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Daewoo KOR8AOR Touch Control

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    5 Reviews
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      03.10.2012 19:24
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A reliable appliance

      I've never been a great fan of microwave ovens and detest microwaved pub meals, but one can't deny that they do come in handy now and again. My black Daewoo KOR8A0R certainly looks the part. Its has a reflective black finish and probably seems more expensive than it actually cost. Neatly positioned down the right hand side are the blue LCD timer display, 8 touch button controls, large silver time/weight quantity knob and 2 start and stop buttons. The window on the door conveniently allows you to inspect your food whilst it's cooking. At 12.5kg it is quite a heavy item. I just about managed to shift it about myself but you may need someone to help you. I also wouldn't describe it as compact - with dimensions of 465 x 279 x 366mm it will take a lot of your work space if you have a small kitchen.

      The touch buttons consist of auto cook - for using set programs, auto defrost, chilled meal (used for reheating meals), soup sauce, quick defrost and clock (for setting clock/timer). I found the auto cook button very handy and it's the one I use most of the time. One press allows you to cook fresh vegetables, you push it twice to cook frozen vegetables, 3 times for jacket potatoes, 4 times for rice/pasta. The dial knob then allows you to set the weight of the food. I cook pasta quite a lot and the results are always satisfactory although with past and rice you have to keep switching off or pause the cooking in order to give it a stir. The appliance can be switched off and the door opened at any time during cooking/defrosting.

      Cooking with the microwave is quite easy, you simply position your food in a suitable container on to the glass dish in the centre. A bowl of pasta for 4 people will take about 10 minutes. Most meat and fish dishes take less than 10 minutes whilst most vegetables cook in under 5 minutes. I've yet to use a Microwave oven that cooks a decent jacket spud and this one is no exception - they either come out too mushy or with hard uncooked lumps in them. As such I usually just use the Microwave to soften them up for two to three minutes before transferring them to a gas oven.

      As mentioned earlier the microwave has an auto defrost mechanism that can be used to defrost foods by weight. You set the weight of the food to be defrosted and the microwave automatically sets the defrosting time and power level. I've only used it once but it seems to work effectively. An alarm sounds with a short ring at the end of cooking/defrosting time.

      There is a clock on the oven that shows up in blue LCD numerals. The clock appears when the timer is not being used. I never used the clock because you have to reset it every time you switch on the oven and I don't believe in leaving appliances switched on. It should also be mentioned that the microwave comprises a useful child safety lock to stop children interfering with your cooking.

      The microwave is simple enough to clean. The interior consists of an acrylic surface which is easy to wipe with a damp cloth and the circular glass tray can easily be taken out washed with your other dishes.

      The Daewoo KOR8A0R is a little noisy but not too invasive. When it's switched on I do find myself having to turn up the TV or radio if the news is on, but I do live in an echoey flat with the kitchen adjacent to the living room.

      The users manual is simple enough and avoids the unnecessary technical jargon. There are lists of typical microwave foods such as baby food, baked beans, baked spuds etc. There is also a selection of recipes such as French onion soup and honeyed chicken. Alongside each food/dish type are the weights, cooking times and special tips. There is also a utensil guide informing you of the utensils that are safe to use inside the microwave.

      I bought this Microwave when I was in the process of moving into a new flat and I still hadn't got round to buying a 'proper' oven. It was purchased over 2 years ago on Amazon for £58. It still works fine but I am a light user and would say I've used it once or twice a week on average. All in all it seems a reliable appliance and one which I would recommend.


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        15.11.2011 01:23
        Very helpful


        • Reliability



        At £49.99 (Amazon) I felt we were getting a bargain with this microwave, seeing as even the most basic of microwaves seems to be nearer that price mark but with no brand name attached and no real promise of quality or longevity.

        At a meagre 135 grams this isn't a bulky piece of kitchen equipment. Ours arrived boxed, in nice Daewoo branded packaging. Opening the box: well we got what we paid for. Our black Daewoo microwave. I'll be honest and say I have never seen a black microwave before, but it does seem to fit into our neutral themed kitchen. There was also a manual in there but that's a bit pointless unless you've been locked in a cupboard for 30 years and don't know what a microwave is ;).

        The plate that sits inside the microwave arrived bubble wrapped - I assume to avoid smashing in transit. As it's glass, it's easy to clean and dries quickly.

        Setting up the microwave is pretty straight forward as it's a plug in and programme the time in. The cord is pretty generous, but seeing as we have loads of plugs all over our walls this isn't a concern for me - I'm just mentioning it in case you're short on plugs. It's an 800 watt microwave which means it packs a punch, on top of that it has a 23 litre capacity and is very deep.

        It's not a bulky microwave, but it's not the most compact. It sits in the corner of our kitchen, on the counter top and doesn't take up too much space in our relatively small kitchen (and limited surface space.) There is also a child lock on the microwave which is reassuring for any parent with kids who're old enough to reach the microwave but not old enough to use it safely.

        Cooking: what I like about this microwave is that it has an acrylic rust proof inside - perfect! We haven't had any splatters inside the microwave so I can't comment on the cleaning of this product but I would assume it's done with relative ease based on the inside material. Food cooks quickly but I have to say when we reheated some pasta, it didn't necessarily cook evenly as there were some cold spots on the food - this might be more to the time set on the cooking of the pasta so until I use it more I can't say it cooks evenly or not.

        Settings: the cooking reminder 'beeps' are quite loud - not disturbing loud, but if your kitchen is next to the living room, with both doors closed and the TV on then you will hear the beep once something has been cooked ;). The microwave has the defrost setting, with options to select different meats or vegetables to be defrosted. There are many cooking options; jacket potatoes, soups and all kind of other things I won't use it for - but it's nice to have the option :P.

        Overall this microwave gets the thumbs up from me - especially for the price range it's in. It performs wonderfully, does most of what it says on the tin and the black colour is a bonus for me - less mess! The 23 litre capacity is a bonus for most families and with the child lock as a safety feature I would say this is a family friendly microwave. 5 stars from me!


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          21.12.2010 16:49
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          A good looking, functional microwave

          We recently bought this microwave as part as we have just moved home and this is one of the many things we had to buy. It was a bit of a gamble as we just saw it on the internet and hoped for the best. Fortunately, things worked out with this!


          The microwave has a 23 litre capacity and has an output of 800W. In terms of size it is 465 x 279 x 366mm and weighs about 12kg. Be warned, the box for it is a big old thing though and can be awkward to carry!!


          In terms of looks, the microwave certainly looks very sleek. The whole thing is a glossy black cloour and has silver buttons and dials. The best way to describe the overall look of the microwave is modern.


          There are lots of buttons on the microwave and at first it can seem a bit much but you soon realise that they all serve a purpose.
          * Auto-defrost - As the name suggests, this defrosts the food based on its weight. All you need to do is select the type of food (meat, fish, etc) and the microwave selects the power and time necessary. Very simple.
          * Auto-cook - just select the type of food you want to cook and use the dial to choose the weight and the microwave does the rest for you. This setting can also be used to reheat food.
          * Chilled Meal - Used to reheat a meal. As with the auto-cook, just select the weight and that's it.
          * Frozen Meal - Used to cook frozen meals. Again, just select the weight.
          * Soup / Sauce - Used to reheat soups and / or sauces. Just select the weight again!
          * Micropower - Change the level of power that the microwave is using. I have never used this and, to be honest, have never really understood why it is needed!!
          * Quick Defrost - Defrost meat in double quick time!
          * Clock -Set the time using the dials. This can be either a 12hr or 24hr clock.
          * Start / Express Cook - Start the microwave and increase reheat time by 30 seconds at a time.
          * Stop / Clear - Cancel the current program.

          DAILY USAGE

          In terms of using the microwave, I can have no complaints at all. Everything I have cooked in there has come out fine. I like the fact that when the microwave has finished it beeps three times, and then beeps three times every minute or so until the door is opened. While this can get annoying, it is often more helpful than not.

          I also like the fact that the door can be opened at anytime regardless of whether or not the microwave is in operation. This, and the fact that you can see through the front into the microwave, make it much easier to keep an eye on what you are cooking. If you do open the door mid operation, then once you close it again the program just continues from where it left off.

          My only criticism could be that some of the buttons are exactly needed. Specifically, the button to heat frozen meals is somewhat pointless as all foods already have the time required on the packaging.

          The glass plate on the inside is also removable which makes the inside easy to clean and the plate can be washed with any other dishes.


          I am very pleased with this microwave. Don't get me wrong, this thing is nothing revolutionary - it wont change the way your life but it certainly does exactly what it is supposed to and does it well. It looks good, the controls are easy to use and I have no complaints at all. Im very glad I bought it and would definitely recommend it to others.


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            15.05.2009 19:19
            1 Comment


            • Reliability


            You can't get any better for the price well worth it

            We bought this Microwave about 7 months ago and it was a great buy. The black shiny casing is classy and funky, stands out in the kitchen as you would expect. Saying that it shows up dust and finger prints very easily! The inside is large which is a plus and apparently has some sort of new technology that works more effectively than normal microwaves, all that I can say is that it works very well and is quiet as well. The only problem I have with it is that though there is a wealth of different temperature settings, for frozen, one touch settings ect, it is difficult to get exact times with the timer dial. It will only recognize 10 second intervals and skips about easily, so for example getting 2 minutes 30 seconds can take some fiddling.
            If you want an expensive looking microwave for half the cost I would recommend this as a winner


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              10.02.2008 13:46
              Very helpful



              Really nice microwave oven.


              Daewoo Electronics was established in 1971 and is now a global business in more than 40 countries worldwide. Daewoo Electronics Sales UK was established in November 1993.
              The company sells a wide range of goods from refrigeration and sound and vision products such as TV's, DVD and VCR players/recorders, as well as vacuum cleaners, washing machines and microwaves of course.

              In a microwave oven, electricity is converted into microwaves by the magnetron. Then they pass through the cooking containers to be absorbed by the water molecules in the food. The microwaves bounce off the metal walls and the metal door screen. The microwaves cause the water molecules to vibrate which causes friction which in turn causes heat. The heat then cooks the food.

              Towards the end of last year I had a new fitted kitchen. It was long awaited as my boyfriend did all the work including building an extension for the new kitchen (he also works full time). Work started in May and finished around October/November time. As he was doing all the grafting, I was looking online, around shops etc, looking for all the lovely new things I could put into my new kitchen. It wasn't until September time that I started thinking about a new microwave. My old one was actually my parents old one and we desperately needed a new one, so I thought I might as well get one to match the new décor. I chose the Daewoo KOR-8A0R, the main reason I chose this one was because of the colour and that it wasn't ridiculously priced like all of the other black microwaves I have seen. I paid £47.99 for it on Amazon.co.uk. I really didn't want anything fancy, just something that would heat and defrost. Is there anyone out there who actually uses the grill options? Well, I never have so I wasn't about to start now. I must admit that I didn't really want to pay as much as £47.99 but it was the cheapest black one around at the time.
              I have recently looked online at prices and Amazon still works out the cheapest at £47.99 and free p+p. I have also seen this appliance on Empiredirect.co.uk for £55.99 with free p+p and at Asda-electricals.co.uk for £43.94 with £7.99 p+p.

              23 litre capacity volume
              800W microwave output
              10 power levels
              59 minutes 99 second cooking timer
              Weight : 12.5kg
              Dimensions : 465 x 279 x 366mm
              Concave reflex syster : a more efficient emission of microwaves ensures food is cooked more quickly and evenly

              It is a really stylish microwave oven. Mine is black but it does come in grey also. It has a glossy sheen to it and does look stunning in the kitchen. It is a 'touch' microwave which means it has various options which can be used at the touch of a button. The door of the microwave has a viewing screen so that you can see the food cooking, which is handy.

              THE BUTTONS/KNOBS
              AUTO COOK - used to cook using a program or to reheat. You press this button once to cook fresh vegetables, twice to cook frozen vegetables, 3 times for jacket potatoes, 4 times for rice/pasta and 5 times to reheat pizza. Once you've chosen the option you want, you then have to turn the dial knob to set the weight of the food.

              AUTO DEFROST - used to defrost foods by weight. You set the weight of the food to be defrosted and the microwave automatically sets the defrosting time and power level. You push the button once for meat, twice for poultry, 3 times for fish and 4 times for bread.

              Chilled Meal - used to reheat the meal. You press this button followed by the dial knob to set the weight from 300g to 500g every 100g.

              Micro Power - used to set power level, there are 10 to choose from. These range from P-HI which is 100% of power to P-00 using 0% of power. The power level goes down by 10% each time you press this button. I must admit that I rarely press this button and use the microwave on the highest setting.

              Frozen Meal - used to reheat the meal. You press this button, followed by the dial knob to set the weight from 300g, 500g every 100g.

              Soup/Sauce - used to reheat. Once you press this button, you just have to turn the dial knob to set the weight of the food.

              Quick defrost - used to defrost 500g of minced meat very quickly.

              Clock - used to set the clock

              Dial knob - used to set the time and weight

              START/Express cook - used to start the oven operation and also increase the reheat time by 30 seconds each time you press it.

              STOP/Clear - used to stop the oven during operation or to erase all entries.
              You can also stop the oven during operation by opening the microwave door.

              An alarm sounds at the end of cooking/defrosting time. It also has a clock which can be turned to power saving mode by pressing the STOP/Clear button. The clock is easily set by pressing the clock button once for 12 hour clock and twice for a 24 hour clock. You then use the dial knob button to adjust the time, followed by the clock button once again to set it.

              The appliance also comes with a Child Safety Lock which prevents unwanted oven operation such as by small children. To set this you just press and hold the STOP/Clear button for 3 seconds, you can cancel this option by doing the same as above. This comes in very handy, as you can imagine, the last thing you want is for a child to open the microwave door and get burnt or scalded.

              The microwave has an acrylic cavity which is easy to clean, durable and rust-proof.
              To clean the outside of the oven you can use soap and water and then rinse and dried with a soft clean cloth.
              The inside of the oven should be cleaned on a regular basis. Use a damp cloth with or without a mild detergent to clean splatters or spilled liquids.
              The removable glass tray (made of heat resistant glass) can be removed and washed with warm soapy water or placed in a dishwasher. (I prefer the latter as I have never had a dishwasher before and I dishwash everything at the moment). I think my human dishwasher (my boyfriend) has been on strike since we've had the dishwasher!

              USERS MANUAL
              The users manual is very easy to follow and is set out in step by step form. It gives you examples of the food you want to cook/defrost and what setting it should be on.

              It includes a utensil guide which tells you what utensils are safe to use inside the microwave;
              For example
              They recommend you use aluminium foil, freezer bags and grease-proof paper.
              They tell you that you can use china and earthenware, disposable polyester and cardboard dishes, polystyrene cups, glassware, paper plates/cups and plastic for limited use.
              And they say that it is not recommended that you use metal or newspaper.

              The manual also gives you advice on using your microwave safely, do's and don'ts. A lot of this is common sense.

              It tells you about cooking techniques, all pretty boring if you ask me, but it's there just in case. It gives you information about cling film, the shape of foods, arranging the food in the microwave and covering certain foods.

              At the end of the manual they have given a few handy recipes such as Tomato and Orange Soup, Omelettes, Honeyed Chicken and Scrambled Eggs.

              Using the appliance is very simple, you just place food into a suitable container and into the microwave. You then use the 'touch' buttons or the dial knob to operate the correct function. The microwave oven automatically cooks on full power unless set to a lower power level. The appliance can be stopped and the door opened at any time during cooking/defrosting. This makes it easy to check food to see if it's nearly done or to give the container a shake as a lot of ready meals ask you to do this. You then just have to close the door again to continue cooking/defrosting, it then starts automatically so you don't have to press the start button once again.
              I have used this appliance quite a lot, mainly for heating and cooking. I find it works very well but I can't see any difference between this microwave and my old one. It does exactly what a microwave is supposed to. I've defrosted mince and chicken in it, but find that it slightly cooks the edges, especially of the chicken. When I defrost minced meat in it, I tend to break off the defrosted bits and place them on a different plate. I have had this problem with every microwave I've used and would love to hear from anyone who has not experienced this.
              I must admit to mainly use the dial knob to time the food myself. I think it's a lot less complicated, and these days most food packets tell you exactly how to cook/re-heat/defrost the food in a microwave, they even tell you different times for different wattages! So, in a way, there is no need for all the extra buttons - in my opinion.
              I think that this microwave does exactly what I want it to, and it looks good in my kitchen (when it's tidy). I would recommend it unless you want one with more features such as a grill.


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            • Product Details

              The Daewoo KOR8AOR Microwave Oven has a large 23 litre cavity capacity 800W microwave power output and Dual Wave Microwave system that ensures even cooking results.The Concave Reflex System is a more efficient emission of microwaves ensuring food is cooked more quickly and evenly.Additional features include 10 power levels auto cook child safety lock to keep little fingers getting into trouble and easy to use Touch controls. / Short name: Daewoo KOR8A0R

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