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Sanyo EMS155AS 700Watts Compact Microwave 17litres 10 Power levels

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Brand: Sanyo / Microwave Type: Built-in / Cooking Power: 700 Watts / Power Levels: 10 / Capacity: 17 liter / Type: Freestanding

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2011 16:26
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      Run of the mill microwave oven

      The Sanyo EM-S155AS is a microwave oven featuring a simple modern design with an interesting array of functions. It features 700 Watts of power and features a 17 litre capacity. The microwave oven served me ok, but it did have numerous problems.

      The microwave is white in colour, with a black screen of glass to the front, a small digital display on the far right and numerous touch screen buttons. The product featured 4 vents on the top of the product and featured a Sanyo logo just under the screen. The EM-S155AS weighed around 10.5kg and had dimensions in cm of 45.2 x 26.2 x 33.2 cm which made it a decent sized microwave oven which fairly compact. The oven featured a power cord to the back which enabled it to be connected to a plug so it was operational. Modern microwaves are not usually white anymore and the simple classy design with the touch buttons appealed to me, overall I thought the product had a good clean appearance.

      The Microwave oven came with an interesting array of features that were of use to me. The microwave could be set by pressing the clearly labelled touch buttons just under the LCD digital display. They included reheat, delayed start, timer, clock and even child lock functions and were easy to press and responsive. There was a rotating glass table/plate inside which moved around when in use to ensure food is cooked consistently. The microwave gave out 700 watts of power which was decent for its compact size but it certainly wasn't the most powerful. I felt the product done everything you needed a microwave oven to do and was very pleased with it.

      Ease of Use
      I found the microwave easy to use. The buttons were touch buttons and built into the side panel, they were responsive when pressed and easy to operate. The buttons also had clear pictures near them to say what they do and the instruction manual was good enough to provide further clarification should you have any difficulty. The LCD screen was not the brightest and often appeared a bit faint at times.

      The microwave was a good investment and even though I no longer use it currently, it served me quite well. The door opened nice and easily each time, the rotating glass table still worked fine and the buttons were still responsive to the front. I did find the microwave got hot sometimes although this happened sporadically. The minor problems with the LCD screen appearing faint were annoying at times and I don't think the microwave would last much more than a few years. The build quality was ok I found but I've read numerous other reviews where people have experienced the microwave becoming very hot like I did and even giving up completely after a while. I would rate the durability as ok but nothing spectacular.

      I purchased my Sanyo EM-S155AS for £49.99 on Amazon UK and even now, the price is still the same. The £49.99 price tag included free delivery which was a bonus and it was delivered to me in about 4 or 5 working days from placing the order. I thought the price tag of £49.99 was reasonable as the large Sanyo microwave with a 23 litre capacity retails for about £74.99 which is a fair bit more. I think the product had a few annoying problems and durability issues so I probably buy this model again, I would look for more successful alternatives.

      I noticed quite a few problems with the microwave that made it far from perfect. The first would be that the glass rotating plate was difficult to counterbalance and it often fell and would not rotate. The black screen to the front was very dark and it was hard to make out how your food was cooking. The display LCD screen often appeared faint and was difficult to read, I think the LCD screen should have been more brightly illuminated and larger in size. I noticed that the microwave got very hot to the touch sometimes when it was in use, which was quite worrying and was probably a contributing reason why I no longer use the product. When the door was opening and the countdown timer was complete, the noises and alarms were quite annoying and loud, I think they should be toned down if Sanyo were to improve the EM-S155AS. There is no button which allows you to pause when you're cooking your product, at least I never found instructions in the manual explaining of one. I've noticed a lot of people experienced the exact same problems as me and even a few people have found this disturbing trait with the oven starting to get very hot when in use. This would lead me to believe the problems are quite wide spread with the product and not just isolated to me.

      To conclude, the microwave oven did serve me ok and it featured a pleasant design and modern touch buttons. The child lock function would be good to families with small children and the reheat button was a good touch too. However, as the microwave is compact and only offers 700 watts of power I think I would buy a more powerful oven next time. The oven was quite easy to clean and all the glass plat needed was some water and washing up liquid if it was really dirty. The problems however were quite numerous such as annoying beeping, the microwave getting very hot, the glass plate not counterbalancing sometimes, the LCD screen appearing quite faint and the fact a pause touch button was not included really detract from the rating of the product. For £54.99 the product was a reasonable investment but next time I would look for a more highly rated microwave oven instead. Thanks for reading my review.

      © Revo9 (2011)
      *Note, I am both a member of Ciao and Dooyoo.co.uk under the same username of Revo9*


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      700Watts Compact Microwave 17litres 10 Power levels

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