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Bosch HMT72G450B Microwave Grill 800W 17 Litres Brushed Steel

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2012 17:26
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      If it's fast food you're after then this will get you there

      I'm not a massive fan of microwave ovens as I prefer to do my cooking the old fashioned way, on a cooker hob or in an oven, but sometimes using a microwave really can help out in the kitchen.
      For this reason when I'm after a microwave oven I usually go for something that is small yet functional as I tend to just use it for warming things up a bit, so spending lots of cash would be a bit of a waste.
      Anyway, a while back I went out and managed to bag a rather fine looking microwave which was not only a nice size, so it would fit on a bracket in my kitchen, it was also at a very low price indeed, a lot lower than the RRP at the time.

      The microwave I had managed to grab at a bargain was the Bosch HMT72G450B, which is not only a microwave, it is in fact a combined microwave and grill, which is nice.

      A few specs about this one...

      * It's a free standing unit and measures in at around 280mm high by 460mm wide by 320mm deep.
      * It has five different power settings, 90, 180, 360, 600 and it's top heat setting of 800watts, so it offers plenty of options, plus there's an optional 1000watt integral quartz grill
      * It has two 'dial' controls
      * It has a 60 minute count down timer with 'beeping' alarm to signal timer reached
      *The door has a large push button
      * The inside of the microwave is about 194mm high by 290mm wide and 274mm deep and has a 17 litre capacity, (0.6cu.ft).
      * It has an internal grill
      * In side there is a 245mm diameter glass 'turntable'
      * An Interior light
      * Overall weight is approximately 14kg

      What does it look like..?

      It is a standard box shape resembling a television from the 1970's, but don't expect to get BBC2 on it as there's no slot for the aerial, nor is it a television really.
      The two control dials are on the right, the top one being the power setting, with power options of 90 watts, 180, 360, 600 and 800 watts. Plus there's a grill and also combined microwave and grill option with two heat setting of 180 and 360.
      The bottom dial is the timer which goes all the way up to 60 minutes in little notches of 30 seconds up to 10 minutes then five minutes section from then on.
      Then right at the bottom, below the two dials, there is the push button which opens the door.

      On the left side is the door, which hinges from the left to reveal the ample room inside, with the glass plate that rests on what looks like a plastic 'hoop' which has three little wheels on it. It is this 'hoop' that helps the glass plate spin around so that the food you are cooking is turned and therefore evenly heated up or cooked.
      It stands on four rubber feet that lift it slightly of the work surface so the air can vent all around it, although I have mine attached to a bracket which the little rubber legs sit inside, and it is as safe as houses, so to speak.

      Using the microwave...

      This for me is a bit of trial and error as you have to find the right setting for each individual food stuff, setting such as the right heat and for how long. This is all down to how much food you want to heat and what sort of food it is.
      Usually, as most stuff can be heated up on the top setting, I tend to give it a minute or so, test how warm it is, then, if needs be, nuke it for a few more minutes, then check again, then nuke.... You get the picture, until I feel that the food is heated properly.

      Then again, if you're the sort that like those ready meals in the plastic containers, you know the ones, where the plastic containers usually taste better than the food they hold. Then those types of food have nice instructions on the box, telling you how long to cook the food for.

      So really this microwave is so simple to use. There's no special controls that need information inputted into it, you don't have to push in the exact weight, size and even age of the food you're putting into it. All you do is slide your plated/contained food onto the glass plate, select the heat setting, usually 800 watt, then turn the lower 'timer' dial onto the timing you want.
      Then, as the timer runs down, well, turns down, you wait patiently for the sudden bleep that the microwave does to tell you that the timer has finished and your food 'should' be cooked. I say 'should' as sometimes the food may not be as hot as you want it, but as I said, it's all trial and error.

      Then there's the grilling capability which I have used a few time and found it to be just as simple to use. All you have to do is turn the top dial to either the 180°, 360° or just the grill symbol, this choice is dependant on what you're cooking/grilling, then turn the lower timer dial. The food will then cook and also grill at the same time, or just grill if you choose that option, making the likes of your sausages or burgers nice and 'crispy' instead of cooked and soggy.
      There is a nice wire rack that slots into the microwave that you can use when grilling such thins as sausages, burgers and other meats, which sits on three wire legs so that the juices from the meat drops to the bottom of the machine. If you use this rack then it's best to place a bowl or plate underneath so as to catch the drips.

      That's it. That's how you use this simple little machine.

      My opinion...

      This is a fine little microwave indeed, even if I don't use it as often as I use a traditional oven, but this machine has certainly come in handy more than once or twice.
      It is just the right size for my kitchen and, as it is pretty light, the bracket that I have it attached to the wall on can take the strain without any problems what so ever.
      The times I have used it, usually to heat up a sauce or even cook a 'jacket' potato in minutes rather than the hour it might take in a standard oven, it has done the job so well that my love for microwaves ovens is growing on a day to day basis.

      The simple to understand, and even easier to use controls make it a bit of a delight to use, once you've slid the plate in it's normally a matter of just turning the lower, timer dial as the heat setting is normally left on the top 800 watt setting.
      There's no trouble opening the door either, even if your hand has an oven glove on, as the button is a cracking size and all it takes is a bit of a push and the door swings open on its own. Then closing it is a matter of pushing the door until your hear a load click as the catches grab the levers, securing it shut.

      I still don't spend all my cooking time using this microwave, mainly as I really do like to cook the old traditional oven way, but I'm certainly glad I bought this one as it really has come in handy when needed.

      As for the actual price of this little white time saving machine, well, it retails for around the £90 - £100 mark, which, for what is does and how it looks, is not too bad at all. ( I managed to bag mine for a much lower price so I always advice people to shop around as there are bargains out there).

      In all, a worthwhile investment that not only looks nice in my kitchen but it saves me a bit of time too on some 'cooking', but mostly just heating up food from the night before.
      You could opt for one of those more technical ones, the ones with more buttons than a NASA space control unit, but if, like me, you want simplicity rather than technology, then this one is well worth looking at.



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    • Product Details

      This smart-looking Bosch HMT72G450B Microwave Oven with Integral grill will grace any kitchen with its stainless steel looks, as well as providing a versatile level of functionality!This model allows you to control your cooking with five power levels up to 800 watts,has a 1000 watt Integral quartz grill with 2 microwave/gill combination programs and has a timer function upto 60 minutes.The Bosch HMT72G450B Microwave Oven is easy to use with retractable rotary power level controls.For quick and convenient cooking and a stylish addition to your kitchen, you need look no further than this well-featured Bosch HMT72G450B Microwave Oven!

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