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Microwave Type: Countertop / Cooking Power: 800 Watts / Convection Cook: Without Convection Cook / Capacity: 19 liter / Exterior Depth: 10.66 in. / Exterior Height: 9.22 in. / Exterior Width: 14.93 in

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    1 Review
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      01.11.2010 20:00
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      We'd recommend this brand and this model.

      When microwaves first came out, we had a Sharp one - big and clumpy it was, but it lasted ages and it was so simple to use, even I could master it. (Basically there were few features other than on and off!) Eventually, this machine became an embarrassment according to my wife and we bought an LG machine.

      We were very happy with that and again it lasted us for years, but when we moved to our current house, she didn't want a white microwave - she wanted a stainless steel one. So having been happy with the LG brand, we went for them again and bought the LG MS1983ALH.

      It's fairly small in terms of capacity at 0.67 cubic feet, but it's big enough for us.

      We have been very pleased with this particular model. For the first few weeks you need to keep the instruction manual to hand because the combination of button presses etc to access the various features is hard to remember.

      I particularly like the variability of cooking options. Even when you set everything to automatic, you can still tweak this up or down via the 'More or Less' setting to your own preference.

      The two stage cooking is something I had never previously tried and I also like the different power levels which allow you to maintain control of the microwave. I now use it regularly when baking for etc for softening butter and for defrosting, for those times when you have left it too late to cook anything fresh.

      The days of microwaved food being hard on the edge and soft in the middle have gone and I can't remember the last time we had a 'mistake'. Last weekend, I used it at the lowest power setting to raise my yeast dough, so that I could bake bread rolls to go with our home made soup. (It did the job, but the rolls did turn out a bit hard and needed to be dunked for a full minute in the soup to be at all edible, but that was the fault of our range cooker, not the microwave!)

      Where I'm not sure of the setting, I don't stray far from the machine and trial and error comes into play. Scrambled eggs is a favourite of mine but I can't abide it rubbery, so this needs to be timed to the second. My wife hates the smell of eggs. I cook it in a big coffee cup and she hates my leaving the empty cup for the egg to harden. I have to clean it straight away, but I don't like cold egg so we argue all the time over that. Before microwaves, we never used to have scrambled egg! Life was simpler.

      We have found this model to be easy to use, easy to keep clean and very reliable and if we ever need to change it, we would opt once more for an LG machine.


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    • Product Details

      The LG MS-1983ALH 800 Watts Microwave Oven has a capacity of 0.67 cu / ft / / Short name: LG MS-1983ALH

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