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Panasonic NN-ST460M

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    1 Review
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      23.03.2012 10:40
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      A good looking microwave with a great manual too

      This microwave actually belongs to my parents but as I spend a lot of time at their house I believe I am qualified to give an opinion on this product.

      About the product
      This microwave is silver in colour with a blacked out display window and a blacked out timer. It is very sleek looking in my opinion and its approximate measurements are 20"w x 13"d x 12"H.
      This oven is rated 900 watts (IEC) and its heating category is E which is very efficient. This product also has an 'Inverter System Inside' which is a unique technology developed in Japan which improves the cooking performance of the oven

      On the front of the microwave is a panel of buttons. The top section of the panel contains the usual buttons: to add time by 1 minute, 1 minutes, 1 second or 10 seconds, as well as arrows up and down for increasing/decreasing time, the 'Micro Power' button to choose which level of power you require.. Additional features on this model are the 'Turbo Reheat' button which provides an additional boost of power meaning you can achieve 1000 Watts IEC for the initial part of the cooking time, and the 'Chaos Defrost' button which allows you to defrost frozen foods according to the weight.
      The middle section of the panel has 3 auto reheat buttons - for reheating chilled curry, Chinese and pasta style convenience foods, and the bottom section has 3 auto cook buttons to cook jacket potatoes, fresh vegetables and fresh fish.
      The bottom section of the panel features the stop/cancel, start, delay/stand and clock buttons.

      Using the product
      This microwave is very easy to set up. Once you have removed the item from the packaging you should place it where desired on your worktop (it can be built-in and should you desire this and the manual does give instructions on how to do this.) There are a few important points to note when setting up this oven - in order to operate properly this oven requires sufficient air flow, therefore it must be positioned on a stable, flat surface 850mm above the floor level with gaps around the side of 2" at one side, 6" clear over the top and 4" at the rear. It is very important that you do not block the air vent on either the top or sides of this oven or it may well overheat.

      After you have chosen where to place you microwave all you need to do is place the roller ring and the glass turntable inside and then plug it in to a 13 amp fused electrical socket. Once you have done this you will be reminded to read your operating instructions.

      The manual suggests that you set your clock first then follow through the demonstration mode so you can experiment with the various programmes - everything you need to know is in the manual in step by step format.

      Cleaning the product
      According to the manual, your microwave oven should be kept clean to avoid deterioration and adverse effects to the life of the appliance.

      To clean the inside you should begin by turning off the power. A mild detergent and a wet cloth can be used to clean the inside walls and door seals although you should avoid anything too abrasive. The outside surfaces should be cleaned with a damp cloth, taking care not to allow water to seep into the ventilation openings. To clean the control panel it is suggested you use a soft, dry cloth and clean with the door open so as to avoid accidentally turning the oven on. The glass turntable can be removed and washed in soapy warm water (not dishwasher safe) as can the roller ring.

      My thoughts on this product
      From a visual perspective I like this microwave and it sits well in my parents kitchen. It works well and efficiently and for the price I think it is good value.

      The manual itself is really helpful in my opinion, not only showing step-by-step how to use all the functions on this oven but also providing many helpful suggestions. For example, some products that you buy may only show information for B and D rated ovens rather than E rated ones like this. For this reason the manual that you receive has pages of guidelines for reheating within it which is great. As well as all the technical and instructional points you would expect to find in the manual it also features pages of recipes for you to make in your microwave - I think this is a really nice touch. It is also very easy to keep this clean.

      On the downside I find it a little frustrating that there is no default setting for the temperature so you always have to select which power level you want before entering how long to put the item on for - my Dad feels it is a bit too 'high-spec' for him as they do not really require all the different options available and are unlikely, for example, to be reheating convenience Chinese on a regular basis! Also both of my parents found that the buttons are not very clear to see when using this.

      Overall I believe that this is a good, attractive microwave for the price. Despite the fact that you will probably not need to use all the functions it does work very well and the manual is brilliant, giving more advice than you could ever need but extremely helpful all the same. I would recommend this product although I believe it may not have been discontinued.


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