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Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical Black

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    3 Reviews
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      10.07.2012 20:56


      • Reliability


      A comfortable mouse with a scroll wheel but not forward and back buttons for internet browsing

      This is a good sized mouse which is a simple shape so it is comfortable to rest you hand on. It isn't moulded to fit the shape of your hand and is a simple arch shape so can be used comfortably right-handed or left-handed. The buttons are a sensible size and a not too near the edge of the mouse unlike some varieties.

      It is dark grey plastic with lighter grey plastic on the sides which makes it slightly more interesting looking. There is also a very useful wheel in the centre, between the two buttons which is good for scrolling up and down pages. The wheel is slightly grooved for good grip but you can't feel this at all when using it. The mouse moves smoothly over a mouse mat and has good responsiveness but is not over-sensitive. The mouse cable is long enough to reach the back of your PC but not so long that there is unwanted cable curling all over the place.

      The only downside is that there are not 'back' and 'forward' buttons on the side which are useful when browsing the internet however not all people get on well with these anyway as they can sometimes be easy to click by accident.


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      08.10.2010 17:43
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      Very reliable, durable and cost effective mouse

      Interesting, isn't it, just how far technology gets pushed in order to try and stay ahead of itself, day in, day out. In the world (or should I say field!) of mice, Microsoft pretty much have the upper hand in many ways, and have done for a number of years. There are a few emerging brands that are challenging it, but the company has managed to stay ahead of the competition for years.

      This mouse is rather basic, to be honest, and has a mere two buttons. You'd be forgiven for thinking that an optical eye and a scroll wheel were once state of the art and uncommon on a mouse, but nowadays, use a mouse without a wheel and you'll really notice the inconvenience this poses.

      The comfort of holding it is not particularly special. I've held comfier mice, to be honest. However, it fits snugly into my hand and doesn't cause any issues when I'm moving it around. Although a mouse pad is always recommended, the science behind the optical eye as opposed to the old roller ball style for cursor movement is so that you don't necessarily have to use a mouse pad, but you do then run the risk of using your mouse on an overly shiny surface and not being able to control it properly, with the cursor zooming off the four corners of the screen and making you think your computer acquired yet another virus.

      But it still works very well for what I need it to do, and that is ulti,ately navigate my way around a page and use the dual click mechanism. As is standard, the left button will perform the 'select' function, while the right hand button is more like an information clicker that tells you something about an icon or opens up a drop down list to then give you further options. The scroll wheel in the middle has a clickable feature which is particularly handy when you have a large page of text to scroll through. Clicking the wheel basically makes the mouse itself a motion device for the page, scrolling just by moving your hand. Click once more to cancel this feature.

      The mouse I have is quite old now, although this hasn't diminished the quality in any way. I was asked if it needed replacing as it was a bit faded where my fingers have nestled for the past couple of years, but this was the only blemish on a otherwise reliable, if somewhat basic, scroll mouse.

      I do recommend this. It's easy to use, and will only set you back just over £10, give or take depending where you shop. This is well wortht he value given that it can last a long time. It has served me well, and although the optical device isn't great on shiny surfaces, it's better than having to rely on a roller ball on the bottom of your mouse. Not highly technological, but highly recommended.


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        13.08.2010 08:44
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A basic mouse

        ==Microsoft Wheel USB Wired Mouse==

        A few years back we purchased our laptop to give us extra space by being able to get rid of the PC at first I found using the touch mouse on the laptop fine but as my time on the internet grew, so did my frustration with the mouse pad.

        Himself was the one to actually buy the laptop but hardly has a chance to use it. However when he does he can't stand to use the mouse pad as he finds paying poker (which is all he goes online to do) a nightmare without a proper mouse. So he went out and got this USB wired mouse from Microsoft.

        I couldn't say how much he paid for it and I don't know why he chose this one over a wireless one which is probably what I would have bought but I can hardly complain (to his face) seeing as he was the one who paid out for it. Having searched online, I can see that this mouse usually retails around the £25 region for a pack of three which is a pretty good price so for a single one I should think it didn't cost much more than £10.

        The mouse is however pretty good and I don't have much too complain about. The USB cable is pretty long at well over a meter which really is far too much when on a laptop but himself obviously didn't think about that. For a PC though I should think the length would be a good amount.

        The Microsoft Mouse is PS2 compatible but this makes no difference for us as we don't have a PS2 but its a feature I thought I should mention. It has three basic buttons which are a ncie soft click and the middle button is actually a scroll wheel. This scrolls rather firmly but over the time we have had it, has softened slightly and feels very comfortable to use. It is suitable for both right and left handed people but both Himself and I use our right hands to operate it (Himself likes to say he is ambidextrous but I think this is only for certain things!).

        The look of the mouse is nothing very special as it is more or less a basic mouse that just does the job it is needed for. I can't say that I have much experience with different kinds of mice but I do know that this is very basic. The main part of the mouse is black and the scroll wheel and the USB cable is a dark grey and it just looks like your basic mouse.

        The optical section of the mouse glows red and we have had no problems whatsoever with using this. It always works and never seems to get any dirt or fluff stuck in the little hole under there. That being said because of the smooth plasticity of the whole item it is fairly easy to clean although special attention has to be taken to the ridges on the wheel button in the middle as muck does seem to like the inside of these!

        The mouse is compatible with a whole load of systems including Windows 7, Windows 200 (server and professional), Windows XP, 98/OS, XP Professional, Apple MacOS x 10.1 - 10.1.3. We use XP and really, like I say before the mouse works fine.

        Overall I have to say that this product is a fairly standard one. It does the job needed and doesn't look anything but what it is. There are not special features and it does nothing in the lest bit fancy. However all I needed it to do is in fact what it does and the price was probably pretty reasonable too.

        I think a 4 out of 5 star rating is what this mouse deserves. It is what it is.

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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    • Product Details

      Get optical reliability at an affordable price. This optical mouse features a convenient scroll wheel, customizable buttons, and stylish design.

      Optical technology refers to the use of an optical sensor to track mouse movement, rather than the traditional use of mechanical parts. As a result, optical mouse products work on most surfaces and offer you better durability, increased speed and accuracy, and consistent performance.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical - mouse
      Packaged Quantity: 3 (specifications are for single item)
      Device Type: Mouse
      Colour: Black
      Orientation: Right and left-handed
      Localisation: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish / EMEA
      Connectivity Technology: Wired - PS/2, USB
      Movement Detection Technology: Optical
      Buttons Qty: 3
      Features: Programmable buttons, scrolling wheel
      Cables Included: 1 x USB cable - integrated
      1 x mouse adapter - external
      OS Required: Apple MacOS 8.6 or later, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
      Package Type: OEM
      Microsoft Certification: Compatible with Windows 7
      Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years warranty