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Bosch HMT85ML53B Compact Microwave Oven 900W 21 Litre Exxcel

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2011 21:48
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      Microwave your TV meals in style

      My wife recently decided that she wanted to redo the kitchen, even though I spend more time in there than she actually does, (when I say she, what I should have said is that she wanted me to redo the kitchen).
      So, with her eye for design she set about flicking through the usual glossy mags, looking for her choice of design, and before long she had spotted a few ideas which she thought would look good.
      The only dilemma now was that with her new 'ideas' for our kitchen many of the items we already had would have to be replaced, and this I was not happy about so I put my foot down, telling her that many of the gadgets in the kitchen were newish and did not need replacing just because they were the 'wrong shape' or 'colour'.
      So, after many heated discussions and a few strops from both sides, the result was that we ended up having a new kitchen fitted with her choice of colours and design.
      And with this new kitchen came many new items to fill it, all having to match the new design of black, silver and a dash of white.

      And one of the many items that now had to be replaced was the microwave oven, which turned out to be more costly than I thought, and hoped, but as the wife insisted that it would 'fit nicely' into her newly designed kitchen, this particular model she wanted was the one she had to have.
      The modal in question is from the well known company called Bosch, ( I thought they only made power tools, but what do I know?), with this particular one being called the Bosch HMT85ML53B.

      Before we begin I have to stress that this is a 'built in' microwave and NOT a free standing unit as the image indicates, so this looks at its best inside an enclosure, such as a cupboard.

      ** SPECS...

      * Built in microwave
      * 21 litre capacity
      * LED display
      * Brushed steel finish
      * 5 power levels
      * Up to 900 watts of power
      * Size is 595mm (wide) x 390mm (high) x 320mm (deep)
      * Timer
      * 4 weight automatic cooking programs
      * 3 weight defrost setting
      * Fast cooking

      ** OTHER FEATURES...

      * Clock
      * Cool door
      * Interior light
      * Viewing window
      * Memory functions
      * Child lock

      ** IN MY OPINION...

      On first impression I thought we had bought ourselves a television and put it in a cupboard at the far corner of the kitchen, but on closer inspection I realised that it was in fact a microwave oven.
      It sits well in the 600mm cupboard, which was fitted for the sole purpose of enclosing this microwave, and, although I was a bit worried about the ventilation around it, I was assured by the guy that fitted it that the space around the microwave was 'adequate' and would not be a problem.

      It looks quite 'sleek' in design, (in away) with the main body being made of stainless steel whilst the clear door being made of glass.
      The glass door is surrounded by a chunky brushed silver frame, with the control buttons along the bottom
      Those controls being the power button, which is on left, and the stop/start button sitting on the right, next to the door opening button.
      In the middle there is the LCD display with the main control buttons being left and right of this.
      The cooking timer time is adjusted via a little knob, to the right of the LCD display, which is easily turned, although there are set timing button on the left side of the display.

      The LCD display is clear, showing you all the information that you need without the need to squint, information such as cooking time, heat setting, time remaining and more, plus, there is a nice little clock which can be used when the microwave is not in use, as long as it is plugged in of course.
      The buttons may not be the most fashionable of buttons, not being touch screen like many microwaves, but you don't need any force to get them to operate as they are sat almost flush on the unit.

      My wife loves using this, although I still prefer the slow method of using a 'normal' cooker itself, but the many times I have used this it has never let me down.
      I personally like the automatic settings, finding them to be quite useful indeed, from cooking meats, fish and even vegetables, and even the automatic defrost setting which really is a boon in itself.

      What I also find handy is the memory settings, this helps in the resetting of times and setting when you use it for regular cooking, although it can only store two of these memory settings, which is a little annoying at times.

      As for the prices, well this ranges but I think I managed to buy mine for around the £420 region, although I have noticed this same modal on sale for over £500, which, for me, may be a little over the top.
      But for less than £450 this is indeed a well designed and very powerful family microwave which will keep all your stomachs filled with hot food.

      In all, if you're after a built in microwave that cooks as good as it looks then it is worth looking into getting your hands on this one as it does everything it is supposed to do.
      Just remember though, it is not an industrial size machine and I wouldn't recommend it if you own a massive restaurant, but for a family of four five or six this is the size for you.


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    • Product Details

      The Bosch HMT85ML53B built-in microwave oven is a versatile compact microwave oven specifically designed to be integrated into a fitted kitchen / This 21 litre capacity model has a powerful electronically controlled 900 watt microwave oven with a fully variable output offering the choice of 5 different power levels.The Bosch HMT85ML53B has a host of automatic functions designed to make cooking quick and easy / Automatic functions include 4 weight-controlled Automatic Cooking programmes 3 weight-controlled Automatic Defrosting programmes and 2 Memory functions; the Auto-Weight and Auto-Defrost functions take the guesswork out of cooking just dial in the weight of the food and the microwave will do the rest / The oven has a 3 stage programmer and the 2 memory functions allow the user to store frequently used settings and recall them when required to achieve the same cooking results time after time.The oven utilises a Microwave Inverter and a Stirrer Fan system to evenly distribute the cooking energy throughout the cavity this removes the need for a turntable and maximises the available cooking space in the cabinet / This model is suitable for installing into a tall housing unit allowing the user to install the unit at a low medium or eye level / The oven has an easy to clean stainless steel interior and interior lighting. /

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