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MIONIX Saiph 3200 Laser Gaming Mouse

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2010 19:12
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      Once tried you won't look back.

      The Mionix Saiph 3200 is a high end gaming mouse known for its accuracy and user customisation.

      As you would expect, as with most high end products, it carries a nice price tag. £42 on Amazon to be exact at the time of writing. Now, for an average computer user that seems an awful lot of your hard earned money to be spending on a single mouse, quite simply is it worth it?

      As a company exclusively selling gaming peripherals, Mionix pride themselves with high quality products and their dedication to the gaming community. I have always found Mionix to be a very trustworthy brand delivering exceptional goods which last a long time. The Saiph 3200 is no exception and I am very happy with my purchase.

      As gaming mice go the Saiph has the (almost) standard 3200dpi laser technology in the gaming industry, nothing extraordinary here. So the mouse is highly responsive to any slight movements. <Note: A standard (cheap) mouse is usually 800dpi.> Basically meaning you need to move the mouse less to get a larger onscreen response, which particularly in shooting games can make an astonishing difference to your game play when compared with an 800dpi mice. In fact the response time of the mouse is 1ms, which is very, very fast and I have never noticed any lag! At first this can be difficult to get used to, as your cursor flails wildly around the screen, but you become accustomed to it very quickly and are handling it like a pro in no time.

      One of my favourite features about the Saiph 3200 is that you can lower and raise the dpi level from 3200dpi to 400dpi through 7 different dpi settings - which can be customised as you wish, excluding the lowest and highest setting, but the mouse also comes with pre-set intervals which I have found perfectly acceptable. To change the dpi level there are two buttons on the front centre of the mouse, denoted by an up and down arrow. These are small enough not to interfere but convenient enough to find quickly if ever needed. You can always tell which dpi setting you have it on as the colour of the mouse wheel changes accordingly. As I said this is one of my favourite features as it makes the mouse highly adaptable; I can whack the dpi to the max for gaming but still tone it down for Internet browsing and other applications making it highly flexible and user friendly.

      The other main customisable features are its weight and the action buttons. The action buttons is reasonably sized (around an inch) seesaw styled button of 2 clickable locations. These are comfortably found under your thumb and can be used during game play for various different uses (such as run or reload) and pre-set for back and forwards for web browsing and file management. You can alter the weight of the mouse with nine 3g weights positioned with in the centre of the mouse, hidden away like the ball in the old track ball type mice. I personally have never removed any of the weights but it is still a handy option to have should the need ever arise and easy to do so.

      The cable is 2metres long and this is ample enough even with the largest desks. Even though the cable is very long it doesn't 'weigh down' the mouse pulling it behind the desk. The mouse is 'plug and play', although in the past I have had to manually install drivers. These can be found on the Mionix website and are very easy to download. Probably also worth noting here it is compatible with Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7. It connects to the computer through a gold-plated USB, meaning a fast, high quality, flawless connection. The mouse wheel is nice to use and moves around smoothly around.

      The mouse is coated in a soft touch coating, which bizarrely is smooth to run your fingers over yet also grips when needed. The Saiph 3200 is wider than most gaming mice, but I find this very comfortable and ergonomic and is in fact the reason I purchased this particular mouse. It has Teflon feet to ensure it glides across any surface.

      Visually the mouse looks good. Being black with a green glowing Mionix symbol in the centre and the wheel glowing a different colour in accordance to the dpi level. There is some ridged rubber grip on the left hand side which looks a little like a large thumb print and blends nicely with the rest of the design.

      The mouse has won many awards, and rightfully so, as it is indeed one of the best, competitively priced gaming mice on the market. So in regards to my question, is it worth spending this amount of money on the mouse, personally I would say yes every time as it makes using my computer much easier, quicker and less frustrating. I now find it difficult to use a standard mouse and find it a lot of hard work compared to my Saiph.


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