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Trust Optical Combi Mouse MI-2500X

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    1 Review
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      17.10.2010 20:41
      Very helpful


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      Fantastic bargain for a top-class product. Highly recommended.

      I have been using my Trust MI-2500X Optical mouse for over a year now and it still performs as well as the day I bought it. Trust do produce budget products and I have some issues with their wireless computer products before but this mouse has been excellent (probably because it is wired!). ~~~~Ergonomics~~~~ The Trust mouse is incredibly comfortable. It simply slots right into your hand. The design is both funtional and stylish. The front of the mouse is rounded so appears less slab-like than other alternatives and there is a small lip on the bottom right-hand side that allows you to rest your thumb. The front two buttons are hidden and at first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that Trust had forgotten these two important front buttons. They simply work by depressing the front of the mouse. It simply works on pressure but looks like magic! The third button is the actual mouse wheel which acts as a button when depressed. The wheel has a rubberised effect, lending both comfort and practicality. The fouth and fifth buttons are located on the right-hand side of the mouse, just above the thumb rest for easy access. One button works to go forward one browser page and the other returns you to the previous page you were viewing. This is a wired mouse so has the disadvantage of a protruding wire at the front. This may not look as pretty as wireless alternatives but when you don't have to change batteries, or constantly perform a reset, this is a small price to pay for uninterrupted performance. The Trust MI-2500X has a flawless design that feels like it has been made by people who have to spend a long time using a mouse and appreciate comfort and userbility. ~~~~Appearance~~~~ The Trust is quite elegant by design. The model I possess is black and silver and the curved-appearance gives it a touch of class. The mouse really does appear more expensive than it actually is and enhances my desk. The black rubber mouse wheel is encased by a silver eliptical surrounding. The main body of the mouse is black with a thick silver stripe running around the front of the device and then curving upwards around the main body until it descends down the back. The two side pieces underneath the silver stripe are glossy black, lending a welcome contrast to the non-glossy upper piece. The two side buttons are also silver - though these are a lighter colour than the stripe. Even the red glow from the optical sensor underneath the mouse adds a warm welcoming glow. This really is a superbly designed product. ~~~~Functionality~~~~~ The Trust mouse works like a charm. It is not only extremely comfortable to use, it is also very practical. All the buttons are within easy reach and you only ever have to move your digits ever so slightly to access the buttons and mouse wheel. Because the mouse is optical it glides along any smooth surface with ease. The optical sensor is fantastically accurate and never misses a beat. There is no delay, no issue of 'disappearing cursor', or the dreaded 'stuck cursor' here. I have used the Trust on a multitude of differing surfaces and it has always been up to the task. The manufacturers specifications list the optical sensor as been 'high-precision 800 DPI'...whatever that means. All I can say is that it works very well! The Trust mouse is fully USB and PS/2 compatible and comes with a free PS/2 converter. ~~~~~Price~~~~~ For some strange reason Amazon is listing this product at £97.25! I got mine over a year ago at Comet and it cost me about £15. I have checked a few online shops and the mouse can easily be found for under £10. Not sure what Amazon are playing at. ~~~~Overview~~~~ The Trust MI-2500X Optical Mouse is a cracking product. Elegant appearance combined with user-friendly practicality and sublime comfort. Throw in the fact it can now be purchased for under £10 and you have yourself a top-class bargain. If you are not fussed about a wire and want reliability, accuracy, and style....go get yourself a Trust MI-2500X.


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    • Product Details

      Trust Computer Products provides a complete, innovative and affordable range of technological products. The key principle in developing products is to offer variation, pleasure, relaxation and excitement to the user, a principle Trust aims to fulfill.


      Ergonomically shaped 5 button optical mouse with scroll wheel;
      Optimized design for comfortable grip;
      High quality advanced optical sensor providing motion control with high precision (800 DPI);
      Suitable for USB and PS/2 connections.