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Morphy Richards P80D20P

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    3 Reviews
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      17.03.2013 03:24
      Very helpful



      not the best

      As my previous microwave went bust all of a sudden with a spark and splutter, I have been forced to get a new one. This time around I decided to go for the cheapest one available from Argos, as we had some Argos vouchers to use up. That is how we came to buy this microwave from Argos for £50, when it was on clearance I think.

      It comes in a standard cardboard box with all the instructions. it is mostly silver coloured, with a black door through which you can see inside, although not very well. The specifications are:
      Weight 12 kg
      Capacity 20 litres
      Power 800 watts
      Turntable size 24.5 cm

      It is of a fairly standard size that can be easily accommodated on a kitchen counter. The cord is about 1m long.

      There are two dials that control the oven- the top one for power and the bottom one for time.
      The power dial has a defrost setting and a further five settings ranging from low to high. The time dial can be set in minutes upto 30 minutes. I must mention that the dials turn continuously and not from point to point, so strictly speaking you could set it at any level you wanted.

      There is no handle as such on the door. The grey bit beneath the dials opens the door when pressed.
      Inside, the oven is a standard white colour. The glass turntable sits on a roller that rotates when the oven is in operation. Although it looks a bit small on the inside, it is big enough to hold a standard sized dinner plate.

      Being a simple machine, the usage is also simple enough. I have been used to a digital microwave and I still haven't managed to get my timings on this one correct. I manage to spill my tea every single time unless I stand there and watch it and manage to save it in the nick of time. I have managed to burn or overheat quite a lot of things. With a digital one, you can accurately set the time and come back to find the food ready. With this one, it is not possible to set the exact time. Or perhaps I am lazy and simply prefer the ease of the digital machine.

      The oven has a light inside that comes on when it is functioning, and it is possible to see through and just about make out what is happening inside. The oven stops working when you open the door. However, you must remember to turn the timer back to zero or it will continue running when you close the door. Obviously, it is not able to tell if there is something inside.

      You do need a bit of trial and error to figure out what level of power and time to operate for different things. Another problem I have noticed is that I feel the turntable is not too steady on the roller, it always feels a bit loose and shaky.

      I would say the noise level is about average.

      Cleaning this oven is no hassle, just wipe with soapy water.

      Obviously, this is not the best machine but I guess you get what you pay for. It is enough to get by for minimal tasks like making tea and heating food, which is mostly what I use it for. As I am not prepared to have yet another oven go bust on me, I have taken out the Argos product warranty, which I think costs around £10.


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      24.01.2013 12:21
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Good buy

      The Morphy Richards microwave 800 Watts.
      This product is one of many for The Morphy Richards range, but unlike all the rest features two turning dials. It Has 6 different heat settings, and also has a defrost option. It is a manual control microwave. One dial is for the power and one is for the timer. It has an interior capacity of 20 litres and the glass plate is 24.5 cm in diameter. It comes with a cable plug that is about a meter long and the whle thing weighs about 12 kg.
      Can be found at any kitchen shop ranging in price from around £50-60

      So we have just moved into a new place and needed a new microwave, I didnt want one of those fancy ones where you have to press a million buttons so when i found this dial one it was perfect! Thats why we choose it, and also I'm lead to believe that Morphy Richards is a good brand and it was in the sale for £45. So, win-win. It came in a standard cardboard box with instructions, and it is silver in colour and a black window. Its big inside and when you plug it is it works straight away with no fuss. To use, just pick the heat setting you want by turning the dial, and the time you want by turing the second dial. Close the door and it starts. Note that if you open the door it will pause the time and stop, if you close it again it will continue. If you are finished though you nee to turn the timer to 0 otherwise it will keep going with nothing inside!

      I like this product as you know what your getting, Its easy to use, makes hardly any noise and looks fab. It does its job and since the plug in Iv had no problems. It also is big enough it fit large plates in. The only bad thing I can think of is if you wash the inside plate and dont put it back properly it can be wobbly, but thats the same with all microwaves!!!

      Brill for the money I paid and simple to use. I would recommend
      Thanks for reading and rating.



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        10.02.2012 01:44
        Very helpful



        For a basic and simple microwave, this offers good value

        This review is of the Morphy Richards P80D20P microwave, which was purchased from Argos for the special on-line price of 49.99 pounds and a voucher (although it is usually priced at Argos at 59.99 pounds or cheaper anyway).

        I've reviewed the functions I've used below, but as everyone will of course want different features from their microwave, the key pieces of product information are:

        - Capacity of 20 litres
        - 24.5 cms glass turn-table
        - Weighs 12kg
        - 6 power settings + defrost option
        - 800 Watts power

        The controls are manual, so you are required to turn dials rather than input numbers into a screen, so for those of us have been used to typing in numbers this feels like a slight step back in terms of precision and not being able to control the cooking for the exact second. The power settings are also easy to understand, as some digital displays can be quite fiddly to understand sometimes.

        However in terms of getting of used to manual controls, after using it for a few times, this didn't turn out to be a problem, it's easy enough to know how long the food is cooking for without needing that level of precision. It does mean if I just need to microwave some food for a few seconds I couldn't just set it five seconds as it wouldn't register, but it's easy enough of course just to set it for longer and count for five seconds, so again, this isn't a problem.

        The big advantage of the microwave is the price, you can get cheaper, but this seemed to offer just that bit more stability and robustness than the really cheap microwaves that can be found at places like Asda, Argos or on-line. Having said that, this model isn't made of the strongest stainless steel which more expensive models might be, so if robustness is very important, a more expensive microwave might be recommended instead of this one.

        It's not that large a machine (to be more precise 45 cms wide, 37 cms deep and just over 26 cms tall) so fits onto kitchen worktops easily. For those with limited space in the kitchen, this would be certainly be more acceptable than some other microwaves which can be surprisingly deep, even if the width and height are the same.

        Depending on how much you use the machine, it seems a little small inside, so for those that just use it occasionally, or live alone, etc, this would be ideal. For a machine that it used a lot, or for larger plates, this might not be of a sufficient size internally.

        For those wanting colour co-ordination, the microwave is silver and black, I'm not sure if other colours are available, but Argos didn't stock any other colours at the time of purchasing it.

        In terms of cooking the microwave is really difficult to comment on as it cooks as expected for an 800 watt machine, the turntable works fine, and so does its job as I would expect. Noise is hard to quantify, but it isn't any noisier or quieter than my previous machines, so I would suggest that this is average.

        The manual included with the machine is perfectly sufficient, there isn't really much to explain about the microwave. One thing I did notice though is that Morphy Richards don't have the manual for this on-line, microwaves are one of the few product ranges that they don't have, so I wonder whether they actually made this machine, or whether it has just been rebranded for companies such as Argos.

        Argos are selling for 10.99 pounds a three year warranty with the machine, including accidental damage. I never take these extras out, especially for a product that costs under 50 pounds, but the option is there for those that do want the extra warranty. It isn't actually clear how long the warranty is on the machine as no literature was included stating this, but I would assume a year is the standard manufacturer's warranty (although I assume under the Sale of Goods Act you could argue for Argos to warranty the machine for longer).

        The microwave is delivered with more than sufficient packaging, with styrofoam protection and also more than sufficient plastic wrapping, which if anything was a little fiddly to remove. However, it ensured that the machine arrived undamaged.

        Price-wise, not many places seem to sell this product on-line, so as mentioned, it may have been rebranded just for Argos and a limited number of other retailers. It seems to constantly be on sale, so it's not recommended to pay much more than 50-55 pounds for it, including delivery. At this price, it certainly performs as expected and is robust enough to be worth paying the extra ten or so pounds from the really cheap machines.

        Overall, recommended for what it does, easy to use, no complex panel to work out, easy to keep clean and ideal as a basic microwave.


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      Short name: Morphy Richards P80D20P

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