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Next 23 Litre 900W

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2011 07:58
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      A great looking, high power and capacity microwave which I highly recommend

      I recently needed to purchase a new microwave and after having gone through a number of cheaper ones over the past few years I took the decision to go for one from a company I feel I can trust and so whilst online on Next's website I decided to check out their range and found one which looked right for me so decided to take the plunge and give their own brand a try but has this proven to be a good decision?

      This is a large capacity microwave with a total of 23 litres capacity much bigger than any microwave I have previous owned. The large scale capacity is a really good thing to have available as it enables you to use this for a large variety of things that you may not have thought on previously like defrosting items in your microwave.

      This Next 23 litre microwave is a powerful piece of kit with a 900W cooking power which will allow for you to save time on cooking even the simplest things (the other day I was doing some micro rice and found that the cooking time was 1 minute 30 seconds rather than the usual 2 minutes).
      Intergrated with a 1000W grill this is a microwave which allows you to have multi-function cooking available which you can easily change thanks to simple control setup. You can use just the microwave function, just the grill or you can even use both at once.

      The control panel on this is very simple to use with 8 buttons and a knob which means that from day one you will understand what you are doing with this (something I did not find with my old microwave). If you are simply wishing to microwave something then you press the power button (once if you wish to have this on maximum power or multiple times to change the power usage) and then turn the knob to select your time you wish to microwave for and then click start/quick start.

      This microwave itself is a superb looking thing that I am delighted to have in my kitchen. The entire front of the microwave is a mirrored style which makes it look very good when you have it near anything which is chrome. The display is a very good quality digital one which allows for you to easily see what you are doing and the cooking time remaining.

      The door on this microwave is a simple pull open one which means no button for it and thankfully this is less to go wrong as with my previous microwave this is exactly what went wrong and was going to cost me quite a lot to be fixed.

      When your food is ready this will do as all microwaves do in beeping a few times at you but unlike a lot of other microwaves this will also give you reminder beeps if you have not collected the food after a couple of minutes which I think is a brilliant thing as you can genuinely not hear the microwave sometimes and forget you have put something in it if you have been distracted but this will ensure your food will not go cold.

      This is for many people going to seem a very expensive microwave at £80 but this is a 900W large capacity microwave which has grilling function in-built too. A fantastic looking microwave with a high quality digital display means that I would class this as a good value piece of kit.


      Overall I have been very impressed with this microwave since I purchased it as it is so simple to use and looks fantastic in my kitchen. The high power cooking saves me time with everything I cook in the microwave which is a great thing when I am doing something for myself and something for the wife as it ensures that we can eat at the same time without the others food having gone cold (when we are cooking a separate meal each). An in-built grilling function is an added bonus (not something I will use often) but for me the very stylish look and great quality of finish are the main reasons I decided to go for this and even with the high capacity this looking so great on my work surface I am delighted.


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