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Razer Diamondback Plasma

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    2 Reviews
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      23.08.2009 19:05


      • Reliability


      Worth getting if you don't mind a small price premium

      The razer diamondback is a very good mouse, designed for gaming but equally good for general use. The mouse feels very comfortable in the hand, it doesn't matter which hand as it has the same buttons and layout on both sides of the mouse.

      The weight of the mouse is great, heavy enough to provide a little resistance but light enough to stop your wrist aching after periods of long use. What I have found is that I will rest my wrist on the desk and move the mouse with my fingers, as it requires very little physical travel to move the mouse across the screen. This is good for those with little room on their desks for movement, but it can be a little tricky to get used to the speed.

      This mouse is most suitable for those who want a very accurate, responsive mouse. To get the most out of it it is useful to have a good mousemat as using it on a desk surface won't always yeild the best results.

      To sum up; a brilliant mouse for gaming, and nice for everyday use.


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      26.04.2007 17:39
      Very helpful
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      Great Mouse, Fully Recommended


      The Razer Diamondback is the perfect mouse for anybody who intends to play computer games, or does computer designing that requires a sensitive mouse.
      Overall the mouse is of fantastic design, not the most expensive out there, although not cheap, and looks good on your desktop!

      A Little About The Company

      Razer was formed in the late 1990's, it's products being high-end computer peripherals (Originally Only Mice). The products hit the market and were instantly a huge success with the "Pro" gaming crowd. The first product being the Razer "Boomslang." Capable of 2000dpi while the competition lay in the dust with their measly 400dpi mice.

      Many pro gamers such as Jonathon "Fatal1ty" Wendel (Made Millions by being a high profile “Professional Gamer”) swore by their Boomslang, and it is from here that the company progressed bringing out many more gaming mice, and recently other products, including keyboards, speakers, a headset and a soundcard.

      The company also recently worked alongside Microsoft to create the Habu. This really encapsulates their success - working alongside the mighty MS.

      Razer is based in San Diego, CA, and its products now distributed worldwide.


      As with all Razer products, the Diamondback was designed with the gamer’s requirements in mind. Afterall, Razer’s slogan is “For Gamers, By Gamers.”
      The mouse fits snugly into the hand, whether you are right or left handed. This is an important factor that gives the Diamondback an advantage over the immediate competition, as most gaming mice favour the right handed.

      The mouse is light and elegant, with the name of the mouse on the back. The back plate is made from transparent hardened plastic, that allows you to see some of the chipboard and the bright blue L.E.D inside the mouse. The L.E.D also illuminates the scroll-wheel on the front of the mouse, giving it a very distinctive look.
      The front buttons are much larger than a regular mouse, once again, an advantage to the “Gamer” as it enables much faster clicking and “fragging”. They are made from a rubbery material, and are very comfortable to use.
      There are 4 additional buttons to the mouse, located at the left side and right side of the mouse. The left buttons are very useful, but the buttons located on the right hand side are not very accessible, and I haven’t puut them to use, with not being able to reach them fast enough.

      The Mouse is very sensitive. At 1600 dpi, it is not the most sensitive on the market, but is still at a very competitive sensitivity, and would be very difficult for someone who is not used to high sensitivity to use. Although, the amount of dpi can be configured in the software bundled with the mouse. To add to the sensitivity, the mouse glides wonderfully due to having “Super-slidy” mouse feet underneath. The motion is very smooth, and in my experience has never caught on anything.

      The Mouse is Wired, not wireless. Although this may be seen as a disadvantage, in my experience wired mice are better for gamers. This is due to batteries not running out in the middle of the game!


      The Mouse comes bundled with drivers and software. In the software, you can assign macros to the side buttons on the mouse, and set the dpi.
      Overall, the interface of the software is nice. There isn’t much to it, but It’s useful for setting the mouse up on purchasing.


      The mouse comes packed very well in a vacuum sealed plastic pack with very artistic cardboard with it. It attracts the eyes immediately, giving the impression of a quality product.


      The Razer Diamondback is a very elegant mouse that is perfect for anyone needing a sensitive mouse for either gaming or any other reason. It is USB, and very hard wearing – I have had mine for well over a year, and it shows no sign of giving up!

      When I purchased the mouse, it was priced at £35.99, which I believe was a bargain. I would quite happily spend that amount of money on one again.
      I fully recommend this product in every way.

      Peace Out :-)


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