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Panasonic NNCF778SBPQ

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    11 Reviews
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      01.11.2013 22:43
      Very helpful


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      Very good

      This panasonic microwave is the microwave we have at the moment, I have to say not only is it very well made, big, sturdy, powerful and practical, but kinda of looks cool as well!

      Ok, how do you use this thing?

      Well this microwave has many different settings. As I am the worlds least competent chef the only setting I really stick to are automatic mode, and microwave mode, but you can also use this as a oven, a timed mode, a defroster, a grilling machine, and various other features that you would normally see on a microwave. Unfortunately I have no idea how to make any type of food that requires being placed in an oven to try this feature out (other than things that are in automatic mode).

      Ok, how does this device work?

      I have to say this device is very simple and intutive to use. Just open the door, place you food, press the mode out of the buttons shows on the right hand side of the door, and just spin the 2 knobs to decide on type and weight, or time and temperature depending on the mode selected. For example, if you select auto, there are 15 preset modes such as vegetables, potato, pizza, etc etc, the list goes on. One you select your food type with the top dial, then spin the bottom dial to select the weight of the item, e.g. if you are doing a 500g pizza, go to number 14 with the top dial, then spin the bottom dial till its says 500g, easy.

      The microwave also opens differently. Rather than pop open from the side, you just pull the lid down, like you would on an oven. I imagine this makes the microwave more robust, less moving parts, and with it being finished in stainless steel, it certainly feels well made, and doesn't feel like it is going to fall apart any time soon.

      Another weird thing with this microwave is that the food doesn't spin around as it cooks, it literally just stays there. In a way it makes maintaining this microwave way easier, with previous microwaves I have used/owned, you have to remove the spinning tray thing, and clean out the grooves otherwise the spinning plate thing gets trapped and starts clicking and just generally not working. AS a result of this design, you don't get this with this microwave.

      Another thing to point out is that this is a very large microwave in terms of how big you can get stuff in there. My mom can cook 3 chickens at one time in this thing, (small chickens mind you), that gives you an idea how big it is. Couple this with the fact that it has so many features, it just means that in our house our oven barely gets used anymore because we do all our "oven cooking" (including cakes, chicken, lamb chops, all that sort of stuff) in the microwave thingy. I have to say again I have never used it, but the food comes out tasting the same as it would in the oven... except often its cheaper, and quicker to cook it in this thing.

      Once in use, this thing does make some noise, but less than "an average" microwave, as the dish is not spinning, it is just the noise of whatever it is inside a microwave that makes it hot, there is none of that spinning noise. Not that I imagine this is a big deal for most people.

      Overall this is a very good, reliable, good looking machine. I just wish I was a better cook to use it fully, and when you consider that we have a massive relatively expensive oven that we now use just to hold all the trays and things (unless guests etc are coming and we are cooking a lot), and instead we just use this device, its shows just how convenient, easy and good this thing is to use, very impressed, 5/5


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      24.09.2012 11:50
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Classy, powerful and professional looking - just needs a little more thought.

      If you have read any of my household appliance reviews you'll know that you can easily prove what I own from the information I include and when it comes to microwaves, my last Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ purchased in November 2011 is still a great saver to the large combination John Lewis "Panasonic" oven my late mum bought in 2010 and is STILL waiting for the part to arrive. Well, I couldn't wait any longer - I've put up with NINE months waiting for the specialised magnetron cover and internal parts to arrive for the John Lewis microwave that uses a Panasonic design, thus apart from no help whatsoever from John Lewis UK (and a surprise since their customer services are pretty good) when the oven was supposed to come with a 4 year guarantee but purchased end of 2009 and only came with a 3 year guarantee has seriously questioned my loyalty to the premium franchise. Thus, I made up my mind there and then never to consider John Lewis again for their own brand name microwaves- and a warning to others to always read the small print. How have I managed in the mean time? Well, apart from endless microwave dinners, I have been using my slow cooker to get by for the longer baking of foods and casseroles. Since my late mum and I relied heavily on the previous combination oven by Panasonic nee John Lewis, I decided to research the market for a suitable replacement as well as looking into an alternative, like a budget fitted convection oven.

      As before however, what I needed was a large oven cavity to accommodate the kinds of cooking I do, from baking to meat dishes, roasts and the odd full size family chicken, of which I use the bones and carcass thereafter for soup, as all good traditional cooks do. The oven would have to be compact and combination in design, really only be suitable for one or two people using it even though at the time with a secondary microwave oven already located elsewhere in the kitchen, my mind was swayed between a Hotpoint convection fan assisted built in oven to replace the old Bosch, or a combination microwave, but using the oven most of the time. After looking at alternatives by Sharp, Sanyo and Delonghi, my money went on the Panasonic NN-CF778S. For the fact that it comes with a limited time 5 year guarantee upon registration and for the other fact that it has a drop down door - bringing back good memories of our first Panasonic microwave back in the 1980's that lasted for 15 years, - and its drop down door taking up less space than conventional side opening doors.

      At cost the Panasonic NN-C778S cost me £249-00 from Scottish Hydro and elsewhere online, this appliance commands a high price of between £250 to £300. For your money you get a top spec combo microwave unit sprinkling with features like generic Panasonic's Inverter technology, three different levels of their preset Chaos defrost functions and amidst cooking programs and a four attachments to be used with the oven, all of it is wrapped up in a shiny silver and brushed stainless steel design that looks utterly professional and high class.

      ==Nar2's Quick Skip Product Spec==

      * Model: Panasonic NN-CF778S 1000 watt convection microwave oven.
      * 27-litre family size capacity.
      * 2 shelf cooking facility & clip on drip tray.
      * Inverter technology & flatbed design with drop down door.
      * Energy save function & Chaos defrost.
      * Stainless steel exterior & interior.
      * Comes with flat bed glass tray, metal grill pan tray, arcing ring & slotted grill tray.
      * 6 Power levels, auto weight cook functions, 3 heat setting grill option.
      * 1300-watt grill element & clip on drip tray.
      * Energy efficiency rating A, maff setting E.
      * Size: 53cm by 53.5cm and 33cm height.
      * Limited registration 5-year warranty offer.
      * Cost price £249-00 from Scottish Hydro, £280 to £300 online from sellers (example £285 from Tesco.com).

      When it comes to design, quality and features, it may help to read the user manual that comes with this product even if you have owned a combo microwave oven before. The Panasonic NN-C778S kind of moves the game on where microwave design is concerned, even if it is a little at a time. You won't find a turntable in this model for example, which I found disconcerting at first and reminded me strongly of a Samsung microwave that first came to the market in 2001 lacking a turntable with a great tendency to burn food or not even properly cook it without a turntable rotating a plate whilst the microwaves cooked the food. I recall the seething reviews that the Samsung got, forcing the company to eventually pull that microwave off the market! Decked out in brushed stainless steel, the Panasonic NN-CF778SBPQ certainly looks professional enough.

      The basic and general layout of this Panasonic oven is simple to use though and it is relatively easy to forget what you might be used to where glass plates are concerned. This time you get a glass plate for sliding into the base of the Panasonic's flatbed oven and it has walled sides, almost reminding me of a square Pyrex brownie glass tray, but made of clear glass as opposed to Pyrex's generic orange tint. By pressing activation buttons on its smooth black touch control panel to the right hand side of the main control panel and then twisting the seamlessly smooth jog control dials for increment timings or adjusting the temperature of the oven, depending on the choice you are using, it doesn't exactly inspire new technology if you are used to sole buttons on past ovens. To Panasonic's credit however, the two main jog dial controls beautifully press in and pop out for safety as well as provide difficulties for inquisitive little fingers and even though there is the default Panasonic child safety lock built in as standard, the two dial controls strongly remind me of the "solid state" radio controls from Sony products from the 1970's and my last Delonghi combo microwave oven a few years ago had the same kind of control mechanisms - Is a step back to two-stage controls compared to press buttons, the right direction to take?

      Where general performance is concerned, this appliance gets easier every time you use it, but it still takes a good read of the user manual if you're not sure. After nearly a month's ownership I am still reading the user manual every so often and still treating the Panasonic with kid gloves. This is purely because of the previous experience with the Panasonic John Lewis combo microwave and note that a few other things have changed. Outside the product, the Panasonic NN-CF778S comes well recommended by the Good Housekeeping Institute and recently won a "Best Buy," from Which?

      As a microwave, the Panasonic NN-CF778 is plain sailing, even if you still have to cover every open vessel with a cover to avoid boiling over or splatters. Cooking, reheating and defrosting can be done to a high and reasonably quick standard - but even with its claimed 1000 watts of heat power, I don't find the Panasonic to be any better than my budget Panasonic microwave only model and when it comes to the lower power of my budget Panasonic microwave that lacks "Inverter" technology! The inverter technology that Panasonic promise here links up with a more compact heating inverter that supposedly heats up food faster and more equally, especially on lower heat levels. This doesn't just mean you still get simmer, low, warm, medium and high heat levels but also counteracting the three stage defrost levels that equally offer up an extra three heat levels idea for reheating foods like bread, meat or fish.

      Panasonic also claim that Inverter technology takes 3kg off the weight of the product in question - but if all of this was so true, the rear of this oven wouldn't suffer so much in so far as endless bits of metal and fan vents that has been placed as an after thought with no regard to making the actual rear of the Panasonic's exterior that little bit more compact. As for the weight, well it was muggings that had to carry it into the home in the box and out of the box; this oven weighs in excess of 20kg, which hardly moves the game on, when Panasonic's so-called Inverter technology promises their appliances to be lighter.

      However, I can't but feel a little disappointed for the £250 I've paid. From its look, the Panasonic NN-C778S certainly looks professional enough, but when it comes to using the fan assisted oven, the preheat function often confuses me because, as with the microwave function you still have to press a button and dial something before starting. In oven model, you have to dial the temperature in first and then dial in the time duration for cooking. However as handy and large as the green LED's are in the display, the NN-C778S tries to take over with the preheat function if you look at the display intentions showing up. Forgo that and you can dial the temperature in and press start to get cooking, rather than preheating and pressing start before the actual cooking prep - and with only 250° centigrade as its total heat output on offer, it takes the Panasonic a couple of minutes to preheat the cavity before food can be cooked. A micro pad of all buttons would be far quicker to programme here than the nonsense of pressing a single button and then having to use the dials - and over the use with a convection fitted oven with a single control dial - the Panasonic here isn't as quick to operate no matter how bling the whole thing looks - even if the food I've cooked comes out sizzling and well cooked.

      Panasonic would like to think they have reinvented the interior for example, but I was surprised to find that the interior doesn't have the easier to keep clean black enamel paint in my budget oven, but rather all shiny silver stainless steel. It makes little difference with the light that stays on throughout operation, only making the interior look that little bit brighter once the door is opened, revealing gleaming, shiny walls whilst food stains are relatively easy to take off with just a damp cloth and a little gentle washing up liquid. The back of the oven has a self cleaning catalytic coating, so there's no need to further clean it although the top of the oven shows off flush fitting grill elements that Panasonic suggest you turn on once in a while for them to burn off any deposits of old food sticking to them. To those with the traditional microwave oven with a turntable, the whole process of use eventually becomes easy with the lack of a turntable and whilst the flat bed is easy to use, the glass tray that Panasonic include can be optionally used, making it easier to use just the plate that your food is on - provided that it is microwave safe and relatively heat resistant in the first instance.

      There are particular further restrictions in using the Panasonic as a convection fan assisted oven once you open the drop down door and there's an outer PVC black drip tray that is supposed to be included with this oven, which I didn't find in the box to counteract any steam water evaporation through use (although it did arrive today in the post). Although the flat sides of the oven allow a good capacity, the metal slotted shelf grill you get can only be put in two height positions, the tallest having only a 6cm depth between it and the elements at the top. At a push you can put frozen chicken or fish fillets in, but use tinfoil instead of using the grill alone as you'll find food sticks to the metal grids. Nothing new there that you would find in a conventional oven alone - but I would have liked to see more rung height adjustments here rather than the two that allows the slotted grill and the grill pan underneath to slide into. Also the drop down door is light enough to pull down and shut back up, but it isn't weighted, so you can't place any food or implements on top of the door - so unlike our past 1980's drop down door on our old Panasonic - whilst the hinges are thin to the eye and don't inspire longevity.

      So if you use the Panasonic for a few good hours with one food preparation, you may expect to find the exterior panels really hot to the touch. This isn't helped by copious air vents that allow the fan oven too cool down - the Panasonic may well be high tech when it comes to cooking foods, but the design of its body is far from modern when it comes to exhausting the hot air afterwards. As such it isn't the kind of oven that will fit properly in an enclosed space - unless you give it enough space for the hot air to circulate.

      When it comes to the multi-cooking stages that the NN-CF778S offers, the Panasonic doesn't really bring anything new to the table. This is where the combination cook menus become overly complicated in theory - but not complicated once you get used to it. The Panasonic's helpful large display LED screen helps out a fair bit here as a bit of a bonus whenever one programme selection is made with decals lighting up showing me what I need to do beforehand in so far as the different trays are concerned. But in all honesty, it's a bit of a faff still having to remove the grill and all matter of metal for microwave cooking, then removing the glass plate before adding the grill pan and slotted grill as well as the arcing ring should you use further metal in the oven when in convection mode, and then after all that, stand about asking the Panasonic to restart its cooking procedure - as well as having to recheck the food when the Panasonic beeps intermittently - and just like past models, this one will beep 7 times after it has been used - or any seconds lower than this if you are impatient to get the food out and just open the door!

      There are a couple of further downsides though. Although the glass plate that comes with the Panasonic as standard is dishwasher safe, neither the slotted metal grill or enamel metal pan is dishwasher safe, begging me to ask why when in this day and age, most ovenware is dishwasher safe!

      The auto cook programs featured are much better thought out even though you'll still be left with doing combination cooking, using the enamel tray provided and swapping it around back to glass when required to do microwave cooking. There are no less than 19 programs featuring generic foods that microwave have been known to cook well and the English only user manual has loads of great recipes as well as very helpful charts to gleam info from. From fresh vegetables to jacket potatoes, breaded fish, chicken pieces, frozen and fresh pizza, whole chicken and even pastry programs, the Panasonic is never left wanting with its built in auto weight cook programs. However to go through with these programs, this oven isn't exactly "auto cooking" in its process, especially if you have to chop and change with the different settings and continuously weigh foods before you cook them as well as later standing nearby when the Panasonic stops intermittently for you to check the food as it cooks.

      One further downside is that despite the huge number of recipes that the user manual gives, the operations section is brimming with warnings and tips. Therefore whilst it is handy to have the recipes, Panasonic should look at ways in which the user section could be easier to read and better thought out.

      Finally, for all the Panasonic is compact to look at, it isn't really. You will need quite a large space to accommodate this oven and as such, although it is slim and flush fitting to the eye from the front, Panasonic have made little attempt to produce an oven here that is space efficient - especially when viewed from the side.

      So, when all things are considered. although pricey at cost, the Panasonic NN-CF778S combination microwave oven has a few good design features and cooks to a reasonably high standard without being overly noisy and some may well love the pop up jog controls. The more you spend time with it, the more it becomes intuitive to use and if you are looking for a microwave combo unit that can accept large plates, the Panasonic NN-CF778S is super at accommodating them due to its rectangular flat bed design. The controls are very easily labelled with a large LCD screen that is clear to see and easy to understand.

      However good the quality is on this model, elsewhere online, the NN-CF778S has been met with criticism where quality is concerned and I can see why. Panasonic have started to use lesser quality metal finishes on their microwaves and this is evident from online reviews by other buyers slating the door hinges and a perceived quality drop from previous Panasonic models. Although I haven't had problems as yet, I can foresee that the guarantee with this product may well be used before two or three years is up, if going by past experience. The perceived quality issue is a bit worrying however and that prevents me from awarding full marks for the Panasonic NN-CF778S. Certainly over the appeal of a larger cavity that a more conventional fitted convection oven offers, the Panasonic NN-CF778S is certainly worthy of more compact considerations - especially for one or two people as opposed to a family who would get the best out of a bigger built in unit. As a compromise to the latter type of appliance, this combo microwave oven isn't exactly perfect - and for a pricey Panasonic oven, it should be! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2012.


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        12.09.2012 01:12
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        An excellent bit of kitchen kit from Panasonic.

        ~ Panasonic Combination Microwave ~

        If I could simply say this review in one word it would have to be ... Amazing! But I can't so I will go on ....

        My previous microwave was a combination microwave that I had off my mum, therefore as she had already thrown away the instruction manual the microwave was used simply as that ... A microwave!

        One day whilst browsing online I found that Panasonic were looking for testers for the microwave I am reviewing and after putting my name forward I was immensely happy to receive an email a few weeks later saying that I had been chosen and to expect a phone call to arrange delivery. And before long the call came through and I eagerly anticipated the delivery.

        On the day of delivery I was also expecting another parcel which was nothing special if I am honest so I was disappointed when the first knock of the door resulted in the 'not so special' parcel, as the day was getting on I was thinking that maybe Panasonic had decided against sending the microwave after all and I was quite disappointed but then a knock at the door had me getting all excited ... Yes it was finally here!

        Oh the shock I had when the driver brought it from the van! It was packaged in black wrapping and was absolutely humongous! I was looking at this huge black box thinking to myself how big could a microwave be, when I realised I must have been thinking aloud, as the delivery driver asked why was I so shocked at the size? I said it's a microwave ... He was pretty much crying in laughter and said are you sure it's not actually a cooker? Great!

        After getting over the initial shock of the size and calling my hubby to lug in the huge parcel, I got about unpacking it. The wrapping was rather thin so the size of the parcel didn't change by very much at all, I got into the box and for once I was pleased to see a nice covering of polystyrene, this obviously meant the microwave was definitely not as big as I first thought ... Pheww!

        Nestled in the box, amongst the protective packaging was a gorgeous shiny new microwave. I had my hubby to pick it up out of the box as it was rather heavy and he sat it in the place the previous microwave once sat. It was quite a bit bigger but luckily it wasn't under any cupboards so was fine where it was. I have read some reviews on this microwave where people have needed to re-shuffle the kitchen in order to make it fit somewhere, I think I was quite lucky here!

        Now there are two really big differences between this microwave and any other microwave I have ever seen. The first one is the door. Rather than opening outwards and swinging open, the door on this one just pulls down, I really like this feature. The second is the fact there is no turntable/plate inside as it is a flat bed microwave, again this is another feature I really like it really makes a difference to how much you can cook inside it.
        More features include shelves like in a conventional oven, the microwave comes with a wire shelf, an enamel shelf, a glass baking tray and an anti-spark ring - more on this later.

        As a tester I was required to obviously test the microwave ... Duh! And in doing so I decided to try and make a roast dinner, very adventurous! I placed a joint of meat directly onto the enamel shelf, I then placed a few par-boiled potatoes onto the glass dish, inserted the meat onto the lower shelf setting and then placed the wire self onto the top shelf, onto this I put the glass tray and set the microwave onto the Convection option by pressing a button on the side, selected my temperature and time by turning the two control knobs. It really was that easy.
        As this was my first attempt in using the microwave I kept popping back to check the meal was cooking, and it was, to perfection.

        At the end when the time was up, the microwave beeped to let me know. Upon checking I saw that the LED panel was flashing and telling me to ' Open the door ', I did, and was pleased to find everything looked perfect. I had also popped in a few par boiled carrots towards the end and these roasted perfectly too.
        The meal was soon devoured and everyone said how nice and moist the meat tasted.

        So far so good!

        So enough of the cooking, lets get back to the microwave.

        The casing of the microwave is in a stunning brushed steel which is quite neutral so should fit in with any kitchen. It looks classy and smart.
        The door like most other microwaves has a simple rectangle of glass which allows you to see inside. The handle to open the door runs along the top of the glass part, the handle is silver, slightly curved and feels very sturdy, like I have mentioned above this is a door that drops down rather than swinging outwards and as I have said I do like this. I like it because it gives you more options as to where you put the microwave.
        On the right hand side of the door is the control panel, this is a nice sleek black panel and has nine different options on here to choose from.

        1. Microwave.
        2. Grill.
        3. Convection.
        4. Turbo Bake.
        5. Auto.
        6. Chaos.
        7. Memory.
        8. Timer.
        9. Stop/Cancel.

        These are set on a nice touch pad that runs down in a line and looks really neat. Next to these you will find the LED panel and two knobs. These knobs can be pushed in when not in use and makes it looks very sleek, when you want to use them you simply lightly press the button and the knob will pop out. Under these is the little Start button.

        Technical information -

        1000w (IEC) Output
        Inverter Technology
        27L Capacity
        Flat Oven Technology
        Easy Clean
        Stainless Steel Finish
        Width - 531mm
        Height - 328mm
        Depth - 534mm

        As previously mentioned, this microwave has no turntable and I have found that this allows me to cook larger items as they fit in easily. It offers a lot more space which is very handy. Of course this increases cooking flexibility.

        When I first looked through the instruction book I noticed that it is recommended that you cook empty for five minutes before the first use to allow any lubrication oils to be burned away before the first use.

        The instruction book is brilliantly detailed with so much written information as well as pictures, it also has useful guidelines to allow you to see what temperatures you may need to use, for instance a fruit cake would be cooked on either a gas mark 1 or 225f in a conventional oven yet in the microwave used on convection it would be a temperature of 140c.
        I have the book really useful and am very grateful for the amount of information Panasonic have provided.
        The book also has a nice selection of recipes and also tells you what every pad option does and how you can do it, you can combine cooking methods and the book shows you the simple process in doing so.

        I have made a Victoria Sponge cake in the microwave and am really impressed with the results. I love to bake anyway but compared to using my gas cooker the cakes came out so much more fluffier in this.

        I will be totally honest and say that since receiving this my cooker has been made pretty much redundant as this does everything and more!

        It has a RRP of around £299, but Amazon currently have it on sale for £230 (ish).

        Using it has been a dream. What with having four children I am grateful for anything that will offer to cut cooking times and this has lived up to that.
        I am so impressed with it.

        I would see this as an ideal item for students and for any small kitchens. It really could replace the need for a conventional oven as it does everything you would need it to do. With it being a microwave as well it's an all in one multi-function machine.

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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          10.09.2012 17:26
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A great way to cook food whilst being energy efficient.

          AFter building my new kitchen over 3 years ago now, we'd had old faithful white microwave that had worked flawlesly for some 10 years. Whilst it continued to plod on we felt that our needs had a changed and we wanted something a little more attractive that would suit our new kitchen. We looked at many microwaves on the net and then decided to go for this stainless steel Panasonic one.

          We ordered it online from Littlewoods and it arrived 10 days later. The first that that sprung to my mind when we unpacked and placed it on the worktop counter was the build quality - it lookedprofessional and very stylish and it was slightly smaller than our old Panasonic microwave. We ended up installing it into our kitchen so the microwave looks like it's integrated.

          THE SPEC:
          It has a 27 litre capacity, and a flat bed (i.e. no turntable) which makes it very easy to clean.. The microwave itself was 950 watts (200 watts more than our previous model) and the grill was 1300 watts - which we never use and the convection is 1400 watts. Temperatures ranges from 100c to 250c. It has an Eco mode which means that it will power down everything (including the clock) after 6 minutes of non-activity, but of course you can deactivate this. A drip tray is also included which pops under the edge of the door incase of any condensation drips that do frequently ocur.


          To open this microwave it has a drop down door with a grabable silver handle. When trying out our first food which was a bag of sweet popcorn I noticed that it didn't have a turntable and the whole interior looked massive. The control panel consists of 2 dials (auto menu/temperature and time/weight of food) and just to the left of these controls is a vertical touch sensitive strip of 9 options including a timer. One great feature is the child lock.

          It's quite noisy and it's tricky to see how well your food items are being cooked. Needless to say it has the usual compliment of automatice programmes for defrosting, boiling etc and the best feature is being able to control the power level as you cook - basically as easily as when you control the heat on your gas hob. It llows you to use a turbo reheat function that allows you to reheat your food safely. I use the Chaos defrost option which allows me to defrost my meat without it cooking on the outside or leaving some of the food to remain frozen on the inside.

          I've cooked just about everything I possible can in this microwave right from rice to the Christmas turkey, needless to say I've mucked a few things up but that was purely down to my error.

          As for the grill, I never bother to use it. It's a bit strange and hopeless with grilling toast - takes longer than a proper oven grill abd it's smaller than a normal grill.

          Quite an expensive little machine, but after several years of use, I have no complaints yet.

          Purchase from Littlewoods for £329.99


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          14.01.2012 00:37
          Very helpful



          A decent Combi-Microwave Oven that doesn't come cheap but does perform well!

          Looking for something with a little bit more than your average microwave? Looking for something that can perform just that little bit extra? Well I was as, working as a busy Chef, one of the key things I always look for, be it in an oven, microwave or other kitchen appliance, is something that will make my life just that little bit easier when cooking at home. The last thing I want to do is spend my day off faffing about doing what I do every day for paying customers, so anything that makes my life easier at home is always going to get thumbs up from me!

          This Microwave is actually a Combi-Microwave-Oven with plenty of attractive features expertly designed to give you a helping hand. It has no turntable, which I intially found a took a bit of getting used to, but this just means that the whole of the oven gets used rather than just a small localised area giving you much more even cooking and less chance of those troublesome cold spots that you get with most microwaves unless you keep stopping and stirring or turning! I don't know about you but I just want to put something in and leave it to cook not have to keep moving it about!

          On the Microwave setting, all the usual programmes are present; from defrost cycle through to various tempature settings ranging from low through to medium and high. It is fairly simple to use and doesn't take much working out and the accompanying instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow!

          Although this comes with a good selection of preset functions, it is also possible to set up your own programmes or tailor existing ones to your preference giving you much more control over your cooking times.

          The quartz grill too is an absolute diamond ~ needing no preheat time and cooking much more effectively and quickly than my conventional grill which has now become virtually redundant. In point of fact, this is one of the best microwave grills that I have ever had occasion to use and the end results are as good if not a little bit better in some instances!

          The only slight drawback so far that I have found, which isn't a problem for me, is that you do need a bit of space in which to put this because of the vents on either side of the unit and also that this is slightly larger than other brands and models available on the market. Likewise, it is a bit more expensive than other models but after a couple of disappointments in the past with microwaves, I wisely decided that it would be worth spending a little more for a better quality item! And I was not wrong! Because, with the helpful book of recipes that come with this Combi-Oven, there is very little that I can't use this for!

          One other thing I have noticed is that the unit can get a little hot when in Combi or Grill mode but there are adequate warnings both on the unit itself and in the manual so so long as you are careful, which you should be anyway around ANY oven, then there is little chance of getting hurt!

          Overall, I am very pleased with this product and think it is a little bit of Xmas money (earned from extra hours worked over christmas) very wisely spent! Once again, Panasonic have proved they are a brand you can trust and I could not be happier with my purchase despite the hefty price tag which left me with little change out of £300!

          Still, it is true that often you really DO get what you pay for!


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            15.10.2011 20:54
            Not Helpful



            All in all a great purchase and will hopefully serve my family well until I consider it a retro devi

            Box Contents
            1 x Microwave oven
            1 x Instruction and recipe book
            1 x Square enamel shelf
            1 x Square wire shelf
            1 x Square glass tray
            1 x Anti spark ring

            I took a deep breath and entered the shop and bought this Panasonic NN-CF778Si a few weeks ago. Are retro microwave had been a reliable family member and had served us well, but it was time to put it out to pasture and time to delve into the 21st century.

            I am not a gourmet cook which is why I dare not experiment with ingredients and measurements and with a high demand for quick and convenient repasts in my house, my new found friend has served me well and is a very powerful kitchen gizmo.

            It makes great roast chicken, roast potatoes, boils new potatoes, rice, and is great for bacon, which is a useful tip if you haven't the time to grill or fry your bacon.

            The only annoyance with it is that the timer jumps up in 5 minute steps after 10 minutes. This is OK as it has two timers. So, you can cook for, say, 12 minutes by setting timer 1 to 10 minutes and timer 2 to 2 minutes.

            All in all a great purchase and will hopefully serve my family well until I consider it a retro device. Worth every penny


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              04.08.2011 12:36


              • Reliability


              A robust microwave from a trusted brand

              Now at first I was a tad taken aback by the price. £218 for a microwave, you've got be kidding??!!!

              However, a sizeable bingo win last month, and I bit the bullet and bought the contraption.

              My previous microwave had been a dinosaur of a thing, prone to breaking down, and a very slow heater. This Microwave, from such a trusted brand as Panasonic, is a huge improvement. It is fast, has a helpful display to tell you when the goods are ready, moreover, the oven base is flat and big enough.

              The microwave has a reasonable design. It is nothing special, it its not chic, nor space age, nor cool, merely practical. Yet is that not one wants when one is microwaving? A hardy pragmatic device which I am convinced will last longer than my former lover.

              I use my microwave for a number of things. First, when I return from work, exhausted with all the life sapped out of me, I use the microwave to heat up a tasty ready meal - zapping me full of energy. Second, it is helpful for making custard, a substance I use with every pudding. Third when I cannot be bothered toasting cheese on the grill I merely place the sandwich in the microwave and 30 seconds later I have a toastie! Its a bit soggie, yet ever so tasty!

              All in all, a robust microwave, certainly worth the £218.


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                05.07.2011 17:19


                • Reliability


                This microwave is most likely everyones favorite. It is a space saver and a cost saver. It has a chic look with its stainless steel front along with a little black handle. it goes with any decor or any room or kitchen top. This microwave is one of a kind.


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                25.05.2011 21:17
                Very helpful
                1 Comment


                • Reliability


                Uncertain whether I would recommend this product or one of a similar calibre

                This year I embarked on a journey, a journey into the modern age... a journey into the microwave age!

                After that day I have never gone back, microwaves are fantastic; they are brilliant for cooking (scrambled eggs for example) and heating ('super-noodles' a rather tasty concoction of noodles and flavouring in a packet) and re-heating - and I do not just mean your previous night's Chicken Curry - oh no! I am talking about reheating that coffee you left out just a minute too long, that hot cup of cocoa which was so enticing you left on the window ledge... It is remarkable the amount of things you can microwave - I love it!

                So why this microwave - This microwave is fantastic at what it does; it is quick, efficient and safe to use. Not only this but unlike others this microwave looks brilliant. The highly polished glass finish twinned with the stainless steel outer shell looks rather impressive... I like! It sits perfectly in any kitchen and in my opinion is an excellent addition to the family household.

                Why do you need a microwave?

                A microwave as discussed is suitable for heating a whole range of items for drinks to sandwiches to milkshakes. Because of this, your household will waste less items; hot food can be saved and used the next day and Luke-warm drinks don't need to be wasted. Not only this but for a conventional family microwaves offer a time saving solution - especially for families who need to heat bottles or those cute cuddly microwaveable toys (I hope you know what I mean when I mention those)

                Saftey worries?

                It is correct in thinking that microwaves use a harmful electrostatic wave called Microwaves - wonder where they got the name from? The microwaves are potentially very harmful - but only in high doses. Kitchen microwaves emit a tiny amount of this harmful substance in a controlled area, allowing it to pass through your food and heat it - BRILLIANT. But they will not pass out of the microwave (unless broken) nor will they stay in your food. This is because something which is not radioactive (such as toast!) cannot and will not be made radioactive by passing waves through it; hence why you don't turn green when using it. The microwaves actually heat the water molecules inside your food - so it heats from the inside out - meaning you don't get that unpleasant uncooked taste of pastry or items such as this.
                So the boring stuff has been talked about, why should you buy this particular model?

                Well... I am not going to pretend this microwave offers something which would turn your head and make you say WOW! Nevertheless, this microwave is conventional, convenient and most importantly does exactly what it says on the tin - heats quickly and efficiently. It is a microwave from a name you can trust and looks great.


                Personally, I think that though this is a fantastic microwave the cost is rather excessive at around £220, this may have been due to the fact it is from a trusted brand, such as Panasonic, or whether it is offering that little bit extra (which could be the pleasing aesthetics I have previously talked about). Overall I would argue it is too expensive for what it offers. However if money is not an issue there is nothing stopping me from recommending it.

                Retrospectively, I am uncertain whether if I was given a second chance if I would spend that little bit extra for this model or just purchase one that possibly doesn't look as nice but is half the price.

                Thank you for reading my short and concise review on the Panasonic NN-CF778S, this review is present on both my Ciao and Dooyoo accounts!



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                  19.05.2011 19:02
                  Very helpful


                  • Reliability


                  I big heavy duty microwave that cooks great food

                  So we have had this microwave for a few months now as we have just re-done up the kitchen in my house, there are a lot of settings and ways in which to cook food,,,

                  By looking at the microwave it looks very big but looks very professional, it has the metalic finish which means it will look good in almost any kitchen. I would say if you are thinking about making a purchase of one of these machines to make sure you have enough available space on your worktop.

                  There is no turntable in this microwave meaning that there is a lot moer room to cook food, usually when there is no turntable food can get cooked un-evenly but with this microwave the food is cooked very evenly every time and at a fast pace.

                  It can look quite complex when first using the machine as there a quite a few settings for different food but i keep it on normal which works perfectly when pre-heating food. Even on a setting there is a further setting to change the heat to low medium or high, i like this because you can really change it for each dish you plan on cooking/re-heating. The door is another good feature as there are no buttons or anything to press, you just simple pull down the door as it has been hinged at the bottom, the door then provide a handy surface where your food can sit to cool down.

                  Another positive about the microwave is it has an 'eco mode' this is when the power gets completely cut off when the microwave isn't in use for a certain period of time, this is helpful for anyone who would like to cut down their carbon footprint and reduce the amount of electricity they use, even the clock turns off!

                  There is also a small liquid collection compartment just infront of the door so that any fat drippings or liquid gets collected at the bottom which makes the microwave more hygienic and easier to clean

                  I would recommend this microwave to anyone who is interested in buying a big appliance that can be an alternative to a normal cooker.


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                  27.03.2011 15:00
                  Very helpful


                  • Reliability


                  Its a great microwave and mini oven - would not be without it now.

                  We decided to buy this Combination Microwave as it was a Best Buy in Which Magazine and got a good review on the Good Housekeeping site.
                  We have had our Panasonic NN-CF778S PBQ microwave for a few months now and would thoroughly recommend it. We even bought another for our student son.
                  However this microwave is different from others as it has no turntable but looks like a mini oven with shelves.
                  It is called a Flatbed Inverter microwave as the microwave operates from the bottom instead of the sides which serves to provide extra usable space for shelves and dishes.
                  It is on the large size (width 53 cm & depth 534cm) so make sure you have enough space for it on your worktop. The vents are on the side so you need.....space on either side and it should not be pushed against a side wall or cabinet.

                  The NN-CF778S has:
                  · A stainless steel exterior which looks well built and has a stylish in design
                  · 1000 watt power with a 27 litre interior capacity
                  · An 'E' energy rating (which means very efficient)
                  · Two shelves, one wire and one enamel are provided
                  · A large square glass dish at the bottom to use for microwave mode only.
                  · A 1300 watt quartz grill with three settings
                  · Self clean clean catalytic lining so it is easy to keep its interior clean.
                  · A removable drip tray for collection of any excess water
                  · A drop down door which is useful for placing light containers on for stirring etc.
                  · Controls are quite simple and easy to use and there is a child safety lock

                  ***Using in Microwave Mode****
                  This is very simple as the controls are very obvious and easy to use. You must make sure, though, that you do not use the wire shelf or metal tray when using microwave. Its OK to use it in combination auto programs as microwave strength is quite low. I had to contact Panasonic to query this. You should place your items on the glass dish and not on the base of microwave itself. You can, however, use metal dishes if you place the 'spark ring' on top to prevent arcing.

                  ***Convection Mode (a mini fan oven) ***
                  This works really well - you can use all shelving units and fit quite a lot in. My singleton student son uses this and microwave mode most of the time and states that he never uses the large electric oven or the instruction book!!

                  *** Combination Auto Mode***
                  We have not been very adventurous with this up to now but its quite simple to use.
                  The programs for each type of food are numbered and you can find them in the Instruction Manual. You just press the auto button and move a knob around until you get to the correct number, which is also labelled with food type.
                  You do, however, need to weigh your item as you have to enter this into the auto program. We have found that we are now remembering roughly how much commonly cooked items weigh. It cooks a whole chicken to perfection and it also produces really fluffy jacket potatoes. A tip here is to select potatoes that are not too big and that are of roughly uniform size. We like really crispy skins so we increase the weight we enter into the program to achieve this. You can even devise your own auto programs to suit your taste and enter them into the memory. The Instruction Manual has many useful recipes. There is also a useful cookery advice line by phone or email. I have used this and its very good.

                  ***Grill Mode***
                  This is a quartz grill with three settings and is very fast to heat up (unlike my conventional oven grill) It works really well as grill alone, along with convection or part of an auto program. Its great for finishing off a Shepherds, Cottage or Fish pie as you can fit large square dishes in quite easily. If you have to grill just a few rashers of bacon or a couple of sausages then its much more eco friendly than a large oven grill.

                  Summary: This microwave is quite a bit more expensive than some, we paid around £300 from John Lewis as we wanted to get the 3year guarantee, however Amazon have it reduced to £239 at the present time.
                  We have found it to be a really versatile machine. My husband loves it so much he often offers to cook the whole meal! The fact that you can use the shelves to fit so many items in when in convection mode and be able to fit it in large square dishes means you can cook a whole meal at the same time using far less electricity than your large oven. I would thoroughly recommend this microwave for families and single people alike.


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                  Panasonic NNCF778SBPQ Flatbed Family Combination Oven

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