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Motor Mouse Sports Car

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2012 08:04
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      A great novelty mouse

      When I visit locations for events such as concerts and things you sometimes see stores around with people selling a product which just grabs you straight away and you know you will end up buying it.

      I was at Top Gear Live in November and at the event was some stores and one of those was Motormouse. Now some people might be familiar with the name as they were on Dragons Den and they actually managed to get some money from one of the members.

      The two people who run the company were at the event and they sell very cool mice for the PC and they are designed in the form of cars. I saw this sports car and I wanted it without even having a go at the time.

      The product is very stylish and looks very much like a sports car. You have the four tyres and lights at the front and back and the tinted windows to add more style to the mouse.

      So far it sounds very plain and ordinary but in fact it offers plenty more. This mouse has a scroll button at the front which is big but it looks like a tyre sticking out so in theory the scroll button is a tyre which is cool.

      You have two standard buttons on each side of the scroll which you would never know where there because they are well concealed.

      Now the concept gets very cool at the back you open the boot space and this is where the batteries go and you need two of them and they sit inside there very well but you can also store the USB connection to the computer inside there as well.

      Everything fits in well and looks great. This is a wireless mouse and I found that as soon as I put in the USB connection into the computer the software took a few moments and I was ready to use the mouse.

      You are given a small mouse mat which works well with the mouse and it is designed in black and the mouse itself glides around this mat very easily. My experience of using this mouse has been nothing more than excellent.

      When I tried this at the event it was superb and when I got it home it was even better. You can use this on a desk and even on your lap it tends to work very well and it never stops either.

      Your hand fits perfectly over the mouse so the man bump in the middle is where your palm would sit and you really do have a perfect grip for this mouse.

      The mouse never seems to be too fast or to slow and you also have a timer on the mouse as well. If you leave the mouse unattended for five minutes the mouse turns itself off to save battery power. This means that when you return all you do is click the mouse button and the mouse wakes up ready to be used again.

      The mouse has superb battery life because when I have used this which is sometimes 6-7 hours a day every day the mouse has never had new batteries. I got this mouse 2 months ago now and there is no problem at all with the batteries and these are just cheap standard batteries as well.

      There are other colours to mention there is pink, black, red and the one I have which is a turquoise style and it really does look amazing. I was given a life time guarantee from the people running the company at the event and they were so pleasant.

      The price I paid was £25 and this was a special offer the normal price is around £30 and for me the battery life alone is worth it. My previous mouse I was spending a fortune on batteries which lasted a few days at best.

      They look great there performance is excellent and I would highly recommend these to anyone.


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