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DeLonghi AM717CPT

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2010 18:43
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      a fair microwave

      Delonghi Microwave AM717CPT......................

      Having put up with our old microwave working but without a light for the last few years we decided on purchasing another one. We did try to change the bulb in the old one but it appears this wasn't possible without taking the whole thing to pieces. Anyhow the old microwave itself was looking a bit tired and I do like my new shiny things. Plus I didn't feel too bad as we were able to give the old one to someone Himself works with so recycling it too!

      This Delonghi microwave was on a special offer in Argos not too long ago and because we wanted a silver and black digital one this worked out pretty much the cheapest available which impressed me seeing as Delonghi is a good brand. I paid £49.99pence for the microwave and I do believe there was £10 off as it is now going for £59.99p on the Argos website. This is a very good price for any digital microwave so we snapped it up.

      The packaging the microwave came in was perfect and the outer cardboard box had handles cut out of it which made carrying it easy and it was only light so I was able to carry it myself without too much struggle (only with opening the car door!) It was simple to unpack and really there is no need for any set up as you literally just unpack, plug it in and then your off.

      The look of the microwave is just perfect for what we wanted and Himself pointed out that it was more or less identical to the one we had just given away but I shooed him away and let me get on with working out what all the buttons did. AS usual there was a manual booklet which wasn't overly large but I didn't really look through it because I didn't feel it was necessary and I do prefer to work these things out on my own.

      The specifications on this microwave are not overly impressive but really they are adequate for all our microwaving needs. It is a 700 watt and that makes it a category D which is the same as we had last time and I feel a good power as too much more and thing become cooked far too quickly and I wouldn't be able to gage the time for certain items (yes I know I should look at the instructions for cooking on the back of things but as with instruction booklets I tend to think I know best!).

      The microwave was exactly the same size as the previous one we had meaning that it fit the space perfectly and no alteration of anything was needed. The size of the microwave is 25.8cm in height, 43.3cm in width and 33cm in diameter. I think this is one the small side for a lot of microwaves but it is a good size for us so I guess it is just really what you are looking for when buying one. This micro has a cooking capacity of 17 litres which I am not too sure how this applies when cooking everyday food but I think it at least gives you something to compare when looking at which one to buy!

      The look of the microwave is good even if it does need a fair bit of polishing on a daily basis with the highly glossy glass but with a duller stainless steel edging. The inside of the microwave is a painted grey colour and of course has the standard glass turn plate and runners which is a size of 24.5cm. The light bulb again appears to be deep inside the machine and probably impossible to change.

      On the outside of the machine there are five different buttons and one turning knob. These buttons are for defrosting/microwave setting/clock, power and time/30 second start and a cancel button and the know is for changing the timer weight and menu.

      Here are the proper specifications as listed in the product description:
      ïf~ 5 Power Settings
      ïf~ 1 Defrost Setting
      ïf~ 8 Auto start/cook
      ïf~ Auto weight/defrost
      ïf~ Child Safety lock
      ïf~ 24 hour clock
      ïf~ 95 minute timer
      ïf~ Weight 10.7kg

      I can pretty much say even that after working out what these buttons did and how I could use them there is pretty much only the one button that I end up using and that is the 30 seconds one. I mostly keep the microwave turned off at the mains due to not wanting to run the power it takes to keep a digital clock on when I would never look at it and seeing as we don't use a microwave that often I find it easy just to keep turning it on and off at the plug. So because I do this the time is never set and when I began to press around trying to set up the right time for things I found it far better and easier just to push the 30 second button for a few times and most thing I cook in the micro only need a few minutes so this works perfectly.

      Of course the option is there for defrosting and this is easy to select and easy to get working. I think the other options are pretty unnecessary for my use of the micro and I will probably only use the ones I have mentioned.

      I haven't really found any major problems with the use of this microwave apart from one slightly annoying one and that it is beep which lets you know that the food is ready and the microwave is turning off. The makers seemed to think that it would be a good idea to put in at least three extra beeps that I find very annoying as I was so used to a beep, beep, beep but now I get over double that and apart from not only sounding wrong it just makes so much noise especially when using it at night I am worried it might wake the little man.

      Apart from that though, the microwave works well and does its job as it should. It looks nice and I paid a fairly reasonable price for it. I think I would give a score of 3 out of 5 stars and really the minus marks are for having the really annoying beeps which gets to be so much I have marked it down 2 stars for this fact along.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.
      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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