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LG MS2347GR Wavedom

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2010 21:00
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      • Reliability


      A good microwave but if I could afford to, I'd take a hammer to it for that beeping.

      Please forgive the non tech review. Trying to speak tech wold be like me trying to speak Chinese, I'd just look an idiot, and bore everyone to tears.

      I have to be honest in that I bought this microwave only because it was the cheapest one available that was big enough to suit my husband - I am not quite sure why he wants a big microwave, he rarely uses anything in the kitchen anyway, but it wasn't worth arguing ;) I think it was £38.

      I have had this microwave less than two years. I am disappointed that the paint has really started to peel off inside, making it get all rusty inside. The plastic seems to have all yellowed a bit as well, and it looks much older than it is. Other than that though I really can not complain.

      I will say my last microwave lasted for 8 years and was bought for £10 at a boot sale so I may be judging by older standards. Still I think this microwave does a great job heating. It takes about 90 seconds to heat a cup of water hot enough for tea in an emergency when the kettle has broken down. It does heat or defrost very evenly, which is brilliant, as many microwaves seem to be very uneven in heating.

      The microwave has a number of auto cook features, and claims to have a European menu with settings for such exotic foods as baked beans and scrambled eggs. I may not be a rocket scientist, but I really can heat a dish of beans without a special setting. at any rate, i have never used these features, just the basic heat and defrost, and I am quite happy with both.

      The microwave has one other feature I hate. When something is done cooking it will beep, and continue to beep until you go and remove it. The beep is extremely high pitched and quite loud. It will even send the dog dashing from the kitchen. So if I would get busy with the baby and not be able to get back to it it would beep forever. Plus if you are walking a child to sleep, you can not go back in a room with a horrible shrill beep to shut the bloody thing off! Overall operating noise is not bad at all, but what is the point of having a quiet operation followed by that migraine inducing beep?

      Finally the energy rating on this appears horrible. It is 850 watts and rated "E". Unfortunately despite spending some time trying to find out, I still do not know what the norm is for microwaves as far as energy ratings. I looked up several other models online and none gave their energy rating like most appliances do. Still, with A being the best, I can not help but assume my microwave is lacking in this regard, but I have not lowered the rating due to high energy usage as I cannot compare it to others. I have deducted one star for the rust though, but giving it full marks for performance, this ends up with four stars. I almost took another star for that beep though.


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