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Daewoo KOC925TSL

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    1 Review
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      21.07.2011 18:05
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      Quite a big & stylish built in microwave for this price

      I needed a built in microwave that wasn't going to cost too much, it also had to go with the rest of my kitchen appliances which were stainless steel. At £150 this was not bad, as it also came with built in kit. These go for around £50 on there own so all in all it was quite a good deal. It comes in quite a big box, its a big microwave to begin with but the box makes it seem bigger. It also comes with a dozen different papers in quite a few languages as well as the main manual and a recipe book. The manual is OK, and it does explain all the functions, but you probably don't need a manual to tell you how to use a microwave.

      Style-wise, it looks great. Its got that modern angular minimalistic look. The door handle is made from the some sort of cylindrical metallic material that feels quite robust. The buttons are big and easy to press and are made from a grey plastic. The knob likewise is easy to turn and made from the same type of material. The inside is also made from stainless steel, and it comes with a glass hotplate in the centre. It is quite a heavy microwave but with it being built in, it doesn't really matter. At 29 Litres its quite a step up from my existing 20 Litre microwave. Being mostly stainless steel, this microwave is a breeze to clean. The hotplate is also dishwasher friendly.

      Noise-wise, it does make a certain amount of noise and the beeps when it is finished are quite loud, but then again it is a 900watter and you aren't going to be using it for hours on end anyway. The wattage can be adjusted depending on what type of food you are going to make and it had programs for each type of food e.g. potatoes, rice, milk, pasta, etc.

      Picking one of these programs automatically selects the different power levels at different times so for example it'll cook a potato at the full 900w for 5 minutes and slowly reduce to 400 towards the end. I prefer to use manual for most things, just put some food you want to cook into the microwave and then use the knob to increase the time. The microwave doesn't do pizzas very well, but then again I've not had a microwave that has been able to. It does great jacket potatoes though, they come out quite well cooked all over. It apparently has some sort of dual heater system that cooks food all over, this does tend to drain the moisture out of some foods though.

      Overall, you could buy a cheap small white microwave for £40, or even something a bit bigger with the same functions for about £100, but if you want something stylish in your kitchen, something that will impress you guests, something that will cook most foods to perfection, then this is the perfect microwave. And anyway, most people have ovens for pizzas.


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