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Samsung CE283 DN-S

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2011 23:16
      Very helpful


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      Good to have and much needed

      I got this for free off my mam, she had to buy a new one as she was decorating her kitchen and it would not have gone well as she was buying all silver appliances. as I had just got my own flat I claimed the microwave as it was in good working order. I am not sure on the price my mam paid and I have tried to look for a price online but could not appear to find one.

      The only thing it had missing was an instruction manual and looking at the microwave I thought it was gonna be pretty hard to use and for months I just used the quick cook button, well until recently when I decided to have a proper fiddle about with it.

      The Microwave

      The microwave is pure white on the outside, with the buttons and the door all on the front. Normally also you would be told not to put anything on top of the microwave as to not cover up the vents as this can damage the microwave, this one is different as the vents are on the side of the microwave.

      The microwave is easy to open, all you do is pull the handle to open and then just push the door to close, on opening the door the microwave is all blue inside with a large glass plate that slots into the microwave. It sits into little slots so that when the microwave is in use the plate does not slide all over and it keeps all your food upright.

      The buttons

      The microwave has plenty of buttons on the front so I will list through them all:
      Power lever - This is where you can set your power to different levels between 100 and 850 w I usually just leave it on the highest level.

      Grill and Combi - Well to be honest I am not sure what these two buttons are for as when I press them they do not do anything, I am not sure if this is a fault with my microwave as it is something I have never had the need to use.

      Defrost - This has four settings all for different food items that it does show a number for each item in the box, then you just press the button until you reach your desired number then press start, and it will defrost it for the correct amount of time.

      Crusty cook - Well this is another one I am not sure about but it works pretty much in the same way as defrost with the settings and how to work it. But as I say I am not sure what it does to your food.

      Reheat - This will just reheat any food and again it gives u a short list of produce that you can reheat and it will heat it up for the correct amount of time.

      Cafeteria - This is to reheat drinks you just click on it then press start and it will reheat your drink for the amount of time needed.

      Start - This is the main button that you will use for every button you use, or you can just use this button on its own. This is what I call the quick start button, it is the main cook button and all you do if if something says cook for 7 minutes, you click the start button which goes up in 30 seconds at a time, just keep pressing it until you have reached 7 minutes.

      If you do put it in too long you can always stop the microwave early by either opening the door, or pressing the stop button which is also the clear button.


      This is pretty easy to clean, the glass plates comes out really easily and just soak it in some water, and the inside and outside can just be wiped with a damp cloth. To be honest I find the microwave does not need to be cleaned too often, but when it does its easy to do.


      Well before I took this off my mam she had owned it for 4 years, and had never had any problems with it, and I have now had it myself for just over a year, and it does everything that I need it to do. So it has lasted 5 years so far and its still going strong.

      Overall opinion

      This is a really good microwave unfortunately I can not comment on the price, but I know my mam and she will have not paid too much for this and it has lasted over 5 years and its still running perfectly well.

      So far I have not had a problem with it, its easy to clean, and I have figured out how to use it without a manual so it must be easy to use loll. If this was to break I do think I would look for one the same if not very similar. I would recommend anyone to buy this.


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    Short name: Samsung CE283 DN-S

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