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The Samsung M308 is ideal for small kitchens and easliy accesable for caravans and boats etc. With a smaller interior cavity size it actually boosts the cooking power, thus reducing the cooking time.

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2001 05:01
      Very helpful



      Do you holiday in the UK? Do you sometimes wish you could reheat that take-away food you have just brought back to the hotel/apartment/b+b/caravan but either can’t or don’t want to waste time or ruin it by re-heating it in the oven? Or do you have a young baby or toddler who needs food/milk re-heating? Well, why not take your microwave with you? ‘You must be joking, I’m not carting that thing off on holiday with me!’ I can hear you cry. Well, why not take a look at this little beauty. It is a little bit weird looking compared to the average microwave, purely because there isn’t a window in it (looks a little like a miniature dishwasher)! We take ours away with us twice a year and it fits easily behind the drivers/passenger seat (and we have an old Micra – so not much room there ). If you think of a normal sized bread bin turned balanced on its end and take off a few inches in height then that’s about the size of the SAM Junior. Ok, so if you want to get technical, its 281mm wide x 330.5mm high x 316mm deep and the cavity size is 209 x 179 x 264mm, ok? So that is about as technical as I’m going to get! There are only 6 buttons on the front. One for drinks, snacks, covenience foods and the times, 1 min and 5 sec increments and yes, of course a start button. You can only set the time up to 15 mins maximum but, considering it is onlly 500W the food does get quite hot quickly because the oven is so small (heats up my little ones bottle a lot more than my 850W microwave over the same time). The only thing is you have to srir halfway through cooking, as it hasn’t got a turntable. You don’t get a turntable inside (its not big enough to fit one in) but an oblong glass tray which is removable, so its easy to keep clean. A normal sized plate wont fit inside but an average
      casserole dish or lid will. We normally use a small side plate and reheat in courses if we have a takeaway which funnily enough adds to the enjoyment of the meal. A babys bottle fits in (just, with about 5mm to spare) and normally takes about a minute to reheat. One good point is, if you leave your food in the oven, it will beep at you every minute until you either open the oven door or press the cancel button. You also have a child lock facility which I haven’t seen on a lot of the bigger more expensive models ( just press and hold the cancel button for about 3 seconds to either lock or unlock). All in all, I wouldn’t pay £70.00 which is the cheapest price I have seen on the internet unless I was really strapped for space. I paid £32.75 for mine on QVC shopping channel and it was well worth every penny. I’d buy another tomorrow (if I could get it at the same price I would ).


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      Short name: Samsung M308

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