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Panasonic NN-E252

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2012 23:57
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      Microwave with defrost, reheat and auto cook capabilities

      Everytime the microwave had beeped Hollie runs into the kitchen shouting "let me do it please" as she wants to open to door and then shut it when i've retrieved whatever was inside.

      The microwave:
      This along with the fridge freezer I've just reviewed is a part of the tenancy but boy do I love this microwave.
      At first I didn't realise it's full potential until I had figured out what each button did.

      800W white panasonic NN E252 microwave.

      I cook a lot of things in this as I usually prefer it to oven cooking.
      With the microwave it doesn't such all the moisture out of things like the oven does, or evaporate liquids like a oven hob does.
      It comes with a glass plate for the inside which turns when cooking to cook it evenly and thoroughly.
      It has lots of different buttons which do different things.

      First off we have the timer buttons which is either 10seconds, 1 minute, or 10minutes.
      That is probably the only negative I have of this as if I want something on for 15seconds or something other than rounded up to the nearest 10, then I have to stand by it and make sure I don't go over.

      Next there are buttons for Auto reheat, Auto cook and Auto defrost which need the up and down buttons below it to function.
      When defrosting anything you have a guide at the bottom with numbers.

      Auto defrost:
      1. Bread
      2. Meat Items
      3. Meat Joints

      Auto reheat:

      Auto cook:
      1.Jacket Potatoes
      2.Fresh Vegetables
      3.Fresh Fish

      Once you've picked the number, you then need to set it for how much you have to defrost.
      If I have chicken breasts to defrost i will set it to 200 and keep checking on it every 2 mins or so.

      The same approach goes to auto cook and auto reheat.

      The best part about Auto reheat is it doesn't dry the food out. I've reheated left over spagetti bolognese and it was so moist and lovely when I had it the next day. Make sure to reheat it thoroughly otherwise you could get ill.

      I heat lots of different things up in this microwave. It's brilliant for heating Hollie's milk up for bedtime.
      As long as you shake it really well when you get the bottle out to rid of any hot spots in the milk, it will be perfect.
      I also cook all dinner acompaniments like beans, tinned tomatoes, mushy peas etc in a microwaveable plastic dish
      as it saves on washing up those dreaded pots and pans.

      I made jacket potatoes at the weekend and decided to stick 3 in at the same time.
      I pricked them, covered them in kitchen towel and popped them in.
      I set them to cook for about 15 minutes in total on the auto cook setting and popped them into the oven after for 10 minutes.
      They were the best jacket potatoes I've ever eaten.
      The microwave cooking had cooked them thoroughly and the oven just crisped the skin up.

      This microwave is very easy to clean too.
      I take the plate out twice a week and wash it up and every two weeks i will clean to whole inside of the microwave.

      A tip I saw on a TV programme if your microwave is splattered with dried on food,
      then cut a lemon in half, place it in a bowl with a little water and stick the microwave on for 2-3 minutes and when it's done,
      the dried on food should come straight off when wiped.

      As this microwave is quite old now It isn't being manufactured anymore, so the only way for it to be available would be
      second hand.

      Thanks for reading my review.



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    • Product Details

      Microwave Oven, 800W (I.E.C), 20 Litre Capacity (0.7 cu ft), Acrylic Lining, Auto Weight Defrost/Cook/Reheat, 5 Power Levels, 12 hr Timer, Child Lock, 2 Stage Memory / Short name: Panasonic NN-E252

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