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Panasonic NN-T523

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    1 Review
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      14.08.2010 22:21
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      A good quality sophisticated microwave

      I've used this microwave for a long time now and it's still in great working order. It wasn't cheap at around £120 but now it is quite dated and unavailable to buy new unless you're lucky. Initially I was attracted to this due to its touch-sensitive button panel, large size and vast array of features.

      This microwave is made by Panasonic, which is a very reliable company for kitchen appliances. It wasn't cheap and was towards the upper end of the range when we bought it. It has an enormous 28 litre capacity so you can fit large plates in it as well as bowls and whatever you wish. It has very good lighting inside, which is switched on whilst the microwave is in use and when you open the door.

      The door opens with a large button towards the right side on the front side underneath all the buttons. This big plastic button pops open the door that swings out. At the top end on this side is a digital screen, which shows the time as well as any other information relating to the cooking. It's great having a screen as it enables many more features to be taken advantage of.

      The clock is pretty accurate from what I've seen. This microwave is of 900 wattage but apparently goes up to 1000 with the special turbo reheat option. This way, your food is heated up quickly without cooking it furthermore due to the high wattage. It also has the complete opposite - chaos defrost. This is used to defrost anything and works very well without cooking it unless it's in for too long. This is due to a very low wattage, which helps thaw the food without actually cooking it.

      The microwave is reasonably quiet in use - certainly not too loud. It finishes functioning on the tone of 5 beeps at a constant rate. The beeps only sound once, unlike some other microwaves where this will continue to sound. I see this as a benefit as I find it pretty annoying when it beeps repeatedly every 1 minute! The one thing I noticed lately after getting an electric shock is that some of the coating around the door has come off, exposing some metal underneath! I had my hand on the door whilst plugging it in and then got a nice electric shock and I'm not quite sure how, but I won't be trying to get the same effect again as it wasn't very comfortable! Apart from this incident, the microwave seems very safe to use. If you open it whilst in use, it'll instantly switch off so it's pretty safe with children around. I am sure it's not a great idea to stand by it or be close to it the whole time when it's on due to possibilities of radiation so perhaps a place at the far end of a work top would be best, keeping it out of reach of small children! The door is pretty tough along with the rest of it, so without a gun, you won't be able to break in and damage yourself.

      The microwave has 5 power settings - you can choose from Low, Medium and High along with the turbo reheat and chaos defrost. Another nifty feature is the ability to reheat things accurately according to the type of food. There is a list of things such as Curry, Chinese, Vegetables and Potatoes and it'll reheat them on the correct power so they don't burn for example. You can select the type of thing you wish to defrost such as bread or meat and then using the buttons to select a rough weight, it'll go on for a certain amount of time. As the timer counts down, you can see this on the digital screen with a little line turning round simultaneously. The only thing about defrosting is that a couple of the options aren't clear. There are two meat options - one for 'meat items' and the second for 'meat joints'. Surely items includes joints? Doesn't make much sense but it's a good feature and quite accurate!

      The microwave is quite large due to it's capacity and has a stainless lining, which really is great as it never looks scratched or marked. It has a silvery chrome appearance so seems quite modern. The buttons are all very well-labelled and clear with the more unique ones such as Chaos defrost and Turbo reheat with a bit of colour in there other than black. The microwave sits on four rubber coated legs and it doesn't slip. The door has a black outline but is clear on a large part in the middle. The glass seems to have a metal mesh either in or over it so it distorts your view a bit, which isn't ideal! However you can still see through pretty well and keep an eye on what's cooking.

      It lacks a grill but has a good range of other features and works very well. Anyway it's a great quality microwave and still works very well.

      Thanks for reading!



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