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Trust GetTogether Digital USB Microphone MC-3200

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    1 Review
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      13.06.2011 00:29
      Very helpful



      An all-rounder with some minor issues!

      Microphones are not crucial pieces of equipment in computer usage, they are devices which users may feel obliged to wield in certain circumstances where communication via text message is unsuitable. In quick fire situations where immediate feedback is absolutely necessary, microphones come into play excellently, as voices can be picked up and recognised much more quickly than other forms of contact.

      The 'Trust Get Together Digital USB Microphone MC-3200' is a microphone I purchased around about a year ago (when I was in need of an everyday item which would help me to communicate reliably) which I had heard produced good sound quality at a decent market value. Though the device seemed to withstand a good aesthetical display of 'simple' features, its actual arson was in many ways far more impressive:

      - The Trust microphone is USB compatable, so computers will recognise the device instantaneously without the confusion of jacks and seperate power cables.
      - The microphone has a special 'flexible' tubular mic arm which can be shaped to the perfect position for the task it has been handed.
      - There is only one button on the device, the activation button, which allows users to activate the microphone and talk freely into it. There are no contrasting or confusing buttons littering the body, which helps users to operate the product well.
      - The mic head is exceptionally sensitive, and when set to full ability even whispers can be heard at the other reciever with little difficulty.
      - The sound quality which comes through the other end is good. Every ounce of sound can be distinguished, though certain lows and highs may be cut from final production.

      For me, the microphone failed to perform in certain areas which I found quite critical. For instance, when configuring the device, Windows Vista didn't want to recognise the product. Now, I know Vista has this trouble with many items, but it is still disappointing to see that yet another device has failed to breach the barrier. Similarly, whilst setting up the product in Windows, the microphone was being recognised and shown to be working, but as soon as I spoke into it there was no sound at the other end - another technical issue which might not necessarily be to do with the microphone its self.

      Its general look seems to be the type which would fit well with most study room desktops - the colours of silver and black are made to blend in with backgrounds and not cause an atmospheric stir, which I feel they do well. Perhaps it is a shame that this product doesn't have more features to challenge that of its main rivals, but I feel the microphone does well as an all-rounder.


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