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Razer Copperhead Anarchy Red

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    1 Review
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      14.12.2007 17:07
      Very helpful



      Very nice mouse if you are a gamer

      As my computer mouse was a bit worn out and therefore the responsiveness not as good any more
      I really wanted to replace the mouse and after some good research on the net including reading
      reviews, price comparisons and looking at alternatives I have decided that this mouse would suit me.

      Know I want you to have an easier choice.

      ===Technical facts===
      * 2000dpi (320nm UV light - therefore invisible)
      * 32 kb of built in memory
      * 7 programable buttons
      * sensitivity immediately changeable
      * Teflon gleiders (no noise while using)
      * 16bit interface
      * 7080 frames per second
      * antislip sides
      * for left and right handers
      * 2m cable
      * USb interface made of gold (faster data transmission)
      * size: 130x66x41 (in mm)
      * system requirements:
      Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista
      USB Port 1.1/2.0

      The mouse is available in four different variants: Anarchy Red, Chaos Green, Tempest Blue and the SK Edition (also blue). All four choices
      are the same model except of the colour which lights up when connected. My favourite is the red one!
      The mouse looks like a casual mouse at first glance, with a scroll whell and two buttons left and right symetric to each other.
      Now the exciting difference.
      In the middle below the scroll wheel one can see the logo of the company (RAzer) lighting up in a soothing colour.
      The logo is blicking (blicking might not be the riht word to express it) or rather getting clearer and then darker again in a set interval of about 8 seconds. At the sides there are antislip rubbers which let the mouse look a bit wider than it actually is, those glow permanently.
      On both sides beneath the anitslip rubber are the additional buttons, more precious there are four two on each side.
      The buttons on the left are easily accessable with the thumb but the ones on the left are not as easy to operate. This problem occurs because the mouse was design for right as well as left
      handers therefore the buttons are at the same hight as their opposite counterparts. This makes the operate of this buttons impossible without wrenching the little finger.
      A better more convinient solution would be welcomed.
      The mouse fits the hand really nice and after a few minutes the user accustomes to it.

      The copperhead can be plug in during the installation and will be recognised immediately after it.The supplied CD enables the user to change the functions of the buttons (thats why a software is needed) after the installation the computer has to be restarted.
      The default function of the buttons are also quite useful, left, right buttons and the scroll wheel have the same function as any other mouse, but the additional buttons on the left are vor back and forward navigation while the ones on the right allow the user to change the dpi (400,800,1600,2000). The user can configer the buttons any time and for the experts there is also the possibility to record macros. Possible since the mouse has 32kb memory on board/built in.
      There are overall 5 preset profiles available, with different dpi and keyboard assignments (which can be all change very easy).
      User is able to change the setting via the software, the buttons and shortcuts.
      So depending on the game you play you may have a different profile for each one with its unique setting.

      The usual click noise is almost not there - therefore the mouse belogns to the quiet mices.
      Moreover the top button will react to the slightest touch and the scroll wheel is easy to scroll. The other buttons will have to be pressed a bit harder as the thumb normally touches those buttons anyway. the thumb is enforced to this position the the rubbers however this is not a problem.
      The razer mouse is easy to clean ( just use a damp cloth) but normally it is nor necessary to clean the mouse thanks to the gliders wich leave enough space between the mouse and the surface.

      The Razer Copperhead offers thanks to the software many possibilities for the user. The recording of macros allows to safe additional actions and therefore simplfy the work on the computer.
      High accurancy and the ergonomic form add to the value of the mouse.
      However there is the little problem with the dificult to reach buttons. But with enough practice the problem should be quickly solved.
      I have been using my advance gamer mouse pad so I don't know how the mouse feels and performs on other surfaces 9shouldn't be a problem though).
      Due to its advanced features, ergonomic form and accuracy the Copperhead is perfect for Gamers. But as for normal work I would not recommend the mouse as it is too expensive and the user would not need that many advanced features and options.
      Very good mouse although there are new mices out there already.


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