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    1 Review
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      22.11.2013 10:16
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      Great if you want a microwave that fits into a 460mm high gap, but not as a main oven.

      This Caple CM118 Microwave Combination Oven has a built-in frame included, so it fits a standard space for a combination microwave, that is a width of 595 mm by a height of 460 mm. It has a 25 litre capacity and lots of features such as an auto cook menu and auto defrost. It has a child lock to make it safer to use if its within reach of little ones. Its power is 900 Watt for the microwave, 1000 Watt of the grill and
      2500 Watt for the convection oven. Its external dimensions are height 460mm, width 595mm and depth 486mm, remember that if your wall socket is in line with the appliance you need a little extra depth than this to allow for plug space. You can set the timer in differing increments between 5 second and 95 minutes.

      This combination microwave has a stainless steel front as well as a stainless steel cavity (inside), the grill elements sit at the top of the cavity. It has a mark resistant finish to try to avoid the inevitable finger print marks that stainless steel appliances gather. The LED display is easy to read in all light conditions. The door is opened easily by the push of a large button, and as well as 7 stainless steel buttons the control panel also has a metal knob that is used to either set the time, temperate or scroll through the menus.

      This matches in very well in my kitchen amongst all my other stainless steel appliances, in fact in matches in very well with my main oven, it sits directly about it in my cabinet and even though my oven is a different brand, whirlpool, you can not really tell any difference. This was one of my main concerns and so i am glad it matches well.

      The microwave came well packaged and was easy to install following the instruction book provided. I have to admit that even though i have owned this microwave for over 2 months i have yet to explore all the auto cook menu options. However i can say that as a microwave it is very good. The turntable means that you get excellent even heating, something that is important to me, and why i didn't want some of the alternative products available as they had no turn table. The default power is the max 900W, but it is very easy to drop the power down for more gentle heating. The auto defrost setting is very handy if wanting to defrost frozen products like slices of bread or even meat. You can chose to defrost either by weight or by setting the time. I have used the combination oven several times to varying success. I cook a banana loaf cake in this oven nearly every week, and if i use the temperature in the recipe for a standard oven (not fan oven) it comes out perfect every time. I have used the oven in combination with the grill to heat up a fish pie and cottage pie and it makes the top lovely and brown. However i tried to cook a lasagne in it, and also more disastrously a chicken dish (hunters chicken - which is whole chicken breasts, wrapped in bacon and covered in a BBQ sauce and then sprinkled with grated cheese) and both were barely warm in the middle even after cooking for a lot longer than the recipe required...the meat was raw and so i had to throw this away and the lasagne sheets were still crunchy, which lead to unpleasant eating. I can only put this down to the dish being too large (it did fit on the turn table and it still was able to turn easily) as the edges of the dishes were bubbling hot to the point of almost being burnt. This has put me off using the oven on uncooked foods, and so i stick to using my main oven, which is a shame as i was hoping using this smaller oven might have been more energy efficient. The grill function is very good and makes great cheese on toast, although the fact you need to use the round grill rack means that you struggle to fit even 2 pieces of toast in at one time. I was worried that the capacity would be too small, but actually it is more than fine for my needs.

      I bought this microwave oven for £173.80 from Appliance Source, it said it was reduced from £198.50, although on other sites i have seen stated that the RRP is £259.99 or higher. I think that this is rather quite comparable compared to stand alone microwave combination ovens, and it is much much cheaper than the larger capacity options available with the pull down doors that seem to start at £500 or more.

      ***Why i bought this***
      The built in combination microwave that was in our house when we moved in 2 years ago suddenly stopped working, it just didn't heat anything at all, so we had to search for a replacement quickly. A lot of the alternatives that we looked at started at over £600, and we just didn't want to spend that on a microwave oven. We couldn't find just a microwave (without the combination oven) that fitted into the space so we were pleased when we came across this product that was a lot more affordable and fit our requirements. I use it primarily as a microwave.

      ***Would i buy this again?***
      Yes, because i wouldn't want to pay so much more money when i basically only want to use it as a microwave and not as my main oven. If you were wanting to use this product as your main oven also i would be concerned it wouldn't be good enough due to my bad experiences of it not seeming to heat my food when used in oven mode.


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    • Product Details

      Built-In 60Cm Stainless Steel Microwave / Short name: Caple CM118

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