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Motor Mouse Mini Cooper

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2012 10:14
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      An excellent novelty mouse

      Whilst out and about recently at the Excel arena to see Top Gear Live I managed to secure two mice. One was a Sports car the other a Mini Cooper which were both mice.

      The mini is the unique one because it offered plenty more in terms of presence and perhaps a more modern feel. I have loved minis ever since seeing films like Italian Job where they were famous and they always looked elegant.

      This mouse offers this elegance and a chance to be a big kid at heart again all wrapped into one because it is not just a mouse to use at home but to me it is also a novelty toy.

      The people who designed this mouse were on Dragons Den and at the Top Gear Live event and the mini seemed the most popular choice for people to play with and use.

      I got the red mouse and there is a black one as well I believe and the idea with the mini is that you can personalise the vehicle as well.

      First off all the design is superb the attention to detail is excellent you have the overall body shape of the Mini Cooper which in my eyes has always dazzled me. The tyres are excellent and look the exact ones you would see on a mini.

      They have positioned the headlights exactly how you see them on a mini and even installed the grill at the front to add that extra bit of a finish.

      The windows are tinted and the roof is left open for choice by you the new owner. You can buy a sticker pack but we were given one for free and you can place various types of stickers on the vehicle.

      I placed a Union Jack flag on the top of the car and on the license plate put KR2 which is sad but I had to do that to make myself feel special.

      This is an optical mouse and wireless and the actually wireless receiver fits into the back of the car where the batteries go very well.

      The feel of the mouse is excellent and the buttons at the front are on the bonnet the same with most of the company's mice. I like the scroll as this is done as a tyre sticking out to add something extra to the vehicle.

      The overall impression in terms of personal experience would be nothing but good words. The mouse seems on first viewing an item which might be difficult to use because of the shape but I found it works great.

      Your hand tends to mould over the various areas allowing you to experience a great time in playing with the mouse. You also have this great mouse mat attached with the mouse but you do not need that I use my mouse on my lap with denim jeans on and it works just the same.

      The battery life is superb and the mice turns itself off when you are not using it after five minutes to save power so you do not have to worry about not turning the off switch off at night.

      I got this for £25 but the price I believe online is around £30 but this is well worth it and certainly a big favourite of mine.


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