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Samsung ME89F-SS 23L Silver Solo Microwave

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2012 03:17
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      good looking and very useful microwave

      In my mini mountain of Christmas presents 6 months ago, opening my "presents" which were actually appliances that I desperately needed for my new house (after a relationship breakdown) - and I happened to come across this Microwave at the bottom of the pile.

      Excellent... As who knows how long I would go for without a microwave... OK, maybe I sound too fussy as we can all live without a microwave but you know how it is - quick and easy compared to a stove / oven.

      This was kindly given to me by my parents - and they had used clubcard points at Tesco to buy many of the appliances direct from the Tesco website.

      Wasn't sure what to expect from this as haven't had a lot of experiance with Samsung products other than an old mobile phone years ago. In this review I will give you more info on what I use it for, reliability, features and best prices at the time of writing.


      About the microwave

      The first thing I will mention about the microwave is that you get a free steam bowl - to steam your vegetables with - The bowl is well made and not flimsy in the slightest as you would expect. I have tested this bowl with my frozen vegetables - it takes barely anytime to cook and they come out tasting delicious! Top points to Sumsung for throwing in this great freebie!

      The microwave is not one of them fancy grilling ones - just a standard solo heat source. Doesn't bother me personally as I would use my oven for my oven and my microwave for my microwave!

      The microwave size is 23L - which isn't huge... I have seen bigger but considering it is here only to serve me and my daughter we don't need anything larger. I would recommend the microwave for a small family such as ours or if the demand for yourself is greater than ours just look for a better spec Samsung microwave.

      Unlike the other appliances I recieved such as kettle, toaster ect which were all a "brushed stainless steel" colour - this microwave is silver but not stainless steel in the slightest. Its very light silver in colour and looks almost plastic. In my opinion though I would prefer the microwave to look like this as I remember my parents having stainless steel and it did get grubby very easily - my microwave is easily wiped clean which I love as like most other females I HATE cleaning with a passion! The inside of the microwave is ceramic - can be easily wiped clean and good for anti-bacterial protection - so if you are looking for something easy clean consider this microwave in your choices.

      Two of the normal features you see on other microwaves are also on this one - an internal light and also a child lock - both which I have to add work well.

      Another great feature would be how the microwave has sensor technology which is great for cooking certain things perfectly such as vegetables - hense why they have thrown in the free bowl!

      One thing that stood out for me in the manual had to be the built in deoderizor to get rid of all them foul food smells - I don't cook any particually stinky food in the microwave so I am unable to comment on how this works but its nice to know the feature is there in case you suddenly have cravings for smelly seafood one day!

      Looking on the buttons there is a lot of features that you can choose for cooking your food. Unfortunatly the images on the buttons do not make it clear what they actually do. I would like to see what a button means before having to go to the instruction manual - the buttons are not clear in the slightest.


      The sound

      We all hate that annoying beeeeep sound from our microwaves - this one is no different, as annoying as ever. HOWEVER according to the manual if the noise gets to you that much from either pressing buttons or when the food is ready, there is a way to switch off the sound completely - not something I have done myself yet (as I usually leave the room when the microwave is on so the noise doesn't get to me) but it looks very easy to do for a prospective buyer.


      Which option do I use and what for?

      I generally only use my microwave for warming up baked beans / spegetti / rewarming food / defrosting sausages - so nothing huge - and I just use the normal 30 sec option which you can continuously click to keep adding further 30 seconds on to the timer. As previously mentioned the other settings on the microwave are not clear what they are for and I don't touch them.

      After glancing at the menu there is an impressive range of features which these buttons are for. These are:

      * Auto power defrost
      * Power steam selection
      * Power level setting
      * Deoderization button
      * Up & down buttons (weight, time ect)
      * Stop / energy save button
      * Clock setting
      * Auto reheat selection
      * Memory button
      * Sensor cook mode selection
      * Child lock selection
      * Start button

      In audition to this having a young child I also use the child lock button. I think you can't be too careful and if they pull out a boiling liquid from the machine you are going to have similar results as to if they had burnt themselves with a cup of tea.


      My verdict

      In all honesty when I found out how much my parents paid for this for me, I was shocked at the price as first impression is that its a standard microwave. Over the last few months I have been realising what a great better than normal appliance it is!

      Its fair enough I don't use half the features on it which I can't comment on, but it cleans very well, the sound can be turned off if desired, it takes away bad smells and the child lock works perfectly. Not to forget it looks very stylish and sophisticated in my kitchen!

      So far no issues or problems with the microwave, works like a dream! It has really outdone my expectations!


      Price & Availibility

      At time of writing you can buy this microwave from Tesco at just under £90 but I'm sure if you looked around you can find yourself a bargain.


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      Short name: Samsung ME89F-SS 23L

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