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    1 Review
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      20.12.2009 23:57
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good value

      I bought it for £60 from Tesco (which equals 120 Clubcard points for those who collect them). I consider it to be a very good value microwave which looks more expensive than it is with its sleek design in a satin black finish, large curved silver handle and simple controls including a rotary dial in silver. It fits the look of a modern kitchen well. Its a counter top model and its dimensions are : exterior depth 15.81 inches; exterior height 10.83 inches; exterior width 19.25 inches. The door hinge is left which seems the most popular style anyway.

      It can take upto 23 litres which is generous for its size, the actual turntable in the usual heavy glass finish measures 11.42 inches, so it easily takes a large mixing bowl and various microwave tools- like potato cookers and bacon crispers.

      At 850 watts, which is 200 watts higher than my last microwave, I find it cooks very quickly, and is therefore energy efficient. It says in the instruction manual that it has a 'Triple distribution system' which is supposed to cook food more evenly, I'm unsure if this is any different to any other microwave. All the ones I've ever had cook evenly but I assumed this was from the turntable... I have been able to adjust the amount of cooking time I used to use by a significant, for example baked potatoes which used to take 8 minutes each, now only take 5. 3 minutes may not sound like much, but when you consider it over the course of a year It's a significant saving both energy and money wise.

      There is also a very effective defrost function which works quickly and easily- with estimated weights times and foods given in the manual. However this setting is noisy I feel, giving off a noise louder than the normal faint hum. As my kitchen is also an open plan dining room, this noise can be a little annoying if anyone's sitting at the dining table.

      The digital display is well sized and easy to read being illuminated green on a black background. The terminology on it is easy to understand too. There are 6 different power levels which have so far covered all the foods and drinks I have made in the microwave from jacket potatoes, hot drinks (milk in 2 minutes hot without a skin on top- just how I like it!), reheating, keep warm and defrosting. There's a 60 minute timer, I never cook anything that needs this long, but for people who cook joints etc in their microwaves I imagine this will be of use. The controls are manual which can be seen as negative, but they are well made feeling sturdy and easy to move, and importantly not over sensitive to adjust or really stiff so you push too hard and overlap.

      The interior is very easy to clean, being enamel, with a removable turntable wheel and plate. The plate is easy to pop in and out too, which is handy, especially when wet or hot.

      Iv found the machine to be quiet, a little noisier when on defrost mode but I think this is because in a large part due to there being no little rubber dots on the bottom of the appliance like there are on most appliances, and on defrost I think the machine makes even more noise as it seems to rattle more. There's no sharp parts underneath that could scratch your work surface, but to help dull the noise, I bought a large black rubber/silicone chopping mat and slipped it underneath which has helped tremendously dulling the noise. It's still a lot quieter than my old microwave though!


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    Short name: Samsung MW82P

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