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Panasonic NN-GD458W

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    2 Reviews
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      19.07.2010 02:11
      Very helpful
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      Does the job with pleasing surprises along the way.

      Ididdoo: Jump to the section you most want to read about, or go for it all! Enjoy!

      Microwaves - what would the modern household do without one? As todays world races by, sometimes its just simpler to use that little device in the corner of almost every kitchen. How does it work? Who knows!
      Well, actually, PANASONIC seem to know. They've been in the Microwave game since the early days of the late 70's, and are a real trustworthy brand when it comes to riding the wave.

      The NNGD458W does what it says on the box (and in the Instructions given in the box too, which are a welcome relief with their well written and easy to read step-by-step instructions). It is a counter top microwave, but with its relatively small size (11.97 in x 14.96 in x 20.08 in) it could sit in a number of places in any kitchen.

      Honestly, its standard fare with the NNGD458W. A 900 watt convection cook mode is part of the programmable information.
      Its somewhat box-y style lends itself to the norm of microwave design. If you want your microwave to stand out then this is not the one for you. Its egg white gloss finish is simple, but means it can fit into most kitchen layouts and colour schemes (even the wackier ones!)

      Lockout Heinz
      My favourite feature of this microwave is the Child lockout (which is by no means a new feature of microwaves). My old microwave however did not have this feature - meaning a royally cooked can of baked beans in the microwave was one lunch I'd choose to remember (my kid's initiative to learn to cook could have had better beginnings). This simple add on is a welcome choice for people with children.

      Capacity for what?
      Ideal for a medium size family, the 27 litre volume of the NNGD458W can cook large size dishes in a variety of formats (considering the human stomach can hold around 1 litre of food, and up to 3 litres on a good day - 27 litres is going to be surprisingly ample!) .
      The cooking settings are a multi-tasker's dream - as it offers quick defrosting, reheating, cooking and grilling options (and without excess power consumption).
      Also, with its 6 power levels, innumerable types and quantities of foods can be dealt with effortlessly saving time and energy in every option. I find myself using the power options more and more now as I begin to understand its benefits on power. Which leads me too...

      Grill time
      This wave has a quartz grill, which only requires up to 1.1 kW of power. The grill has 3 settings, and thus lends itself to numerous foods which can now have that sought-after, crispy texture (with minimal oil). Grilled foods are a nutritious bonus to a microwave's options, and are the next best thing to steamed foods when it comes to getting healthier cooking.

      The microwave cooks food with a surprisingly little amount of noise. Microwave cooking isn't exactly the most excruciating of sounds anyway, but any plus addition to ones appliances is a bonus I'd say! Get in!

      Priced competitively (as usual with Panasonic products), you're looking at around the £80 mark brand new, even if you shop around a bit online.

      A microwave that fits the standard mode and does the job with relative little noise and hassle.


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        31.05.2010 14:31


        • Reliability


        a long life microwave


        panasonic microwave what a very useful appliance. i could not be without my microwave at all now adays. the instruction leaflet was very easy to follow when i bought this microwave ..the first panasonic microwave i bought has lasted more than 7 years and is still going strong.i use my microwave to defrost grill oven cookingwarming up food scrambling food , boiling food, poaching, baking etc. I can roast my food also. i have so many different settings and uses for my panasonic microwave and everything cooks really fast within minutes or even seconds.
        I am sure this microwave is one of the best microwaves on the market they are always updating and you can pick one up for leess than 100 pounds these days . This product is very versatile and easy to clean out no scrubbing.This product also uses less electric than most microwaves
        The downside is maybe its size you cant cook a lot all at once in this microwave because of its small compact space.


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