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  • Good design
  • Reliability
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    3 Reviews
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      20.07.2014 00:45
      Very helpful


      • "Good design"
      • "Good price"


      • "No extra features"

      Great mouse, for a great price!

      === Introduction: ===
      Logitech are a fairly well known company in the world of computing, creating products ranging from keyboards to mice, and a whole host of other computer accessories and equipment. This is my review on their wireless mouse, the M185.

      === Design: ===
      The design of this mouse is fairly simple. It is well designed, and fits nicely in the hand, which I like! As per most mice designs these days, it has a a curved shape, going in a the middle. The back end of it is raised and is slightly slimmer than the front end which flattens out a bit. There are 2 buttons in the middle, separated by a scroll wheel. The back has a panel for a battery which is easy to remove. There is also an on-off switch and an ''''invisible optic'''' on the back for mouse movement. The design is very efficient and makes the mouse comfortable and easy to use. There are no extra features (e.g. programmable buttons)

      === Ease of use: ===
      This mouse is incredibly easy to use, you just plug the wireless usb (which is tiny, be careful not to lose it!) into your laptop or PC and it automatically installs the drivers that you need, all you have to do is wait until that''''s done, then you''''re ready to go... assuming you''''ve put your battery in! The one thing that did throw me off a little was the fact that the optic is invisible, unlike most mice which have a red optic, this one is clear, so it''''s actually hard to tell if the mouse is on or off! I first thought my mouse was broken as no light was being produced and I tried a new battery. it wasn''''t until I plugged it in (on the off chance the light was broken) that it started to work and I realised it was invisible... good thing I didn''''t complain... because it tells you in the manual!

      === Availability and Price: ===
      When I was buying this mouse, I was looking for something wireless, cheap, but of good quality and something that looked nice. I went with a blue one of these for all of those reasons, that and a friend swore by them, so I thought I''''d give it a go! This device is normally available in most Supermarkets (e.g. Tesco and Asda) and online too.[1] I bought mine for £12, but the price can range from £8 to about £20. It''''s worth the money, but just keep a look out for a good price!

      === Overall Opinion: ===
      I really like this mouse, it does its job well and looks really good. It''''s available in other colours too, and Logitech also do a different mice with patterns etc, which are a little more expensive, but if this mouse is anything to go by, you won''''t be disappointed!

      Thanks for reading!

      === References: ===


      Review can also be found on Dooyoo under the same username


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      17.06.2014 13:08
      Very helpful



      I might be willing to pay more for this great product...

      I am always a fan of Logitech''s computer products. I have been using my old travelling mouse for almost ten years before its wire became really manky and started to split. I was a little bit worry that I would never find any mouse that would meet that standard, because I thought that mouse was perfect.

      So I went mouse hunting.

      There are some criteria for my laptop''s next best friend. It has to be easy to carry around, because I travel a lot. It has to be the right size for my right palm because I would need all the comfort for a long time usage. It has to be durable, because I am a little bit clumsy with electronic products. And it should look pretty.

      And I saw this product on my sister''s room.

      It was just perfect. It looks very cool on top of her mouse pad. It''s wireless, so I wouldn''t have to worry about the tangling wire when I put it in my rucksack for a journey. It also happens to be just the right size of my right hand palm, and after months using this, it doesn''t seem to tire my wrist like some other less ergonomic mouse would do.

      Performance wise, it''s just perfect. You would be surprise how light this mouse is, being wireless and all. It is powered with an AA battery and it has been half a year and I have not got the need to replace it soon.

      I haven''t accidentally dropped it on the bath tub or anything, so I don''t know how water resistant this product is. But I know how durable it is since it''s been in my rucksack and fell on the ground so many times.

      I know I could buy wireless mouse for cheaper from different brands, but I think this product is a very good purchase. It definitely worth more than the money I have paid to get this.


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      27.10.2011 12:14
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A high quality wireless mouse from Logitech

      Whilst I have owned a laptop for over twelve months I still haven't become accustomed to using the touch pad as opposed to a mouse. Consequently, my laptop hasn't been as portable as it should have been due to a wired mouse being plugged into the USB port. Moving the machine from one room to another was often problematic, as the mouse would fall off the keyboard and subsequently clunk to the floor. As a result, I wanted to make a purchase of a wireless mouse and a little research was carried out where I decided upon the M185 from Logitech. I would advise here that there are a few model numbers under the reference M185 with my mouse being 910-002235.


      The appearance is what I would describe as a little more superior as opposed to the run-of-the-mill models due to its' sleek oval shape and slight indentations on either side to enable the user to handle and hold the mouse with comfort. The lightweight mouse measures approximately 10 cm in length and 5 ½ cm in width at its' widest part. It is manufactured from a high quality toughened plastic with black lower and upper sections together with a glossy grey colour running around the edge to create a perfect contrast and offer a high quality appearance. The scrolling wheel is located centrally on the top of the mouse and is easily operated due to the tiny grooves.


      The mouse was presented in sturdy transparent packaging and it was easily removed by pulling the tab on the rear section of plastic. This is a real positive, as far as I am concerned, as normally when I purchase any items contained within plastic packaging I am frantically trying to cut them out! The mouse operates from one AA battery, which is already installed and according to the packaging it will last approximately 12 months. To prolong the battery life I always ensure that I flick the switch into the off position when the mouse is not in use. I'm not normally one to take notice of instructions leaflets, but decided to break the habit of a lifetime and take a quick browse. However, both of the double sided A3 size sheets were pretty useless as only a very small section was written in English where we are advised what action to take should the mouse not work with the other sheet providing a tiny section on the safety, regulatory and warranty details.

      Okay, I was now aware of what to do if my mouse did not work, but no instructions were given on how to set up my new purchase. Whilst the help notes were fully explanatory and I could have deciphered what to do, my techie husband poked his nose in and gave me instructions. Consequently, I inserted the Nano receiver which measures approximately a centimetre in length into the appropriate USB port. Continuing to follow hubby's directions I turned over the mouse and pushed the easy to move on/off switch into the on position and as a result, I was able to witness an icon on the lower right hand side of my laptop screen, which informed me that the mouse was connecting with the entire process taking a matter of seconds. I also noticed that the front of the underside of the mouse has two small circular raised sections of plastic and a larger one at the rear, which are to ensure that it effectively glides when in use.

      ~~ USING THE MOUSE ~~

      The upper sections of the mouse display very slight curves to enable the fingers of my right hand to rest in a comfortable position. I have never considered if a normal mouse is suitable for those who are left handed, but would advise that this mouse is identical on both sides. It is highly responsive and has been ergonomically designed to perfectly fit within the palm of the user's hand and what I love about using the mouse is the freedom that it gives me, particularly as there is no need for a mouse mat. My hubby also has the identical mouse for his laptop, which is situated within a metre or so from mine and there is no interference between the two because each mouse has its' own unique 2.4 GHZ transmitter receiver.

      To prolong the life of the battery I always ensure that I turn the switch into the off position when not in use and a replacement battery is easily installed by simply pulling back the appropriate panel on the underside. I initially encountered a few problems with my mouse, which were due to me stupidity where I forgot to turn it on and attempted on several occasions to use it upside down, which resulted in my declaring to hubby that it was rubbish! However, practice makes perfect and I would never return to a wired mouse through choice, as this is so much easier to use and offers much more freedom to the user. I tend to have the mouse placed either on my leg or the settee and it easily glides over the fabric.


      The mouse is compatible with the majority of computers and laptops which run Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista, Mac and Apple.


      Logitech offer a 3 year guarantee on this mouse, which is extremely durable and of a high quality. Dooyoo have prompted me to complete criteria for this mouse, but areas such as speed and precision are not specific to the mouse as they are related to the settings on the computer or laptop.


      I purchased my Logitech m185 mouse in Tesco for £11.97. At the time of writing there are a number of different models on Amazon and they all look identical, but as previously stated, this review refers to the 910-002235. I've checked online for the cheapest price and would advise that Currys are charging £9.99.

      I cannot recommend this mouse highly enough, as it is extremely practical as well as being user friendly and as a result, it receives 5 stars from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.

      This review also appears on Ciao under the same user name.


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