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Argos MG10DER Value Grill & Oven

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2012 15:47
      Very helpful


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      Energy saving small oven/grill - great for one.

      Model MG10DER (900w)

      ---Why I Bought It---

      Our household is a little strange in that we all tend to do our own meals separately.
      We therefore ony cook small portions so over the years we have tended to use work-top ovens.
      We usually have two but one died on us recently so I looked for a replacement at Argos.
      The size we had would have been £40 so I saw this smaller one for sale so decided to give it a try - ordering online it is difficult to imagine the size.

      ---The Brand---

      The Argos Value Range is a range of over 300 everyday essentials at value low prices.

      ---The Product---

      It comes with a wire grill rack (that we also use as a cake cooler) plus one silver baking tray.
      There is also a crumb tray at the base which is removable.
      It has an oblong glass door and four feet.
      To the front are a timer knob, temperature knob and a red indicator light.
      The timer will go up to 60 minutes.
      The temperature/mode knob allows you to choose whether to 'Broil', 'Bake' or 'Toast'.
      The oven temperature goes up to 230 degrees.
      The oven has two heating elements - one at the centre top and one at the centre base.
      The oven can be used for:
      * Toasting - both elements will work
      * Broiling - only top element will work (preheat 3-6 minutes)
      * Baking - only bottom element will come on (preheat for 5 minutes)
      * Oven - if you just turn ot to a temperature both elements come on.


      * 900 watt oven.
      * Temperature 230°C.
      * Grill function.
      * Removable shelf rack.
      * Interior capacity 10 litres.
      * 60 minute timer.
      * Includes baking rack, baking tray.
      * Power light.
      * Size H19.8, W37.2, D28.2cm.


      When first purchased you are advised to run on full temperature for 15 minutes to burn off any deposits.
      When the timer is 'off' the overn will not work.
      The indicator light comes on when the timer is switched on.
      When cooking is finished a bell will ring and the oven will automatically switch off.
      It also has a 'Stay On' feature - if your food is not ready after the hour you can turn it to 'Stay On' - we just generally turn it to the number of extra minutes we need.
      When using the 'Stay On' feature the oven will NOT switch off automatically



      ---My Opinion---

      Well I must admit I was a bit disappointed with the size when I first saw it as it was quite a lot smaller than the ovens we had used previously =- this one is 10 litres capacity while the others we used were 18 litres.
      However once I got to use it I found it would do all the things I needed - though my son still prefers the larger ones as he often cooks for himself and girlfriend - though we still have one of the larger ovens on the go as well.
      Being smaller this one does not really take two trays at once - as the larger ones do - but you can put the shelves lower or higher so you may get the shelf and the tray in together - but the food would have to be quite 'flat' to sqeeze in.
      I use the 'Briol' setting when melting my chesse toasties as I only need the top element then.

      ---Items we use it for---

      * toasted cheese sandwiches
      * cod cutlets
      * roast potatoes
      * stuffing
      * bean bakes
      * vegetarian sausages and cutlets
      * oven chips
      * bread
      * baked potatoes
      * sponge cakes
      * pizzas.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely.
      Great for those on their own or who are cooking for one.
      Saves lots of electrciity by not heating up a large main oven.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 stars.




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      Short name: Argos MG10DER

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