giving you the option of allowing the scroll to have two different settings, those being smooth scroll, making the scrolling feel so smooth as you move it around, and 'notch' scroll, which feels like you are going through 'notches' as you scroll about.

      Then, there's the fact that it's a laser mouse, which means that where the old fashioned, and very annoying, track ball lay in older mouse designed this one has a laser instead. This not only improves performance but allows this mouse to be used on smoother surfaces, such as glass, tiles and the like.

      * What do I think then..?
      Quite a lot really.
      I think that there is never anything on the television that is worth watching. I think that we have to look at the word celebrity once more when it comes to certain celebrity shows. I think that I have to go to the toilet in a minute as this brew has gone right through me. So when I get back I'll tell you what I think about this mouse, as that is what I am supposed to be doing.
      I'm back, and I have washed my hands before you ask.

      So, what about this mouse..?
      Well, for me this mouse is one of, if not the most comfortable mouse that I have ever used. It really does seem to have been designed for people who intend to hold a mouse in their hand for a long period of time, giving them no cramp or funny finger feelings afterwards.

      As for the reaction times. Well, with it being a wired mouse you'd expect it to respond quicker than a police man who's spotted you driving without your seatbelt on, and it does, without hesitation, making the little icon shoot around the screen under your full control. And, as you can adjust the speed, and the look of the icon itself, using your PC settings, if you don't like the arrow look, then you really can make it your own.

      The down sides to this one are that as it is a wired mouse you are restricted to the PC it is wired too, but as the wire is a cracking length you don't have to be right up to the screen. But as it's a wired one there's no danger of it running out of battery power like the wireless mouse's.
      And the other down side is that it is designed for right handers only, as left handed people simply won't be able to hold this properly, comfortably or at all really, without having to bend their fingers in unnatural positions in order to touch the buttons.

      As for the claim that this laser mouse can work just as well on smoother surfaces, such as glass. Well, this is a bit of a hit and miss claim as I have tried it on a glass table an it did slow its performance down somewhat.
      Don't get me wrong, it di work, but it did tend to have a few jumping fits spontaneously, for unknown reasons and in any place on the table, not always in the same spot.
      I do tend to use this on a wooden table so this 'stuttering' doesn't really bother me at all really

      * So what about the price then...?
      This curvy little mouse sells for about £20, which sounds a bit expensive for a wired mouse but it is one of the best ones that I have used and is well worth the money in my eyes.

      * Is it worth getting..?
      Yes... simple as that really.
      If you don't want to spend money on batteries in order to keep you wireless mouse on the go, or you just prefer to have wires attached to your PC, then this is well worth getting hold of, especially for the price as you get everything in one, comfort, speed and performance.

      ©Blissman70 2013


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      08.03.2012 17:36
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great mouse for the price

      I currently use a Mac at work and find the Apple mice incredibly annoying so decided to get a Logitech, as they appear to be best in the market. Now a mouse is nothing to get over excited about but this was amazing compared to my old Apple one.

      I ordered my mouse from amazon for around £25, free delivery. The mouse arrived within a few days and was well packaged, as is usually the case with amazon. I unwrapped the mouse, plugged it in an was off. There was no set up required from my end. The mouse came with a disk but I did not install it or even open it. I got the wired mouse (wireless available but I don't find them as responsive and get very frustrated hen they run out of batteries) which is a simple usb connection. Literally plug and play.

      The mouse is very well ergonomically designed, allowing the hand to sit easily upon it and naturally rest on the two buttons, with a grove for your thumb.. There are the obvious 2 main left and right clickers, as well as a side up and down arrow button. I have not used the side buttons but believe they can be customised for various uses. There is also a middle scroll button which I find very useful (however most mice these days have one). The scroll wheel can be set to scroll with zero resistance which is very handing for quickly wanting to scroll to the bottom of a long spreadsheet. The wheel also has left and right scrolling abilities which is very handy if working on InDesign or Spreadsheets.

      The mouse is very responsive, which is obviously the most important aspect. The cursor speed can be adjusted to suit your needs but obviously this is a function of the pc more than the mouse itself.

      The mouse Is not overloaded with buttons, which I like. When looking for the mouse I cam across some with 15+ buttons which is just for too much (although im sure those are aimed at gamers)

      As mentioned the mouse cam well packaged and looks very nice too. The dark grey/black finish gives the mouse a high quality look and feel. I have not had any problems with the mouse since I purchased and overall am very happy with it.

      The current selling price on Amazon is slightly under £25. For the price the mouse is an excellent tool for any mid/high level user.


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