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Hinari MX 745GLSL

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    3 Reviews
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      28.08.2010 13:12
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Pretty good buy especially if you have a tendancy to forget that your using it!

      We got this microwave about 19 months ago. Its been A OK so far and works just fine. It is pretty standard and looks good with its shiny finish (that shiny you can check your make up!) and stylish dials. It feels pretty sturdy and like it has been made well and opens and closes smoothly.

      It has a couple of little niggles that are rather annoying too me but do not stop it from being a reliable little microwave.

      One of my fist niggles is the beep, it is very loud and severe sounding but to be honest i probably would never have noticed this if it wasn't for its incredible desire to screech this beep at you for up to half an hour every minute or so if you don't open the door after using it. I don't know about other people but sometimes i want to microwave my peas and leave them in the microwave to keep warm whilst i finish cooking my steak and serve it up.
      But Hinari does not allow this as it assumes you have the memory of a goldfish and have obviously forgotten about your peas if you don't open the microwave door immediately! My old microwave never did this but i can see how it could be useful but it is rather harsh on the ears if your stood in the same room.

      My other niggle although this is rather a small niggle is that you need to use the twisty dial to set the cooking time which is a bit annoying as it only goes up in 10 seconds at a time. Most of the time this is fine but if you want to melt chocolate etc.. you need to use the other settings like defrost to make sure you don't burn it.

      But other than that its reliable, looks good and touch wood it's been just fine.


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      05.10.2009 01:38
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An excellent, quick heating and very stylish microwave.

      My Reasons For Purchasing The Hinari Lifestyle Microwave:
      Over the last ten years or so I have gone through about five different Microwaves ovens. Well I have four daughters and between the making of their feeds when they where small and just the everyday use they got, I guess I just wore them out very quickly. I found most of the Microwaves I previously owned all ended up getting a small hole in the inside of the plastic micra waveguard cover, that looked as if it had been scorched or something. Well I do not know how it was caused, but I guessed my older teenaged daughters might have left a metal spoon or fork in a bowl while heating up some food inside them. Of course no one owned up to doing this.

      Well my fourth microwave 'a Delongi' which cost £99, died last year. I was really very annoyed when it did as I only had it for around 18 months. I was paying average prices for these microwave ovens and was getting slightly peeved off at them not lasting me very long. I then decided to look for a slightly cheaper microwave oven than what I had previously bought, as I thought 'what's the point really' of wasting too much money on an appliance that probably would not last me more than a year or two.

      Well I live in a very small town and our main shop here for electrical goods is Argos. I had a browse online on their website at what they had to offer and noticed an attractive, silver Hinari Microwave for £49.99. I also noticed it was available in a beautiful, shiny, new modern black colour also and I just had to have it really when I set eyes on it. It really looked very stylish and modern to me at that time. Well the black colour in this make was £10 more than the silver one. I did check out all the other features it had also and made sure it was 800 watts and that it had what I needed on board it also. I booked it online and was able to collect it that very same day, which was useful as I could not go without one for too long.

      My Hinari microwave came in a large brown cardboard box with black writing printed on it of the Hinari name etc. It looked ok, but nothing eye-catching. Well I could not carry or really lift it, as it was quite heavy, but thankfully my husband could. It fitted into our car boot well, but this must be transported the right way up (It states this on the box) This is because of the many glass bits and pieces, and the motor etc inside it. Well just keep it upright at all times as recommended by the large printed warning sign on the box for obvious reasons if you do decide to buy one.

      On first opening the box (which was not too hard really) my hubby and I found the microwave tightly packed with those awful (but useful) white polystyrene blocks. After eventually prising out the contents we both lifted the microwave out and onto the floor. It certainly is well packed in there, but certainly well protected. I would recommend two people to lift this out though, as it is heavy.

      What's In The Box:
      Inside the box that comes with this Hinari black microwave you will also find a useful instruction manual (which is easy to read and follow by the way) your clear glass microwave turning plate and plastic wheeled rim that it sits on. These where all well wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic. A little guarantee card can also be found with the instruction manual and you should fill this in and post it off to Hinari.

      First impressions Of My Hinari Microwave:
      On first seeing my new Hinari microwave I really was very impressed with it. It looked even better than what it did in the photograph online. It was very attractive and was really very stylish indeed! It is a microwave though and of course it is quite a bulky item, but it certainly looked great and I was more than pleased with it overall and with it's very eye catching and overall modern design it had.

      Set Up Of The Hinari Microwave:
      Well as I have said above, I would recommend two people to lift this microwave up onto your worktop as it is quite heavy. Once we had it in our desired location (utility room) We unwrapped the cord and plug, plugged it in and heard a little bleep. This let us know that it was in working order. You are quite restricted to setting this microwave near a plug socket though. It is a big and bulky appliance, so make sure you have room near a Socket first for it. Well I actually did not have the space in my awkwardly designed kitchen, so that's why my microwave ended up in my 'cupboard' of a utility room.

      The cord length on this Hinari is around three foot long by the way and is black in colour. Our Hinari was right up against a plug socket, so we where able to tuck the excess lead neatly behind the microwave and out of sight. Well next I opened the door and set the turntable ring inside of it and then gently set on top of it the glass plate. You need to sort or fumble about with the glass plate to get it sitting flat and level on the turntable though. Well that is it really with the set up. A few minutes is all it took.

      A little Warning On Setting This Microwave Up:
      When you have your microwave in place on your worktop, you must leave a clearance of 10cm from the wall, 20cm in height (if underneath a cupboard) and 5cm clearance either side of it. Do not push a microwave right up close against wall. It has loads of vents and needs to breath. This can cause your microwave to break and blow a fuse like my friends did. She had hers pushed right up against a wall and luckily it was just the fuse inside it that blew when it overheated.

      This Hinari microwave is the usual size of most standard microwaves. It is roughly about 2 foot wide by around 1 ½ foot in depth 'for those who have not purchased one before'. The actual size is 45.8cm (w)x29.5cm (h)x38cm. It is made out of a thick metal material that is finished of in a lovely shiny black metal paint. Well the two sides and top of the casing are finished in this lovely black gloss. The back is not black, but of a cream metal instead.

      The front off this Hinari is mostly made up of the door and the display control panel. Well the door to this microwave is really the nicest feature on it in my opinion and really sets of the whole design of it. The door has a very small edge right around it in that lovely shiny black plastic, but is mostly fronted in this absolutely beautiful, black tinted, mirrored glass. Well it does give this effect to me, but looking at it again, the blackness and mirrored effect might be reflected through from behind the glass, but whatever it is, it really is very nice and certainly eye catching in design. Also on the front of the door is a little microwave symbol and across the bottom the words Hinari Lifestyle are nicely printed in white.

      Also on the front of the door of this Hinari microwave is a lovely shiny, chrome effect, plastic handle. This handle runs from the top of the door, to near the bottom on the far right side of the door. It is about an inch thick and is tube like in deign. It is rounded off at each end. It really is a very nice and modern looking feature. It is very strong, well made and has no bumps, scratches or weakness in it after a year of use. Overall it is comfy to hold and does it's job well.

      On opening up the microwave door, the other side of it is again finished in that lovely shiny black plastic and it also has a plastic clear panel with the microwaves observation panel fitted into it. Two strong, thick black door catches are also fitted and two metal (good opening) door hinges also. Once closed again and your microwave is in use, the observation window is very clear to see through when your foods cooking and the light is on.

      The whole inside of this microwave in cased in cream plastic. This cannot be noticed from the outside when the door is closed though. Two vents are situated on either side and also on the right side is the metal mica waveguide cover. A little light is fitted behind the panel also. The bulbs do go in the light and are not recommended to be changed unless it is done by a professional. My hubby can change them though.

      Product Features:
      *20 litre Volume.
      *Mirrored finish door.
      *6 different power levels.
      *Neon blue LED control display.
      *95 minute timer.
      *Express cooking.
      *Size; 45.8cm (w)x29.5cm (h)x38cm.
      *Weight 15kg.
      *800 watts. States on dooyoo 700 watts. Amazon says 800 watts there also?

      The Control Panel:
      The control panel on this Hinari sits to the right of the door. It really is very nice looking and finished in that lovely mirrored black glass again, that matches the door. On the control panel you will find a nice LED display window. This lights up in a beautiful neon blue colour and looks very attractive at night. The numbers and letters are quite a good size when it is lit up and are very easy to see in my opinion. This is where your time, clock, power levels and settings all can be seen when using the six different buttons that control it.

      The six button controls are really finished off lovely also and fit into the whole deign of this microwave well. They are finished in a beautiful shiny chrome. They are quite small really 'about the size of a penny' but they are easy enough to use and press in.

      Button one ~ This is to set the power level.
      Button two ~ The Auto Defrost button.
      Button three ~ To set the clock.
      Button four ~ Weigh defrost to select weight of food.
      Button five ~ To start cooking or set your Quick start.
      Button six ~ To halt cooking times or clear them.

      At the bottom and underneath these controls, you will find a larger silver wheel. This is also made of that lovely shiny chrome (although this is plastic, but well made) and can be easy turned around and adjusted to control your time menu, your set to cook times and your auto menu code. This works very easily once you have got used to it really.

      Well to be honest I found most of the controls easy to work when I first bought this microwave, but a few, like the 'weigh to defrost your food control' was a little complicated at first. It took me a week or two to get used to this. I really do not use this much anyway, as I prefer to defrost my frozen food in the fridge than in my microwave. When you do use this function though and you set inside 'say 'some bread, you just close the door, press the second button down, which is the Auto defrost control. Then hit the fourth button down, which is the weigh and control button and it will tell you on the LED screen what it weighs and how long you need to defrost it for. Once this is set you then go to the quick start button and hit it on. Well I do not really like this feature as I say and it does take a bit of getting used to at the start. It does work well though when you get the hang of it.

      All the other controls on this Hinari microwave work very easily indeed. The quick start (my favourite and most used function) when pressed, goes up in multiples of thirty seconds. This is a handy feature for heating up a cup of tea etc or to heat something for just a few seconds more. The wheel control at the bottom though can be used to set your desired times quicker for longer cooking times, by just turning it and setting it rather than pressing the multiple of thirties on the quick start function.

      Setting the clock etc is easy enough to do also. It is a 24 hour digital clock. This will knock off though if you unplug this microwave and you will have to reset it. Well to set it you just hold the clock control for a few seconds until you see the 24 display and until it flashes. You then turn your control wheel knob until the time is displayed. You then turn the wheel clockwise to increase the time and of course turn it anti-clockwise to decrease it. When your desired time is set and correct, just hit the clock button again. I figured this out in no time at all really, so it is easy enough to do.

      Using My Hinari Microwave For Cooking:
      There are six settings for power levels on this Hinari. I always have mine set on maximum power, which is 100%. This can be set with the very first button control on the display panel. You can of course press the button down a few times to lower power settings if required. This is all easy enough to do also in my opinion.

      Well I basically just use my Hinari microwave oven to heat things up in. I do not have much time or patience really, so that's why I have mine permanently set to maximum power. I just pop a suitable container, bowl, plate etc with the food in it, onto the glass tray and close the door. I do tend to use the quick setting a lot on this microwave though and if I am heating up soup for example, I would go to the quick start button, hit it six times (which is three minutes as it is multiple of thirty seconds) and I do not need to press another thing. After about two seconds from pressing it, the microwave automatically turns on power and away it goes. Simple.

      This Hinari is 800 watts in heat and I find my soup (for example) piping hot every time I heat it in there. It really heats evenly, but I do give my soup a stir when I lift it out. I do not really cook much in my microwave. I use it to heat things up like meals, beans, rice and to warm breads etc. It really is perfect for heating things right through and quite quickly. Of course more higher watts are now available in microwaves, but I really am used to 800 watts and over the years, of using microwaves really I have got used to this temperature setting.

      I have cooked (or browned) some minced steak in my microwave before and this was done in around five minutes and was piping hot also. It is great for rice and those awful TV dinners I try not to buy also. My husband works nights and he can just pop in a dinner I have made him beforehand and in under five minutes it's piping hot, heated perfectly and evenly right the way through.

      Well my daughters use this microwave probably more than I do. They are always heating up noodles, soups, beans or rice and they are both young teens and can work it very easily also. I do warn them to leave everything to cool (as recommended) for a minute before lifting it out though, just incase they get burnt or splattered.

      This Hinari microwave also has a childproof lock onboard for those adults with smaller children to use. I have never used this feature before on this microwave, but this feature can be set to lock, by disabling the control panel buttons. This can be easily be done by referring to the user manual that comes with it.

      This Hinari microwave can also be cut off from power by the off button or just by releasing the door catch. It is auto cut off when you pull the door open whenever you choose, like I do a lot. Probably not a good thing to do a lot though, but it is quicker for me than pressing the buttons.

      Well overall cooking (or heating) in this microwave is great. It really does it's job very well and I am extremely pleased with it. It is quite an easy microwave to use. I can not work my Mothers more digital advanced Bosch very well, but I found this Hinari easy to work and in a short enough space of time. The little user manual that you get with this microwave is very good though and leads you through every function, step by step and it is easy enough to follow if you need to refer to it.

      The Noise Of This Hinari:
      Well this is a microwave oven and I find all off them really have the same levels of noise to me. This one makes a droaning type of noise when the powers on. It is not too noisy really, but can be heard from another room. The little ding noise that microwaves usually make, is more of a bleeping one on this when your food is cooked or ready. When the time runs done it will automatically cut off the power and go ding a ling ling. No ding on this one. When you press the buttons to set your controls every time you press them down, it bleeps also.

      I have had my Hinari for just over one year now and it is still like the day I bought it. I use it a few times a day and there's neither a dent nor a scratch on it. The inside is still as new also. The micra safeguard panel inside it is also like new and no scorching has appeared on it like my old ones did after one year of using them. I do try to keep this clean and wipe it over regularly with a damp cloth though as this is apparently how the holes and scorching can occur in microwaves. Well this Hinari is certainly holding up very well. I really hope I get a few more years out of it.

      Cleaning And Maintaining:
      Warning: Before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance to my microwave oven, I always turn it off and take out the plug from the wall socket. This should be common sense, but it really would be dangerous to clean this appliance when it is still plugged in.

      Note also: According to guidelines for microwaves ovens the door seal area must be kept clean at all times. This is to stop the possibility of microwaves escaping by a distorted seal by trapped food particles etc. I just wipe my seal over with a soapy damp cloth every week, but if dirty after use, you should clean this then.

      Well after I turn my microwave off at the wall. I usually clear it out. I would pop the glass plate into the dishwasher, as it is safe to do so. I take out the plastic turntable ring and wash this as I would my dishes. The inside of this microwave can be cleaned with a soapy damp cloth and then dried off with a tea towel. Sprays and cleaners are NOT recommended inside. Food splatters are easy to clean off when done so straight after cooking.

      My microwave is black, shiny and the door is a mirrored glass effect and it's not too hard to keep clean really. I usually give it all a good clean down though, with a damp soapy cloth, dry it with a tea towel and then buff it up to mirror finish again with another cotton dry tea towel. I would do this probably once a week. For little finger marks I find a tea towel rubbed over them will take them off.

      Tips For Removing Odours From your Microwave:
      I find odours from curries etc can be easily removed by adding the juice and skin of a fresh lemon into a cup of water. Set the cup inside your microwave and turn in on for up to five minutes. You can put this into a microwave bowl also. Well when it is done, take out the cup or bowl and dry your microwave well with a dry cloth. Problem solved.

      Other cleaning and maintenance procedures should be referred to in the user manual that comes with this Hinari microwave oven. Other warnings and safety instructions for this microwave also can be found in the user manual which is handy to read over and know about really.

      My Overall Opinion Of The Hinari Black Microwave Oven:
      Well Overall I am extremely pleased with my Hinari microwave oven. It does perfectly for what I bought it for and that is mainly to heat my food up quickly in. I have had it for over one year now and it still looks and performs like the very first day I bought it. I find it extremely easy to use by just pressing a button really and this suits me fine and saves me time in my kitchen.

      The overall appearance of this Hinari microwave is really lovely also. It matches well with my modern décor and kitchen and it looks stunning finished in the glossy black. I am really glad I bought this colour in this make instead of the silver one now. Well lots of my friends and family have admired this beauty also. It really is hard not to. Everyone who sees it in my home wants one. It really catches your eye with it's glossy black finish and mirrored door. The LED, neon blue display really is very attractive on it also and looks lovely lit up at night when the rest of my utility room is dark.

      I just wish I had a better designed kitchen to show this microwave off a little more and to admire it myself, as I find its beautiful features wasted slightly with it being restricted to my utility rooms worktop. That is my kitchens fault though. If you have more worktops and a bigger kitchen than me then do buy this beauty and show it off. It certainly looks and works extremely well.

      I really would have to highly recommend this Hinari microwave at the moment to others, but will keep this review updated if any problems or change in my opinion of it. I certainly find this microwave, very quick at heating, easy to use and very stylish, so I really will at this moment in time have to give it a full five out of five stars.

      The Hinari microwave is one of the cheapest ones I have actually bought in the years of using these appliances and I would have to say it certainly is the best and nicest looking one out of the whole lot of the other ones I have used before put together. A huge thumbs up from me and very highly recommended. A real pleasure to have and to use in my home.

      This Hinari black microwave that I have does not seem to be online in Argos anymore. It was only out on the market, just over one year ago, but I have searched the Argos site for recent prices for it and cannot seen to find it. Well it can however be bought in many other places online. The cheapest I found it at was £64. It has gone up in price it seems from when I bought it one year ago, but I think the black colour in appliances is more popular getting now than the silver so this must be why.



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        14.05.2009 00:00
        1 Comment



        A good buy and good value for money

        This microwave is very functional for the price. It has a helpful and easy to use interface with a few buttons to select the type of cooking and a knob to twist and adjust the time or weight. The internal space is reasonable although we cannot fit some of our larger plates in easily. The inside is relatively easy to keep clean and the base plate and runners are removable. The quick start option is excellent and very handy. You push the button to increase the time by 30 second increments and then it starts automatically. The rubber feet give the unit good stability and appear to be hard wearing. The outside mirror finish looks good but is very hard to keep clean and any smudges or finger marks are very apparent. The display is very bright and easy to read and the bleeps for when it has finished are easily heard from the next room. It is quiet compared to other microwaves that I have owned.


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