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Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse

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    2 Reviews
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      01.11.2009 14:37
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A faultless product that I would buy similar when this mouse passes on.

      Well where do I start on my journey of mouse of a PC/Laptop variety.I have always bought a mouse that has had a wire and my last 3 have been a mouse with no brand name that ranged at about £4.99 then the next one was a Technika and I think was about £6.99 and the last one I had was a Trust mouse and this was sold in Tesco and was at a bargain price of £3.99 which I thought was great.

      Unfortunately about 3 weeks ago my Trust mouse decided to stop working and like with my previous ones no amount of cheese or enticing or encouragement was going to bring it back to life so sadly made its way to mouse heaven to be with all the others who had sadly no longer been able to function.

      So there I was with no mouse to use on my laptop and without one I am pretty much useless as I am no good with the touchpad its not an option for me really so I said right I will get myself to Tesco where I had purchased my previous one and see if I can get another bargain.I went to the section where they are usually sold and was dissapointed to find that the range of these type of products had significantly reduced and when I asked a member of staff if they sold any he unfortunately said they no longer stocked that type of item.

      So feeling rather gutted I left Tesco and thought to myself where else could I find a mouse that would be suited to me.I then had a sudden brainwave and thought of Argos and there was one quite close by so I made my way to there and went straight to the catalogue to browse for some mouses and one that would be suitable for me.As I said before if I can get a bargain I will just like anybody who has to quite often be thrifty in this day and age but as I looked through the mouses on offer the ones in my normal price range were just not what I was looking for so my attention headed over the the wireless variety as I had never bought one of those before and saw some of the prices and was like well do I just take the plunge or not?

      Then as I was thinking maybe I should try another shop I spotted a mouse that seemed just what I was looking for and it was the Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse and I had a look at the features and specifications and on first reading was impressed and so I thought why not it was priced at £14.99 but for me to be able to have a mouse that works good for me and no hassle of wires then that would do for me.So I got my money out paid for my new product and waited to pick it up.About 5 minutes later I was handed my mouse and I could not wait to get home and try it out on my laptop and see if it was the one for me.

      It came in a green and white package and there seemed to be a lot of packaging but there was the standard plug in for your PC if you had one and then this non-wireless thing that I thought was the mouse and had the Logitec Logo and then had a connect button and I had a sudden fear that I did not have a mouse but something that was not supposed to be there and then I checked some of the other packaging and to my relief and also to my ebarassment there was the mouse so I prised it out of its plastic packaging placed the two batteries inside that are needed for it to function and then I was ready to give it a test to see how good it really was.

      I positioned the sensor (which I originally thought was the mouse!) to my left as I like to have space to move the mouse about and with the freedom of a wireless variety I thought that it would be much more easier so together I pressed the connect button on the top of the sensor and the green connect button on the bottom of the mouse and when you do this at the same time and synchronize the two then hopefully it should be that you can start to use the mouse that you have just purchased or so I was hoping.

      I started to move the mouse about on my desk and get a feel for it and test it out a bit and see how nice it glides and how easy it clicks and how easy it was to scroll up and down on menu`s and on pages.To my satisfaction all these things worked out really great and what a difference it was from using a non-wireless mouse as many times this could get tangled up or get in the way and this would annoy or frustrate me but with this wireless friend I could not see how I could really go wrong.

      The mouse itself is obviously mouse shaped and has the Logitech Logo near the middle of the mouse then as the display picture a line accross and then there is the middle button which is your scroll button so you can merrily go up and down but dont do it for too long as you might go off the end of the page!!!The left sided button on the mouse is to click on anything like if you want to write something or click on an advertisement that takes your interest or if you are on Facebook and you want to look at yours or somebody else`s profile and really the list is endless for what this button is used for.

      The right sided button on the mouse is used for if you you want to use such functions as Back, Forward, Reload and Stop and if you want to Bookmark a homepage or a general page you would like to go back to or to save a page or there are some other functions but as you use the mouse you get to use these more and more.For me personally I cannot really fault this mouse I have been using it for a few weeks now and I have to say that sometimes you have to pay that extra money to get that quality and also to get something like this product that makes you feel happy using it and not thinking I am tired of using it and its driving me crazy which is what the previous mouse used to make me feel like.

      I do feel you can use this mouse on a PC or a laptop it just depends on what type of computer user you are as everyone seems to be different or has there own comforts they like in the mouse they are using.I hope that this review would encourage you to buy one of these mouses as they really do the job and make you feel in a happy state of mind when using your PC or Laptop.

      Here is a link to the Argos site simply search Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse and you will find the product :-


      I have had a look at some other sites and it seems like they are a similar price or in some cases more so my option would be to go to Argos if you intend to buy one of these neat and trendy mouses.

      Thanks as always for reading and I hope you enjoyed it as much I enjoyed writing it as I always do with all the reviews I write.


      Rob :)


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        20.07.2009 09:45
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A beautiful little mouse which serves its master well!

        Using the Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse

        Due to my Trust wireless mouse deciding enough was enough, especially wheeling its way around my computer, it sadly died on the very spot it was first used.

        I decided that I had to buy an ostentatious new wireless mouse to keep up with the times, so I bought the Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse. Now this little mouse isn't ostentatious at all, but it does the job well without any glitches and touch wood it hasn't gone kerplunk.

        What's it worth?

        This cost me around £13 from EBuyer.com which is a new website I have found for most computer equipment and reliable too. It is worth the money too, as it comes with a decent wireless range but would not recommend for Laptops as I would personally buy Logitech's laptop mouse which is specifically built for laptops.


        The design is exactly as the picture and comes with a PS/2 receiver or you can use USB too which are also black and does not appear on the picture. The mouse comes with three buttons which is fabulous for navigating around your computer and internet with ease moving front, back, sideways, front ways, basically anything apart from eat cheese.

        It comes in black and has a smooth ridge which appears horizontally across the top of the mouse which gives it a classy look. The wheel is bog standard and works like any other.


        On the back of the box it states that it is compatible with Windows Vista and I can vouch for that. It can also work with Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP and also with most Apple Mac's too.


        It comes packed with optical movement detection technology with wireless RF connectivity technology. In a nutshell it doesn't require a rollerball to move around it uses optics to sense movement.


        Yes like most wireless products you will require two AA batteries. I tend to buy rechargeable batteries to save on the cost of buying lots of batteries as you do soon go through lots of these.


        You do get a five year warranty which is pretty good for computer products and after using many types of Logitech products I can say that they rarely break. Although my cat did eat chew through my old wired Logitech mouse, so if you have cats get this device as it doesn't require wires.


        To sum this item up it is a cheap and cheerful device which enables you to maximise your experience on your computer. It is easy to setup and has a distance of up to 2 metres which is good for meetings or if you want to control your PC from a distance then this will do the job.

        The price is very good considering you get a lengthy warranty and yes the colour could be a bit jazzier but my PC is black so it fits in well. I tend to use the USB receiver to pick up the mouse but PS/2 can be used to if you do not wish to use the USB function.

        The only downside is that isn't that good with laptops but would recommend the Logitech laptop mouse which is great too. Nice product and without the wires it can't be got at by your cat.

        Rating: 5/5


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