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      22.09.2013 21:16
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      An old microwave which is still going strong!

      Although we tend to cook most food on our lovely induction hob or nice new double oven (reviews of these will surely follow), or at my boyfriend's dad's house, a microwave is still an important addition to our kitchen.

      This microwave is an old one (my boyfriend purchased about 7 years ago), but it fit in really well with our new kitchen's colour scheme (it is freestanding rather than built in), and since it still works absolutely fine, there is no point in getting a new one until we have to.

      This microwave was first available in 2001, and is no longer on sale. However, if it is indicative of other Daewoo microwaves, then hopefully this review will still serve a purpose of some sort!

      ---The Daewoo KOR2000---
      This is a pretty basic microwave. It is an 800 watt microwave, and has a 0.7 cubic foot capacity. The volume is 20 litres.

      It doesn't have any fancy features like a fan, convection heating, grill function, humidity sensor, thermo sensor or weight sensor. It is simply a cheap and cheerful microwave! My boyfriend thinks it cost about £40 (he can't be exact) which is similar to what mine at home cost. That's not bad at all spread over 7 years, especially since it's still going strong.

      It's made of stainless steel (with stainless steel buttons), which fits in really well with our other appliances. It is a very nice looking microwave, particularly for the price. The casing is black, with the door being black and silver. When turned on, as with all microwaves, it lights up. The long silver handle (on the right hand side of the door) is nice, and easy to use - sometimes they can be placed awkwardly on microwaves.

      What it does have is a Concave Reflex System - according to Daewoo, this " combines a Dual Wave System that generates waves from above and below, and a concave reflector that spreads them evenly around the oven, for quicker, more even cooking."

      It also has 5 power levels, an auto defrost setting, auto cook, and a child safety lock. There are also four auto cook options of dinner plate, beverage, soup and fresh vegetable - neither of us have used these as we tend to just guess a time for things.

      I like the fact that it has an electronic touch control (you just move the knob round to adjust weight and time) which is dead easy to set. The time limit can be set for anything up to 60 minutes (I have never microwaved anything for anywhere near close to that!)

      I'm not sure what the specifications (which I've found online) mean when it says that this has no turntable, as it does have a turntable, with a glass plate on it. Incidentally you can purchase replacement plates for this microwave for just under £30 - seems quite steep! The plate is easy to keep clean. In fact the microwave in general is pretty easy to clean (when we occasionally do), possibly since it's small. The outside of the microwave shines up well, and there is no way it looks 7 years old.

      When not using, the microwave displays a digital clock (which can either be a 12 or 24 hour clock), which is a nice addition (but something else to reset when there's a power cut!) The digital display in general is useful, as on some cheap microwaves I've encountered there is just a dial which never seems to be very exact.

      ---What I use it for---
      Porridge - I love porridge, and find it much easier to do in the bowl in the microwave as it saves on washing up - I do watch it though as on one occasion it bubbled over the bowl! Having a microwave was an essential while we were getting our new kitchen, as it meant I could still have porridge. It also meant that we could eat other hot foods like baked beans and soup!

      Freezer Surprise - since we make most of our food from scratch, we often make extra and freeze it in portions either for one or two (I call these Freezer Surprise since I don't label them when I freeze - it's one of the biggest excitements in my life!) These individual portions of curry or chili con carne are ideal for when my boyfriend's at work and I'm left to fend for myself. I tend to put them in for a few minutes, then stir, and do it again until it's done. It is never an exact science, but I've never had any problems. With portions of lasagne for two, it can take over 15 minutes (sometimes we'll put it on defrost for a bit to start with), but this is the same with my microwave at home.

      Ready Meals - only very occasionally, and normally bought when on special offer. I cook these in much the same way as freezer surprise, although following the microwave cooking instructions - they have always come out ok which indicates that the microwave works as it should. We also sometimes use it for those packets of rice if we can't be bothered with the time it takes for normal rice on the hob!

      Defrosting - weirdly on the defrost setting, it beeps a minute before the time is up (you adjust the dial to the weight of what you're defrosting). I generally use this setting when I've frozen cauliflower cheese, as if I just use the normal microwave setting it can end up with some bits hot and some bits still cold. I also use this setting for defrosting meat sometimes if we've got it out too late. Defrosting chicken like this is never really ideal, but not a problem if you're then going to cut it up and cook it slowly to make curry.

      Reheating - occasionally if for some reason I've let my food go cold, I just pop it back in the microwave for a minute or so.

      As with any microwaves it does make a bit of a noise when the timer goes off. If my boyfriend is asleep (the bedroom is directly above the kitchen) I tend to stand close to it and stop it just before the timer goes off.

      This is a fairly small microwave, and possibly when we get a new one we'll get one slightly larger. However, it is perfectly adequate for our limited use of it.

      This microwave isn't currently available, and I imagine is unlikely to be available again. One was recently sold on eBay for £16.55.

      However, having been impressed with this model, we would definitely consider a Daewoo microwave (apparently they make 10% of the world's microwaves) in the future when this one finally stops working.

      5 out of 5 stars from me and my boyfriend.


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      Short name: Daewoo KOR2000

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