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Swan SM2080S - 800 Watt - Touch Control - 20-litre capacity - Touch control - 60 minute timer - 5 power levels - 8 auto-cook menus - Defrost function - Pull handle - Child safety lock - Weight 12.4kg. H 29.4, w 45.7, d 37cms - 2 year guarantee

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    2 Reviews
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      30.03.2011 00:16
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      Good overall product

      I love this microwave, it looks great but was bought at a really reasonable price. The functions are good with various different pre-sets and you can control the timer well.

      Food is cooked evenly and doesn't get incinerated like with some microwaves I have had in the past and the countdown timer is great as it shows exactly how long you have left to wait.

      I managed to start using it without needing to look at all the instructions and it really is simple to use. The defrost function is good as I just live with my daughter so we freeze quite a lot of our meals to eat later. The microwave doesn't overcook the food despite being quite a powerful one.

      The only downside, and this is me being really picky, is that the door is a pull open rather than one where you just press a button and it pings open. This can make it harder if you have your hands full or when you want to put the food in the microwave as you need to put the plate down to open the door. Other than that a good product that I would recommend to friends and family.


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        21.04.2009 22:51
        Very helpful



        Nifty little kitchen helper

        The little white appliance you can't do without.

        I have recently purchased a new microwave after my old one decided to rust through the base and start cooking the worktop - opps!!!
        Mental note to ones self - remember to clean under the wheels regular in order to stop rust forming.

        Anyway due to the credit crunch and not being that happy with what was on sale locally I was flicking through the Littlewoods online catalogue and noticed several microwaves at reasonable prices.

        After reading the blurb on several models I was quite taken with the SWAN SM2080W 800 watt touch-control microwave model in white. Within minutes I had order the microwave that was to come direct from the manufactory.

        **** Price & delivery ****
        The price £47.95 - 4 days delivery time. When first ordering the catalogue had this model at £49.00 however, on receipt of confirmation of order I was only charged £47.95 so pleased with the saving. This price also includes a 2 year warranty. As I had ordered several other items the delivery costs covered all the items ordered, so again happy with that.

        When the microwave arrived, it came in a large box with plenty of wrapping and padding - the glass turntable being especially well packaged. All contents arrived in very good condition.

        **** Appearance ****

        The sleek white model weighs 12.4kg. Its dimensions are: height 29.4, width 45.7 and diameter 37cms. So a perfect fit for the corner of my kitchen.
        The biggest difference between this model and my old one is the air vents - these are positioned on the top of the microwave whereas my old model had the vents at the back of the machine. At first I was a bit dubious of this feature - however, it serves as a great deterrent for junking up tops with things that shouldn't be there.

        The pull -door consists mainly of a tinted glass window that has a triple thickness and has a child safety lock feature.

        There are various control buttons that at first were at bit confusing to work out but with the help of the user instructions understandable. The LED clock / timer is also very easy to set and read.

        ****User manual****

        The user manual is well set out with an easy to follow set of contents that take you through every aspects about the microwave from the safety guides to cooking.

        The simple diagrams relating to features of the machine really help when looking at the control panel.

        I would suggest you look through these instructions because some of the aspects of the control panel can be confusing at first.

        ****The Control Panel****

        See photo 2 - as you can see there are 3 small buttons above the Knob (their word not my!! I would have said control wheel myself !!) and 3 small buttons below the ... knob... The top buttons are;

        Micro power button - this will allow you to choose the wattage power you wish to cook with - there are 5 settings that increase in strength (20,40,60,80 or 100P ).

        Express button - that allows you to choose 3 time settings (30 secs, 1 min or 1.30 mins)

        Auto Defrost button - self explanatory - this does give you pre-set times for meat, poultry & seafood.

        I found this particularly useful as it gives you weight guidelines to help you adjust the times you need. This has really helped when defrosting mince - there's nothing worse than bits of mince that start cooking whilst other bits are still frozen.

        The button 3 buttons are;

        Preset clock button - enables you to input the time on your LED clock display. This was really easy to use.

        Instant start button - again self explanatory - start button. It does have some preset times that you can use for quickness, eg heat cup of milk 15 -20 secs.

        Stop / clear - button - this button clears any instructions previously entered and stops cooking instantly.

        'The Knob' - with this - sorry I'm going have to refer to this as the control wheel because by 'turning it' (try turning a knob and you may get a smack across the head)

        You can select the auto cooking menu and adjust the time & weight needed.

        ****Other functions****

        I really do like the auto cooking menu this microwave has. This gives you 8 quick reference ideas and heating settings that are preset. This are very relevant to the busy household that eat - popcorn, pizza, jacket pots, fish and cups of hot drinks on a regular basis.

        One feature I haven't tried out yet is the Automatic Starting (delayed function) aspect of this model. Apparently it allows you to set the microwave to a start time you programme in. This seems a great idea for those busy working people. Dinner ready for when you get in - hmmm it's good to dream.

        Ok - have tried it out and it works a treat - set the timer to cook a vegetable stew and dumplings for when I got back from work - the vegetables were lovely without being over cooked - I did take the dumplings out to crispen under the grill though.

        The smooth interior is easy for wipe cleaning and the turn-table and wheels are light and easy to lift when cleaning.

        The microwave has a 20-litre capacity and 60-minute timer.

        **** SUMMING UP ****

        I have been really pleased with the performance of this microwave so far. Its has been so easy to use and cooks / defrosts evenly which is something I've often been frustrated with older models.

        I great little helper in the kitchen. I would recommend this without hestitation.

        Thanks for reading x hev
        (published on dooyoo & ciao)


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        Short name: Swan SM2080S

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